Otilia - Bilionera (official video)

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Otilia - Bilionera
Director & Post-production: Andrei Lesan (Redcon Pictures)
D.O.P. & VFX Creative Director: Blandu Alexandru (Redcon Pictures)
Imagini aeriene si echipament: Grup Fort Studio
Music: Andrei Vitan, Emanuela Oancea
Lyrics: Emanuela Oancea, Mike Wells
Orchestration: Ramon, Preston
Mix/Master: Pal Claudiu Ramon
lyrics letra de cantion
Tomame la mano
Que tu eres cosa Buena
Esta noche quiero bailar
Sobre en la arena
No soy una ajena
No soy nada mal
Ven paca ven paca
Y ahora
Gimme boy2
I'm your lady
I got here
What you want
Feels so crazy
Gimme boy2
I'm your baby
I'm your lady
I'm your girl
I'm your mama
Come on boy
Don't be shy
Don't want drama
I'm your girl2
Sexy mama
You start this fire
The way you look at me
Takes me higher
I want this moment to last forever
And ever and over again
Gimme gimme some of that
In 2014, Otilia launched Bilionera - the international hit that totals over 500 million
listeners on all BGgo channels, ranking 1st in South East Europe.
Shortly after, the artist became highly appreciated in countries like Turkey, Cyprus,
Bulgaria, Pakistan, Greece, Germany, Austria, Albania, Italy, Belgium, Egypt, etc.
After Bilionera followed the hits "Aventura", "Passion" (a collaboration with Shaggy,
Costi Ionita and Andrea), "Prisionera", “Diamante”, "I don’t know", "Devocion", and
many other.
In different countries people are writing wrong as olita otella otilia bruma ottilia otella atila othello bili otılıa bılıonera olivia otilio otalia bilyoner otelia atilia ottilia billionaire otalia otılıa dembaga otila yeni music billionaire . The only one correct it's Otilia and her hit Bilionera, Aventura, Prisionera, adelante, Diamante, Latina, I don't know, Balim with Serdar Ortaq, tres amores, Passion with Costi Shaggy Andrea from Bulgaria also Devocion with special guest Sinan Akcil. You can find new music all the hits on Jhaps records channnel. Poti gasi ce mai noua muzica din 2019 doar aici.
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Most of the videos for song remixes that are not official on Jhaps Records, are used model videos, ussually beautiful girls that are dressed in swimsuit or lingerie white or black, red or any colour. Sometimes in the model music video that beautiful womens with beautiful bodies make lingerie or swimsuit try on, this for hot summer 2020. All the swimwear can be one part or two parts with bikini haul and bra. The video model girls are profesional in the model videography industry and a lot of filmmakers use this kind of fashion sexi girls for music videos. The ladies are very happy and all the time enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand in case are on the beach side. Filmamakers ussualy choose for a place to film beaches, clubs or maybe the girls walking and having fun like in the lookbook or video portrait. Also exotic places are perfect to film all that good looking sexi and very attractive women. All that female chicks made all the videos to entertain you and to enjoy while listening to the music song, that ussualy its a remix.
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