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  1. chypres89

    chypres89преди 5 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> .

  2. M. RICH

    M. RICHпреди 5 часа


  3. Keyan Kula

    Keyan Kulaпреди 5 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> She got cake though 🎂

  4. angloirishcad

    angloirishcadпреди 5 часа

    Who produced this? Has a UK grime/skepta vibe

  5. Andrew Perez

    Andrew Perezпреди 5 часа

    Yoo that was 🔥I wasn’t ready for this song/video buddy goes in 🙌💯

  6. Kendji Masumbuko

    Kendji Masumbukoпреди 6 часа

    Crank lucaaass

  7. Volker Flag

    Volker Flagпреди 6 часа

    Crank Lucas!🔥🔥

  8. Gabriel Vinicius

    Gabriel Viniciusпреди 6 часа


  9. Mahamadou Kaba

    Mahamadou Kabaпреди 6 часа

    The only reason I don’t give this video 101% is because I was waiting for that Hancock reference. This was wild!!

  10. Money P 95

    Money P 95преди 6 часа

  11. Zack Zues

    Zack Zuesпреди 6 часа



    SAMSON DAGRINпреди 6 часа

    Whoa.. best I've hear so far real artist. Fire. words vocabulary 💯💯💯💯

  13. Quentin McCullough

    Quentin McCulloughпреди 6 часа

    So we just not gon act like Crank Lucas ain’t make this Beat 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  14. avroesmusic

    avroesmusicпреди 6 часа

    this beat is absolutely disgusting

  15. Axiom

    Axiomпреди 6 часа

    Crank Lucas 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Jaay Sa

    Jaay Saпреди 6 часа

    this is absolutely the most genius video ever

  17. Jamoy Reid

    Jamoy Reidпреди 6 часа

  18. lasky974

    lasky974преди 6 часа

    Where is Ali man ???

  19. Brandon Waller

    Brandon Wallerпреди 6 часа


  20. NoTePases

    NoTePasesпреди 6 часа

    Eres un maldito capo, joder.

  21. Ya boy Ed

    Ya boy Edпреди 6 часа

    Crank Lucas 😍

  22. Hunter Hofman

    Hunter Hofmanпреди 6 часа

    straight flames

  23. mighty17 god18

    mighty17 god18преди 6 часа

    First video I like on a song

  24. Omar Garcia

    Omar Garciaпреди 6 часа

    Dam killed it g will you seeing this fire bro!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. loicib

    loicibпреди 6 часа

    That Crank Lucas beat!

  26. Ry Guy

    Ry Guyпреди 6 часа

    Ahhhh that’s hot! That’s hot!

  27. Kristina Krebs Hansen

    Kristina Krebs Hansenпреди 6 часа

    zxddedffdfg Od

  28. Ciala Jones

    Ciala Jonesпреди 6 часа


  29. Brittany Hopkins

    Brittany Hopkinsпреди 6 часа

    That was hot 🔥🔥

  30. Ronnie Bobonnie

    Ronnie Bobonnieпреди 6 часа

    White lady got cake


    CHICKEN KURRYпреди 6 часа


  32. Vyi Stainless

    Vyi Stainlessпреди 6 часа


  33. Michael Roland

    Michael Rolandпреди 6 часа

    Fresh track/video for real That said, after watching... am I the only one reminded of this:

  34. Assaf Derso

    Assaf Dersoпреди 6 часа

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  35. Mike Stuart

    Mike Stuartпреди 6 часа

    Deep thoughts from Joyner. Respect.

  36. jesse gonzalez

    jesse gonzalezпреди 6 часа

    Damn I can’t stop listening to this gem

  37. Junaid Nkuna

    Junaid Nkunaпреди 6 часа

    Eyyyyy mmmmaaayne, this is dope as fuck 😭

  38. Kyle Mf Petty

    Kyle Mf Pettyпреди 7 часа


  39. Moisés E. R. Pacheco

    Moisés E. R. Pachecoпреди 7 часа

    6 dias - 10 milhões de visualizações TA VOANDO!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  40. Ametrion Johnson

    Ametrion Johnsonпреди 7 часа

    Hey niggas we did it will recognise us were set for more greatness and riches stay humble 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  41. Stretchy4Skyn

    Stretchy4Skynпреди 7 часа

    This song is fucking mint

  42. Vlad Blaha

    Vlad Blahaпреди 7 часа

    Top 👍

  43. Dom Dubz

    Dom Dubzпреди 7 часа

    The fact this isn’t on the trending list just shows how crooked BGgo is.

  44. HH Music

    HH Musicпреди 7 часа

    Donde están los mexicanos que disfrutan de este trabajo? 🇲🇽


    YUNG SAUCEпреди 7 часа

    the effort joyner puts into his music and videos are unreal. this man a goat.

  46. Marquis Mingo

    Marquis Mingoпреди 7 часа

    Cranck lucas on the track

  47. Brooklyn Walker

    Brooklyn Walkerпреди 7 часа

    2020 is like a punishment for us because of the drama that is going on but joyner always make my day but where my boy coryxkenshin

  48. Jerrold Sipocz

    Jerrold Sipoczпреди 7 часа

    You never know who you inspire

  49. Jake Fludd III

    Jake Fludd IIIпреди 7 часа

    Mannnnn!!!! You showing me something cuz!!! This song is fire and it has a great meaning and great lyrics. I will be checking out your other stuff. Wow!!

  50. J 98

    J 98преди 7 часа

    I cant sing but this is my first song attempting to sing. it's heavily autotuned and I just had some lyrics in my head and a melody and i just had to try it out for myself to see if i could do it. what i really need to know is if it's tolerable or cringe-worthy This one is just a rap song i just need to know if it sounds good or not

  51. Yerminson Smith

    Yerminson Smithпреди 7 часа

    Great video. But did you see the white girl with yams in the background.

  52. David Fimbres

    David Fimbresпреди 7 часа

    He wasn’t feeling the six degrees of separation?

  53. J S

    J Sпреди 7 часа

    I'm a Joyner fan...but this is trash 😂

  54. mamba 4 life

    mamba 4 lifeпреди 7 часа

    Joyner fuckin Lucas! 🙌👏

  55. Sam Treweek

    Sam Treweekпреди 7 часа

    Instant classic. Joyner you're a fucking legend mate


    PEDRODFRACA TMпреди 7 часа

    Merecido dms

  57. OnEPuNcHFinaTIk022

    OnEPuNcHFinaTIk022преди 7 часа

    Joyner so talented man love his music. Beautiful that he dedicated a song to Will Smith one of if not the hardest workers in Hollywood. I like the fact that Will Smith is still going strong in the industry after all these years and to me nothing beats fresh prince of bel air still my favourite sitcom

  58. mariela carachure

    mariela carachureпреди 7 часа

    I’m so happy, listened to you for 4/5 years. you finally made it.

  59. micah clark

    micah clarkпреди 7 часа

    Dude has came so far #respect

  60. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseпреди 7 часа

    nobody: joyner: pops off with a amazing album

  61. Arnold Salazar

    Arnold Salazarпреди 7 часа

    True tribute to a superstar, Joyner couldn’t have done it any better.

  62. Ben Hughes

    Ben Hughesпреди 7 часа

    So fucking cringe on several layers


    DJTREZOпреди 7 часа

    I cant imagine people disliking this video. But u have to have haters....means you are doing something right

  64. Daniel Padilla

    Daniel Padillaпреди 7 часа

    Wow amazing!

  65. Hakim Adams

    Hakim Adamsпреди 7 часа

    Wait, He left out Hancock🙄😂

  66. Danny Oprish

    Danny Oprishпреди 7 часа

    Nice tribute.

  67. Trybe's Adames Vlogs Across the World

    Trybe's Adames Vlogs Across the Worldпреди 7 часа

    Can I get on the remix 🤷🏽‍♂️👏🏽please I’m a writer

  68. Danny Oprish

    Danny Oprishпреди 7 часа

    I guess will saw this

  69. Shakiyah Crawford

    Shakiyah Crawfordпреди 7 часа

    I hope he do a movie and a song together and when it's time to meet the family I hope he gets invited to "The Red Table Talk"

  70. Shakiyah Crawford

    Shakiyah Crawfordпреди 7 часа

    I hope he do a movie and a song together and when it's time to meet the family I hope he gets invited to "The Red Table Talk"

  71. Edward John

    Edward Johnпреди 7 часа

    Joyner Lucas U Top 5 my G IDGAF what anyone says ✊🏿👊🏿🔥💯💥

  72. Ayakashi

    Ayakashiпреди 7 часа

    Real mofos know who made the beat

  73. Khady Ndiayr

    Khady Ndiayrпреди 8 часа

    it was jaden smith who had to do that !!! but OK

  74. Cloud y

    Cloud yпреди 8 часа

    nobody: joyner: pops off with a amazing album

  75. Buddy Mills 3106

    Buddy Mills 3106преди 8 часа

    I watched this like 10 times

  76. Adam Hernandez

    Adam Hernandezпреди 8 часа

    my top 5 ⬇️⬇️ 1) Tupac 2) Eminem 3) Joyner 4) K dot 5) J cole


    MUSIC CAFEпреди 8 часа

    #WillSmith inspire ppl, but he don't even know it..... #Word

  78. Sultan Happy gamer

    Sultan Happy gamerпреди 8 часа

    He forgot Gemini man

  79. leagibson

    leagibsonпреди 8 часа



    MUSIC CAFEпреди 8 часа

    "I grew up on a legend and I gotta show it I learned a lot from him and I owe it Homie's my idol and don't even know it" #Like

  81. elektrosoundwave

    elektrosoundwaveпреди 8 часа

    Ok, I want to see Uncle Junior toss Joyner out of the front door