Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light - Live Stream

Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the EBU and its Dutch Members NPO, NOS and AVROTROS have produced a new show, 'Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light', to air in place of the Grand Final on Saturday 16 May at 21:00 CEST.
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  1. Magdalena Petrova

    Magdalena Petrovaпреди 6 часа

    ⚪🟢🔴Bulgaria ⚪🟢🔴

  2. Ella Bilić

    Ella Bilićпреди 7 часа

    Thanks to everyone that were part of this show. I cried and laugh and cried again... This was such a pleasure to watch! Greetings everyone from Croatia! Stay safe and see ya all next year!♥️

  3. Murad Rustemov

    Murad Rustemovпреди 7 часа

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿


    ARM ENIAпреди 19 часа


  5. Esmira Məmmədli

    Esmira Məmmədliпреди ден

    I did not understand whether Eurovision is over or continues

  6. katspamz

    katspamzпреди ден

    belgium rlly just didnt participate at the end

  7. Becky Bones

    Becky Bonesпреди ден

    Россия!!! 🇷🇺

  8. Евгений Янчук

    Евгений Янчукпреди 2 дни

    My favorite Ukraine 🇺🇦 🥰✊💙💛

  9. Christina Palouki

    Christina Paloukiпреди 2 дни

    Am I the only one who loves the french song? (and has a crush on Tom hehe)❤

  10. Po_Prostu_Albert

    Po_Prostu_Albertпреди 2 дни


  11. Айгуль Хайруллина

    Айгуль Хайруллинапреди 2 дни

    Горжусь успехами Сербии, обожаю эту страну! Сербия полна талантов! "Молитва" очень сильная композиция, глубоко тронувшая и запавшая в сердце!

  12. Татьяна Юдина

    Татьяна Юдинапреди 3 дни

    open up 😭😍

  13. Serkan Çiftçi

    Serkan Çiftçiпреди 3 дни

    TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷TÜRKİYE

  14. Enzo Vandepitte

    Enzo Vandepitteпреди 3 дни

    Leuke show!! Hopelijk volgend jaar 2021 een volledige eurovisie zonder het virus! Ik kijk er naar uit om naar Rotterdam te gaan en de stad te verkennen, mijn favoriet was alvast Zwitserland hoor

  15. davidmb

    davidmbпреди 4 дни

    Ojala algún día ganemos eurovision🙏🇪🇦❤️

  16. Rage Dani

    Rage Daniпреди 4 дни


  17. eriselerel

    eriselerelпреди 4 дни

    Классно вышло!

  18. LOTSW2

    LOTSW2преди 5 дни


  19. Aggelos Kefalas

    Aggelos Kefalasпреди 5 дни

    Russia 🇷🇺 Austrailia 🇦🇺 Island

  20. Noah Liker Saft

    Noah Liker Saftпреди 5 дни


  21. aola wili

    aola wiliпреди 5 дни

    Little Big - Uno. Hurricane ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The best of the contest in 2020. Thank you. Пухляш respect.

  22. Steinar Mogen

    Steinar Mogenпреди 5 дни

    Bad. Far too little focus on this year's songs and singers. 30 seconds of each song is FAR too little for most people (unless they know the songs before) to get an impression. And it was far too "dark" far too much about corona. We needed a BREAK from that. Lacked the feelgood factor ESC should have. The other subsitude shows were much better - they had real ESC spirit. A very bad result, and not a worthy replacement show. No wonder this program got a LOT negative critism

  23. Μιχαήλ Συφωνιός

    Μιχαήλ Συφωνιόςпреди 5 дни

    My Top 10 in Eurovision 2020: 1p - France 2p - Italy 3p - Estonia 4p - Latvia 5p - Greece 6p - Lithuania 7p - Albania 8p - Bulgaria 10p - Romania 12p - SWITZERLAND!!!!! I'm in love with this song.....The best for me!!!!! Kisses from Greece!!!

  24. aola wili

    aola wiliпреди 5 дни

    1:42:53 i cried for the whole video, thanks italy ❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️

  25. Bernie Dieter

    Bernie Dieterпреди 5 дни

    The world needed this right now!

  26. Максим Форпост

    Максим Форпостпреди 5 дни

    Одни пишут, что рашка принесла евровидинию 100млн. людей (зрителей) Это всё реально!!! Но победители всё равно Литва, песня та у них круче!!!!

  27. Остров Айленд

    Остров Айлендпреди 5 дни

    So fat and sings so well. I admire the fat and meager seals

  28. Linda Kristine Kjølibråten

    Linda Kristine Kjølibråtenпреди 6 дни

    Ilse and Michael was my favourite moment. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>:00.

  29. Ellie Van Bon

    Ellie Van Bonпреди 6 дни

    mooi lied x


    DE WOLF BROTHERпреди 6 дни

    Netherlands 💪❤️

  31. Rose Z

    Rose Zпреди 6 дни

    L💙ve from 🇨🇦

  32. Leon Pennings

    Leon Penningsпреди 7 дни

    "The Eurovision venue was an emergency hospital." It WAS NEVER NEEDED! No patients have been there, absolutely zero.

  33. Leon Pennings

    Leon Penningsпреди 4 дни

    @Наталия Ващенко yes. They built it in case of need. But the normal hospitals were enough😊

  34. Наталия Ващенко

    Наталия Ващенкопреди 4 дни

    ? 0?

  35. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodanпреди 6 дни

    I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

  36. Nevena Zlatic

    Nevena Zlaticпреди 7 дни

    WHY did you cut all the songs? Whose idea was it? You were supposed to let all the contestants to perform their whole songs, because the contest is all about them, or isn't it? In this way you made a circus of unfinished songs. Anyways, Marija Serifovic and Molitva have won again in my opinion.

  37. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniпреди 7 дни

    we love it

  38. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniпреди 7 дни

    seconds publicity time per song. Very boring!

  39. Gambler Orpheus

    Gambler Orpheusпреди 8 дни

    Powerful and just amazing as you are Marija. "Molitva" wins the Eurovision 2020 for second time. Much love from Belgrade and Serbia 💪🏻💪🏻🇷🇸🇷🇸

  40. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniпреди 7 дни

    Comments are back!!

  41. Сергей Мартюшов

    Сергей Мартюшовпреди 8 дни

    Скучно! Спасала игра в телефоне во время трансляции.

  42. Addictive Music

    Addictive Musicпреди 8 дни

    All contestants are winners...they honesty pays everything...

  43. Gaming Starship

    Gaming Starshipпреди 8 дни

    IDK Why But The Intro Made Me Cry 😢

  44. Tatiana Pantelle

    Tatiana Pantelleпреди 8 дни

    BELIEVE ME, you came here for this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2742">45:42</a>

  45. keblo

    kebloпреди 8 дни

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>:53 i cried for the whole video, thanks italy ❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️

  46. Людмила Сухарева

    Людмила Сухаревапреди 8 дни

    Ukraine ❤

  47. Besim Krasniqi

    Besim Krasniqiпреди 9 дни

    MOLITVA.. Just three minutes of the beautiful Moment... 👌💔

  48. monika laosi

    monika laosiпреди 8 дни

    did the host perform in eurovision 2007 for Holland? On Top of The World? I still think it sounds like Tina Turner's When The Heartache Is Over xD

  49. супер ананас

    супер ананаспреди 9 дни

    Соня из Little Big очень красиво поёт😍

  50. Sanja K

    Sanja Kпреди 9 дни

    Wow, UK and France actually have good songs! I guess that's why we were hit by the coronavirus and the ESC was cancelled :)) Quite an interesting show this year. Too bad it couldn't be organised. No Bosnia on the ESC lately, but this year we have our Bosnian and Bosniak representing Germany :)

  51. monika laosi

    monika laosiпреди 8 дни


  52. valeri nenkov

    valeri nenkovпреди 9 дни

    Why People from France speak in their language only?

  53. Dovydas Matulionis

    Dovydas Matulionisпреди 9 дни


  54. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoпреди 9 дни

    This was fun!

  55. Samuele Greco

    Samuele Grecoпреди 9 дни

    Thank you so much… I was in tears already at the start, don't know why…! All your messages are so important! Love from Italy!

  56. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoпреди 9 дни

    Походу одному мне не понятна вся та истерия по поводу Молитвы Ширифович. Видимо это не мое от слова совсем. А за шоу спасибо. Всем здоровья

  57. Patricia Diehl

    Patricia Diehlпреди 10 дни

    Netta's song is truly unique and beautiful. I have never heard a song done to a music box before

  58. Paper Planes Music

    Paper Planes Musicпреди 10 дни

    Amazing alternative live show!

  59. Jurgen Ibro

    Jurgen Ibroпреди 10 дни

    Even more disappointing was the fact that I didn't understand what it was about this so called show you put up. It's one hour I'm waiting for the songs but nothing, just a 30 seconds publicity time per song. Very boring!

  60. Emilka S.

    Emilka S.преди 10 дни

    I am from Poland, but for me the best perfomance was from Switzerland 🥰 Serbia and Hasta la vista was... Weird? XD Molitva was 100000000% better

  61. alida flus

    alida flusпреди 10 дни

    I like 1. The longer one is better

  62. 4K 60Fps

    4K 60Fpsпреди 10 дни

    My Top 10 in Eurovision 2020: 1.Azerbaijan🇦🇿🥇 2.Albania🇦🇱🥈 3.Serbia🇷🇸🥉 4.Germany🇩🇪🏅 5.Greece🇬🇷🎖 6.Norway🇳🇴 7.Sweden🇸🇪 8.Russia🇷🇺 9.Ukraine🇺🇦 10.Austria🇦🇹

  63. 4K 60Fps

    4K 60Fpsпреди 10 дни

    @alida flus The Netherlands is my 18th favourite Nederland is mijn 18e favoriet

  64. alida flus

    alida flusпреди 10 дни


  65. Robert Heslop

    Robert Heslopпреди 10 дни

    My Lord, I couldn't be any prouder of being European right now. That ending with LSAL then the ad for ESC 2021, I'm in tears.

  66. Zorica Kija

    Zorica Kijaпреди 10 дни

    Globalisti,pedosatanizam,Sodoma I gomora..Zapadne zemlje propagiraju satanizam ...Sve su to sektasiii👹👿💣💣💣👎👎👎

  67. Benjamin Gonyea

    Benjamin Gonyeaпреди 10 дни

    I am super disappointed that Eurovision 2020 was canceled this year. I'm from the US and this was the first year that I got really into eurovision. But even though all of this I can't wait for next year. And also Let Love Shine A Light. ❤

  68. Yeifer Rodriguez

    Yeifer Rodriguezпреди 10 дни


  69. Hendry-R.

    Hendry-R.преди 10 дни

    did the host perform in eurovision 2007 for Holland? On Top of The World? I still think it sounds like Tina Turner's When The Heartache Is Over xD

  70. okow tina

    okow tinaпреди 11 дни

    Molitva - so touching, unbelievably beautiful

  71. Elena TS

    Elena TSпреди 11 дни

    Soooo many great songs this year, it’s not fair ☹️.My favorites:🇦🇿,🇬🇷,🇹🇩,🇺🇦,🇧🇬,🇱🇹,🇨🇭,🇲🇹,🇮🇹❤️

  72. Алекс И

    Алекс Ипреди 11 дни

    Походу одному мне не понятна вся та истерия по поводу Молитвы Ширифович. Видимо это не мое от слова совсем. А за шоу спасибо. Всем здоровья

  73. Kiki Slingerland

    Kiki Slingerlandпреди 11 дни

    It’s so great that they changed the location to a hospital in such a small amount of time

  74. okow tina

    okow tinaпреди 11 дни

    понравились....было бы классное Евровидение в этом году.

  75. Владимир Иванченко

    Владимир Иванченкопреди 11 дни

    Кто победил?????!!!

  76. эм м

    эм мпреди 11 дни


  77. Friet Van Piet

    Friet Van Pietпреди 11 дни


  78. Елисей Савин

    Елисей Савинпреди 11 дни

    wow Russia!! GO!!!!

  79. MrKappa _

    MrKappa _преди 11 дни

    Macedonia is one and only and it's Greek !

  80. big bro is watchingx

    big bro is watchingxпреди 11 дни

    @T. Saleh it is common to fight for such things in unducated societies

  81. T. Saleh

    T. Salehпреди 11 дни

    @Music Playlists It's ironic that they fight just because a name.

  82. Music Playlists

    Music Playlistsпреди 11 дни

    @MrKappa _ are u talking about the land or the name

  83. MrKappa _

    MrKappa _преди 11 дни

    @Music Playlists no Justice no peace Macedonia it's GREEK

  84. Music Playlists

    Music Playlistsпреди 11 дни

    Who cares

  85. Юра Барс

    Юра Барспреди 11 дни

    Україна найкраща!!! Пишаюся своєю країною! Молодці! I am proud of my Ukraine

  86. Stelena Dobsley

    Stelena Dobsleyпреди 11 дни


  87. Vika M

    Vika Mпреди 11 дни

    Czech republic❤️❤️❤️

  88. Marijn nn

    Marijn nnпреди 11 дни


  89. Dorian Bogdani

    Dorian Bogdaniпреди 11 дни


  90. Tommy Squarzo

    Tommy Squarzoпреди 12 дни

    Music Unite Ppl And in those hard times we have to be more united than before. Thx Eurovision for giving us this

  91. Polina Kalinobrotskaya

    Polina Kalinobrotskayaпреди 12 дни


  92. Наталья Бокова

    Наталья Боковапреди 12 дни

    Молитва 45.40 - единственное, что стоит посмотреть из 1,58,31. Сильно. Остальное через пень колоду. Кусочками, урывками. Хотели впихнуть побольше, получился неудобоваримый винегрет

  93. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoпреди 11 дни

    swiss singer magical

  94. jackosumene

    jackosumeneпреди 12 дни

    le seul moment sympa de cette émission berceuse: quand le chanteur italien chante!

  95. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoпреди 11 дни

    great concert! definitely Lithuania is my favorite! very original performance )) I also drew attention to sun singer Eden Alene (Israel) and MOLITVA

  96. Kalina Marsenic

    Kalina Marsenicпреди 12 дни

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2807">46:47</a> was that xx in picture in the back?

  97. Raiarii Natua

    Raiarii Natuaпреди 12 дни


  98. L. Franz

    L. Franzпреди 12 дни

    Большое спасибо за концерт. Жаль конечно, что не было евровидения и не показали все песни в полном формате. Мне очень многие исполнители понравились....было бы классное Евровидение в этом году.

  99. The YouTube

    The YouTubeпреди 12 дни

    🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺РОССИЯ🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺RUSSIA🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪💪💪💪💪

  100. The YouTube

    The YouTubeпреди 12 дни

    @킹오브95팬 hi

  101. 킹오브95팬

    킹오브95팬преди 12 дни

    Hi ^^

  102. Cristóvão Polido Sousa

    Cristóvão Polido Sousaпреди 12 дни

    hellow im Portuguese and my vote is Iceland

  103. Vadat Hasanov

    Vadat Hasanovпреди 12 дни

    What is the backround music, when she talks to Graham Norton. It's so emotional und beautiful👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻