How To Restore a Rusty Knife

Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  1. Draven Rios

    Draven Riosпреди 3 часа

    Ngl I clicked on this video not noticing it was a how to basic video

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    jakotzпреди 3 часа

    Stop wasting food

  3. GameBugZ - block strike

    GameBugZ - block strikeпреди 3 часа

    Him: you need to use only three items Also him: oh and forgot to mention 100 more

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  5. Hawxxey

    Hawxxeyпреди 4 часа

    This man has used 80% of the wolrds egg population

  6. yaman

    yamanпреди 4 часа

    toothpaste creme brulee

  7. etherraichu

    etherraichuпреди 4 часа

    Got confused, accidentally ate the knife. it turned out great though.

  8. Future XD

    Future XDпреди 4 часа

    wasting food for views is ridiculous people are dying to get a crumb of bread. What did this world become and how tf is this entertaining. God is watching repent before it’s too late.

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    Leo .bпреди 4 часа

    Pls make a asmr

  11. B1 Battle Droid

    B1 Battle Droidпреди 4 часа

    I thought this was a life hack, but im not disappointed.

  12. VA YT

    VA YTпреди 4 часа

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  13. Brody Ebel

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    Johnathan Arkпреди 4 часа

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  16. ك خخ

    ك خخпреди 4 часа

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  17. assassins bureauVII

    assassins bureauVIIпреди 4 часа

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  18. George Vasilopoulos

    George Vasilopoulosпреди 4 часа

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    BD DARIUSпреди 4 часа

    Finaly a normal video on the internet. Thanks How To Basic. Very cool

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    BD DARIUSпреди 4 часа

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    BD DARIUSпреди 4 часа

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    BD DARIUSпреди 4 часа

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    BD DARIUSпреди 4 часа


  25. Elias Dincer

    Elias Dincerпреди 4 часа

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> that looks actually yummy

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    M Riveraпреди 4 часа

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    Rex Zayrzyпреди 4 часа

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    these are 2 different knives, thank me later ;)

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    Chris Powellпреди 4 часа

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  34. Captain Shadowfox

    Captain Shadowfoxпреди 4 часа

    He must’ve checked our recommendations or History. But this is super helpful and now I’m disowned from my family, thanks HowToBasic :D

  35. filip damjan

    filip damjanпреди 4 часа

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    Krzysiu KOXпреди 4 часа

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    KorrosivWizardпреди 4 часа

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    ConCon Animates :Dпреди 4 часа

    *I wonder what the people at the store thinks about this guy*

  39. Windhelm Guard

    Windhelm Guardпреди 4 часа

    Me: A blacksmith who just wanted to see how you restored the knife not knowing it was how to basic How to basic: Makes a fucking sandwich Me: Hmm what are these skills i’ve never seen before

  40. Osmend

    Osmendпреди 4 часа

    I'm wondering if he actually restored the knife...

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    Morvidпреди 4 часа

    thanks dude that really helped! i would have never figured out that pasta part

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    TheRealhero 76преди 4 часа

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  43. Amr ISMAIL

    Amr ISMAILпреди 5 часа

    I was trying to get help to clean my old knife that was sitting in my garage for 4-5 years and instead i got this...

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    Amin Dalvandпреди 5 часа

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    Andrea Boninaпреди 5 часа

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    Operator Inceditпреди 5 часа

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    Kelorпреди 5 часа

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