Charli D'Amelio Teaches a Dad 8 TikTok Dances

Charli D'Amelio "Say So" and "Git Ups" her way through some of TikTok's most viral dance challenges to teach Jimmy. Full list of TikTok handles of each dance's creator below:
Don’t Start Now - dc: @thexhan
Say So -dc: @yodelinghaley
Get Up dc: @yungdaddycack
The Git Up dc: @ajani.huff
Spooky Scary Skeleton dc: @minecrafter2011
Hard Times dc: @jameswrightt @jack.wright
Get Busy dc: @sarahmagusara
Oh Na Na Na dc: unknown
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Charli D'Amelio Teaches a Dad 8 TikTok Dances


  1. Jessica Giacchetti

    Jessica Giacchettiпреди 9 часа

    Omg!! I am a biggggggggggggggg fan of Charlie d amelio!

  2. Adam Craig

    Adam Craigпреди 10 часа

    The culture is doomed

  3. Avilda Vlogs

    Avilda Vlogsпреди 11 часа

    Why didn't she do lottery

  4. tae hyung sal

    tae hyung salпреди 12 часа


  5. Jhanis Ayavaca

    Jhanis Ayavacaпреди 12 часа

    Alguien me explica porque se iso famosa ? Esque no la conosco pero la veo en todas partes

  6. Venom Carnage

    Venom Carnageпреди 12 часа

    Crazy how some dumb as dancing moves can make you big

  7. Bahishta Ebrahimi

    Bahishta Ebrahimiпреди 12 часа

    Charli D’amelio #Tiktok

  8. Lore Montu

    Lore Montuпреди 12 часа


  9. the weeknd’s wife

    the weeknd’s wifeпреди 13 часа

    i can literally do all that why am i not on jimmy fallon lmfao

  10. the weeknd’s wife

    the weeknd’s wifeпреди 10 часа

    Spideroh2 lmao thanks for the tip :’)

  11. Spideroh2

    Spideroh2преди 12 часа

    Act like one of those dumb pretty high school kids, look attractive, and get followers on Tinder for doing easy dance moves then you'll have a chance

  12. Lylou Mazoyer

    Lylou Mazoyerпреди 13 часа

    Qui est français et si oui like

  13. Yana Meo

    Yana Meoпреди 14 часа

    The sound on ''Get Busy'' reminds me of a AoT Season 3 Rod Reis soundtrack


    AJ THE BOSSпреди 14 часа

    I have the best video on the world subscribe please ❤️

  15. Anna Fedunets

    Anna Fedunetsпреди 14 часа

    follow me on tick tock : anna.fedunetsa

  16. Sheyla Santiago

    Sheyla Santiagoпреди 14 часа

    Who is mad because they didit use the music

  17. Erin Emmel

    Erin Emmelпреди 14 часа

    I’m suprised she didn’t do the renegade

  18. Rayna Arnaiz

    Rayna Arnaizпреди 15 часа

    #CharliDAmelio #TikTok #Dance #JimmyFallonShow

  19. jorge rodriguez

    jorge rodriguezпреди 15 часа

    Odio a Charli Dameliod

  20. Liam Hutchinson

    Liam Hutchinsonпреди 16 часа


  21. Toilet Paper

    Toilet Paperпреди 17 часа

    I only liked this because her shirt is the same color as toilet paper.

  22. heyitzmeh ameliaxx

    heyitzmeh ameliaxxпреди 17 часа

    she smiled the whole time 🥺

  23. esteban v

    esteban vпреди 17 часа


  24. Dhruva Andagere Ramesh

    Dhruva Andagere Rameshпреди 18 часа

    No renegade, no like.

  25. F.F .C.B.E

    F.F .C.B.Eпреди 18 часа

    See you guys back when this gets recommended after 20 years

  26. Reach DramoNita

    Reach DramoNitaпреди 18 часа

    WTF is this?



    🔥 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 trending 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> ❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡

  28. Joshua Abram Caoagdan Sorneo

    Joshua Abram Caoagdan Sorneoпреди 19 часа

    They forgot Relationship by Young Thug (feat. Future)

  29. BeastSmoke

    BeastSmokeпреди 20 часа

    How TF 15 Years Old girl came to into Viral?!?!

  30. Akbar Tariq

    Akbar Tariqпреди 20 часа

    Man i don't get it why ppl are crazy over her dance.. I mean there are million others who are professionals and she gets famous all of a sudden just because of tiktok

  31. Ten Have

    Ten Haveпреди 20 часа

    Hey I love you

  32. thicclasagna

    thicclasagnaпреди 21 час

    nice kicks jimmy

  33. Oljkn L

    Oljkn Lпреди 21 час


  34. Vaida Gl

    Vaida Glпреди 22 часа

    So cool! 😍

  35. vigi vigilante1

    vigi vigilante1преди 23 часа

    This is so stupid !!

  36. Andrea Rodriguez

    Andrea Rodriguezпреди 23 часа

    She’s so cute wth why does she get hate

  37. Piper Rochelle fan 342

    Piper Rochelle fan 342преди 23 часа

    Omg Jimmy fallon

  38. Mattia Gnemmi

    Mattia Gnemmiпреди ден


  39. UnknitSquash 307

    UnknitSquash 307преди ден


  40. eek Hi

    eek Hiпреди ден


  41. Luka Turcic

    Luka Turcicпреди ден

    She get popular because of this cringe dances? Reality is often disappointing

  42. SierraJoFox

    SierraJoFoxпреди ден

    Should be:” Charlie D’amelio showing a dad 8 tik tok dances

  43. a m

    a mпреди ден


  44. JaNese Howard

    JaNese Howardпреди ден

    AYYYYY. Get It Charli!!!

  45. Joe Mama

    Joe Mamaпреди ден

    Can we just close TikTok and all this dumb shit will hopefully stop

  46. MonsterKat

    MonsterKatпреди ден

    I feel like Jimmy felt awkward with a teenage girl dancing nearby in a short skirt.

  47. Sofia Ozuna

    Sofia Ozunaпреди 23 часа

    MonsterKat why would he feel awkward and why are you sexualizing a child ?

  48. Elvi Bjong

    Elvi Bjongпреди ден

    I like spooky scary sekeleton its best

  49. S Diana

    S Dianaпреди ден

    Im wondering, why they not add Renegade ?

  50. TomTom651

    TomTom651преди ден

    shes 15 and famous when i’m 15 i’m still gonna be eating shredded cheese at 3 am

  51. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Roseпреди ден

    You’re so good Charlie Demilio

  52. IamTheDark Bourne

    IamTheDark Bourneпреди ден


  53. spy ninja alex spy ninja

    spy ninja alex spy ninjaпреди ден

    12689 are the only ones I recunice

  54. Sam Fsure

    Sam Fsureпреди ден


  55. Eric Aguilar

    Eric Aguilarпреди ден

    It’s like a fortnite dance contest

  56. Emily Amirkhanian

    Emily Amirkhanianпреди ден

    I love charli

  57. What Ever

    What Everпреди ден

    what’s exactly her talent? 😂 she’s like a dancer?

  58. Moonie Walker

    Moonie Walkerпреди ден

    People are shocked that she didn't do Renegade? Don't be because it isn't her dance. Jalaial Harmon (14 yo) created the entire dance. Give Miss Harmon her shine..period. While Charli D'Amelio out here looking like every drunk Becky at a party.

  59. Sophia Ghooorrrll

    Sophia Ghooorrrllпреди ден

    why do they have that kind of music

  60. Marvelous_ Streak

    Marvelous_ Streakпреди ден

    Every time she smiles i feel uncomfortable

  61. Veda Madugula

    Veda Madugulaпреди ден

    i feel like shes amazing at dancing but she puts too much effort in if she just toned it down a lil to make it look natural then it would look better than it already is, im not hating fyi. I love the way she dances.

  62. Emmalee Melody

    Emmalee Melodyпреди ден

    Where is Renegade? She is known for that

  63. Purê de Batata Batata

    Purê de Batata Batataпреди ден

    Brasil hi

  64. Sarah Torres

    Sarah Torresпреди ден

    Ok question.. so does she make up these dances?? That’s why she’s famous? Lol I’m so confused. I keep seeing her name everywhere I’m just trying to understand what’s the deal here!

  65. AVONErin Burdette

    AVONErin Burdetteпреди ден

    wow i loved this i leared so new tic tok

  66. Maddy Beaulieu

    Maddy Beaulieuпреди ден

    All y'all impressed shes dancing in heels obviously havent seen drag race.

  67. The Artsy Side of Gaming !

    The Artsy Side of Gaming !преди ден

    Bruh spooky scary skeletons(

  68. Jennifer Rivera

    Jennifer Riveraпреди ден

    I hate Charlie

  69. Cr1spy B34ns

    Cr1spy B34nsпреди ден

    What has Jimmy Fallon’s Career gone to

  70. Melody- san

    Melody- sanпреди ден

    Soy el comentario en español que tanto estabas buscando 🤣

  71. Muhsin

    Muhsinпреди ден

    Woooooww wowoowww wowwooioohhoooww whooooooogggghww wooooooeoee. Wooooooeww owooooohhwwww. They never get tired daaaaammmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn. How much they paying for this.

  72. Isabella Michel

    Isabella Michelпреди ден

    My sister love you charli she has tiktok too her account name is little soso

  73. Sandra del Busto

    Sandra del Bustoпреди ден

    Aaww 🥺🥺🥺

  74. iNfIrEs MaN

    iNfIrEs MaNпреди ден

    I feel talentless

  75. Dave

    Daveпреди ден

    These are all basically the same thing.

  76. Jocelyn Anderson

    Jocelyn Andersonпреди ден

    Idk why the comment section is so negative. Charli danced really good and she deserves more credit!

  77. Samiha Islam

    Samiha Islamпреди ден

    I love how she's always smiling while doing these dances

  78. ꧁Lilith Game꧂

    ꧁Lilith Game꧂преди ден

    Yo esperando él renegade

  79. Noob gamer

    Noob gamerпреди ден

    You were the chosen one !!

  80. Mildred Aguilar

    Mildred Aguilarпреди ден

    Love you charli.

  81. CDTV Blackeye

    CDTV Blackeyeпреди ден

    Dont Start Now it should duo with Hannah :

  82. Anca Mare

    Anca Mareпреди ден

    I just thinkin where on earth or any other planet is renegade

  83. Paige and Friends / Besties

    Paige and Friends / Bestiesпреди ден

    Go Charli