2WEI - Survivor (Epic Cover - "Tomb Raider - Trailer 2 Music")

2WEI has released a brand new cover! An epic rendition of Destiny's Child "Survivor" (ft. Beyoncé) has been used on the latest action-packed theatrical trailer of Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander. Check out the track in its full glory!! Public release coming this week.
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Official trailer: bggo.info/video/a32iy3hlhc_CgLs.html
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  1. Epic Heaven Music

    Epic Heaven Musicпреди 2 години

    Public release now available! Spotify: sptfy.com/137T Google Play: goo.gl/29piUS

  2. Biçer Biçer

    Biçer Biçerпреди 20 дни


  3. Rebeca Gutiérrez

    Rebeca Gutiérrezпреди 3 месеца

    Epic Heaven Music Mp

  4. Emanuel Andriulis

    Emanuel Andriulisпреди 4 месеца


  5. Gacha Ecole

    Gacha Ecoleпреди 5 месеца

    Epic Heaven Music I might use this for my trailer since the series/mini movie is called Survivors

  6. Capitan Rex

    Capitan Rexпреди 5 месеца

    You steal a track and put him in shops ? well ... fuck you

  7. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy Hicksпреди 7 часа

    Liars, Leakers, Traitors. Justice, Jail, Death. [PAIN]

  8. Berk Kutlu

    Berk Kutluпреди 7 часа

    Survivor Barış Murat Yağcı Şampiyon 💥💥

  9. Black 13

    Black 13преди 9 часа

    Survivor Turkey-Parviz Champ 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  10. Karmishtha Hutheram

    Karmishtha Hutheramпреди 14 часа

    This song makes you wanna kick ass!!!

  11. Selim Bugra Sevinç

    Selim Bugra Sevinçпреди 15 часа

    We listen this with Covid-19..

  12. Cle Cle

    Cle Cleпреди 16 часа

    When you finish your math exam without passing out once.

  13. Diane Bustros

    Diane Bustrosпреди ден

    I showed this to a baby Now he is jack jack from the incredibles

  14. Mita4eto

    Mita4etoпреди ден

    Me when i am finish my homework

  15. Neko Tato

    Neko Tatoпреди ден

    When you show this to 1 doller bill Now it's a 100 doller bill🙃

  16. Neko Tato

    Neko Tatoпреди ден

    When I come out of the basement I'm in one piece When I come out of the bathroom from the other side of my room at night I'm still In one piece Also every day when I used come out of school Yeah..........

  17. Mr Haz

    Mr Hazпреди 2 дни

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> Is after I helped my school beated an another school, on a school trip!

  18. Pro Win

    Pro Winпреди 2 дни

    Alina Zagitova will be back

  19. Pelda Gezer

    Pelda Gezerпреди 2 дни


    R4IDER_OFICIALпреди 3 дни

    MINHA MÚSICA FAVORITA ..quem é BR deixe o Like ai doidão ✌

  21. Nikolai Orr

    Nikolai Orrпреди 3 дни

    One of the best hype songs ever

  22. IbisPaint X

    IbisPaint Xпреди 4 дни


  23. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of Riviaпреди 4 дни

    Crystal Dynamics please add this song to the next Tomb Raider game

  24. Sandra Suethana

    Sandra Suethanaпреди 5 дни

    why are people in the comments acting like Coronavirus is a person. Like I know it’s a serious topic, but like damn it’s a virus just don’t leave your house... Y’all dramatic for no reason 😂

  25. Sandra Suethana

    Sandra Suethanaпреди 4 дни

    Kristina doesn’t sound funny at all 😒

  26. Kristina

    Kristinaпреди 4 дни

    Don't take it serious dude people comment it because it sounds funny lmao

  27. Elfman Straus

    Elfman Strausпреди 6 дни

    When a dog chase me and it suddenly stop 💪

  28. OreoGabe

    OreoGabeпреди 6 дни

    When You at The School Run Marathon

  29. Lucas h

    Lucas hпреди 6 дни

    I need this in my Spotify gym playlist

  30. KeeganKraze

    KeeganKrazeпреди 8 дни

    I played this to my cat How’s he’s a cat....

  31. monica chanel

    monica chanelпреди 10 дни

    when your sleeping by your own and the demon under the bed can't get you

  32. Rishi Chandra

    Rishi Chandraпреди 10 дни

    This wouldve gone perfectly for the black widow movie trailer

  33. -??????

    -??????преди 10 дни

    When i have a conversation with a teacher and win it

  34. Isa Flix

    Isa Flixпреди 11 дни

    Lara crofttttttt

  35. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartmanпреди 12 дни

    Showed this to coronavirus Now i have coronavirus because i was close to it

  36. Nicholas Chen

    Nicholas Chenпреди 12 дни

    My theme for 2020

  37. louiesking

    louieskingпреди 12 дни

    all of us after the crisis.

  38. k-duece

    k-dueceпреди 13 дни

    Showed this to my sandwich I ate it

  39. GameDev3D

    GameDev3Dпреди 13 дни

    me after taking a fat shit ... i'm a survivor

  40. celine

    celineпреди 13 дни

    whats up with the size of her bandaged arm tho

  41. Patrick Rogers

    Patrick Rogersпреди 13 дни

    I showed this to John Marston *NOW HES ARTHUR MORGAN*

  42. Mauritius king

    Mauritius kingпреди 14 дни

    When you get corona & survive

  43. Luisa Jorrin

    Luisa Jorrinпреди 14 дни

    We will survive the Corona virus, cancer, depression, anxiety

  44. Faona Devilluke

    Faona Devillukeпреди 14 дни


  45. Simone

    Simoneпреди 14 дни

    I want to buy it and having the possibility to use it in a project.. is it possible? What do I have to do? How much it costs?

  46. That Guy In A Godzilla Suit

    That Guy In A Godzilla Suitпреди 15 дни

    Thanos-2018: “I’m A Survivor.”

  47. Κυριακή Συμεωνίδη

    Κυριακή Συμεωνίδηпреди 15 дни

    What we are gonna play when coronavirus is over.

  48. nishtha rastogi

    nishtha rastogiпреди 15 дни

    Showed this to my common cold, now it's corona

  49. Young Midoriya

    Young Midoriyaпреди 16 дни

    I need a videoclip of this.

  50. Egyptiana

    Egyptianaпреди 17 дни

    Me if I survive 2020 without getting coronavirus

  51. queen taurus

    queen taurusпреди 17 дни

    I played this while doing my homework... ...and now my homework does homework for me

  52. Álvaro Martin

    Álvaro Martinпреди 17 дни

    Me alone in my house:*I'M A SURVIVOR*

  53. Yvette Kleeblatt

    Yvette Kleeblattпреди 17 дни

    When your make up is okay After schoolway in rain

  54. Na'il Berkleef

    Na'il Berkleefпреди 18 дни


  55. Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog

    Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehogпреди 19 дни


  56. Cristian Zizioli

    Cristian Zizioliпреди 20 дни

    When you're still alive after your mom kicked yo ass because you said "fuck"

  57. Mel K

    Mel Kпреди 20 дни

    Wie is hier ook door selma homari

  58. Biçer Biçer

    Biçer Biçerпреди 20 дни


  59. 本線快急

    本線快急преди 20 дни

    今宵(令和2年3月12日)のケンミンショーで流れましたね。 京都のばら寿司のBGMで。

  60. where-is-61 ?

    where-is-61 ?преди 21 ден

    I listen to this when boxing. I don't think i need to explain further. get that adrenalineeeeee

  61. Abdul Wahab

    Abdul Wahabпреди 21 ден

    When I defeat that very hard final boss in a video game in front of my friends

  62. AsecProdOfficiel

    AsecProdOfficielпреди 21 ден

    This mix > original

  63. Jessi Tayylor

    Jessi Tayylorпреди 21 ден

    The *bass* kills

  64. Ezir Orihsimak

    Ezir Orihsimakпреди 22 дни

    I showed this to my cat now he's a lion.

  65. Biro Ferenc

    Biro Ferencпреди 22 дни

    There are more than 36million views on this bot only couple of tausend coments. 🤔🧐😄


    GACHA SİLVER MOONпреди 22 дни

    Avcılar kendini belli etsin 🐺

  67. StarOfSmile

    StarOfSmileпреди 22 дни

    piano sheet please

  68. LeQuébecneserajamaisunpays

    LeQuébecneserajamaisunpaysпреди 24 дни

    I watch this when I was depressed... Im still depressed 😢

  69. Vancsik Attila

    Vancsik Attilaпреди 24 дни

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>

  70. Michal

    Michalпреди 24 дни

    My son heard this song Now he is my father

  71. dizzy rascal

    dizzy rascalпреди 24 дни

    When I make it back to my bed after turning of the lights

  72. Yuu Tennyson

    Yuu Tennysonпреди 24 дни

    I play this while playing old Tomb raider games... Damn I can't get over Lara croft❤

  73. Shannon Reynolds

    Shannon Reynoldsпреди 25 дни

    I’m blasting this shit while we fight in WWIII

  74. Shannon Reynolds

    Shannon Reynoldsпреди 25 дни

    These comments I’m in tears 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Laurie Bohanan

    Laurie Bohananпреди 26 дни

    Hey Lara Croft I, over your song of the tomb raider

  76. Manuel World

    Manuel Worldпреди 26 дни

    Epic bomb!

  77. Peter BomBeater

    Peter BomBeaterпреди 26 дни

    I showed this to my grandma in a wheelchair... Now she's on Top Gear.

  78. Caitlin Rohde

    Caitlin Rohdeпреди 27 дни

    me watching survivor with my mom: IM A SURVIVOR!!!!!!

  79. Jakub Kindl

    Jakub Kindlпреди 27 дни

    I have a frisson,i love this cover ❤️

  80. Nothing Else

    Nothing Elseпреди 28 дни

    When people survive the corona virus after 2020

  81. Ha_ItsJadira .J

    Ha_ItsJadira .Jпреди 22 часа

    Blasten this music after that happens

  82. Tima Tola

    Tima Tolaпреди 6 дни


  83. vip vip

    vip vipпреди 7 дни

    I don't think we will💔

  84. Hazel Cooper

    Hazel Cooperпреди 8 дни

    I need someone to put this song behind a mash up of coronavirus news stories :)

  85. Sam driessens

    Sam driessensпреди 8 дни

    Stay strong my friends!

  86. Fan Anime

    Fan Animeпреди месец

    I’m a survivor I’m not gon give up I’m a survivor I’m gonna make it.

  87. Fan De Gacha

    Fan De Gachaпреди месец

    À <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> jusqu'à <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> best bout 😍

  88. Rian Dease

    Rian Deaseпреди месец


  89. Jamal Mirzay

    Jamal Mirzayпреди месец

    Listened to this as an American Now I am Captain America!

  90. bilel94

    bilel94преди месец

    Listening to this in 2021 after coronavirus 19

  91. Omar Ahmed

    Omar Ahmedпреди месец

    Imagine this song on John wick 4 trailer

  92. Undai

    Undaiпреди месец

    Magnetos theme beats this thing like ass