Parma 2-0 Lecce | Super Sub Cornelius Seals The 3 Points! | Serie A

Andreas Cornelius came off the bench to score Parma's second after Simone Iacoponi had opened the scoring for the hosts.
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  1. Steven Jo

    Steven Joпреди 22 дни

    Andreas Cornelius welcome to Juventus


    SOR MAII DOOпреди месец



    SOR MAII DOOпреди месец



    SOR MAII DOOпреди месец



    SOR MAII DOOпреди месец


  6. Osmar Miranda

    Osmar Mirandaпреди месец


  7. The Ahmad

    The Ahmadпреди месец

    Remember, Parma still the 7 magnificent in serie A..

  8. Goku Gamer

    Goku Gamerпреди месец

    Kuluveski no esta en la juve?😕😕😕

  9. Maden od

    Maden odпреди месец

    Cornelius, kulusevski and inglese..just need gervinho and karamoh to play so that all 5 players..thrash the big teams..

  10. victor yohana

    victor yohanaпреди месец a man without hands but he do what a man with hands doesn't do

  11. Anferb Lutus

    Anferb Lutusпреди месец

    BRAVO Parma!!!!!

  12. Mile Mazneski

    Mile Mazneskiпреди месец

    Kutska its like ц ts. Not ch ч

  13. Tommy Hermawan

    Tommy Hermawanпреди месец

    Parma is back

  14. Cleyton Monteiro

    Cleyton Monteiroпреди месец

    Parma Calcio❤


    SANOOJ DEV Kпреди месец

    Parma&Atalanta fan from India🇮🇳

  16. Ahmed G

    Ahmed Gпреди месец

    kucka come back milan

  17. Arin Bhuyan

    Arin Bhuyanпреди месец

    Great performance!!

  18. Shamim Chaudhary

    Shamim Chaudharyпреди месец

    Lecce: we could easily get 1 point Cornelius: hold my substitution

  19. Manish Khatiwada

    Manish Khatiwadaпреди месец


  20. bm10

    bm10преди месец

    Parma on fire right now

  21. Luca Boscia

    Luca Bosciaпреди месец

    kuluseviski is a beast

  22. Paris Njau

    Paris Njauпреди месец

    Cornelius better than kulusevski..


    IDIAKEZ MORALEZпреди месец

    Europa, arriviamoooo 💛💙

  24. Alex McShane Hill

    Alex McShane Hillпреди месец


  25. Mikkel Sørensen

    Mikkel Sørensenпреди месец

    Boy Cornelius is good

  26. Doshirak Brawl-Stars

    Doshirak Brawl-Starsпреди месец


  27. mkz42279

    mkz42279преди месец

    Forsa Parma! Almost there!

  28. AAA

    AAAпреди месец

    No comments?

  29. jonbudi

    jonbudiпреди месец

    Forza Juve

  30. Devon Yardi

    Devon Yardiпреди месец

    Forza parma

  31. BigWasabi

    BigWasabiпреди месец

    Flot mål Corner 🇩🇰👍

  32. mathias bahamondes gomez

    mathias bahamondes gomezпреди месец

    Cornelius 👏

  33. Football Lover

    Football Loverпреди месец


  34. Fellav Ttt

    Fellav Tttпреди месец

    Parma is such a nice and balanced team I really like how the level of the serie A clubs is getting clearly higher Sad for the situation of big teams like milan and napoli An inter fan :)

  35. Chombro ers

    Chombro ersпреди месец

    chiesa should be play with club that his father play.

  36. sanders silamsijan

    sanders silamsijanпреди месец

    Forza parma 😘

  37. John kora John

    John kora Johnпреди месец

    Good teamwork Forza parma!!!! 😎👍

  38. iko aditya

    iko adityaпреди месец


  39. Dovikagung Prasetyo

    Dovikagung Prasetyoпреди месец


  40. rian 666

    rian 666преди месец

    Yeeee Parma menang ayo naik kepuncak klasemen

  41. baladewa Muser

    baladewa Muserпреди месец

    Bismillah ukhty

  42. 2ndEndingVintage

    2ndEndingVintageпреди месец

    Glad Parma won, good to see Cornelius healthy - but I have to say I feel bad for Lecce, they are sinking right now....

  43. Austin Stone

    Austin Stoneпреди месец

    So good to see Parma having such a good season!

  44. Austin Stone

    Austin Stoneпреди месец

    thosegreengentlemen I went to go and see Parma play years ago when I was 13 with my father I’d love to go back and see them play again!

  45. thosegreengentlemen

    thosegreengentlemenпреди месец

    roberto donadoni led them to a very long unbeaten run that was really impressive

  46. AR Gaming

    AR Gamingпреди месец

    If I was Lecces coach I would sell #13 defender. Complete lack of interest to defend the rebound.

  47. Mohammed Suhail

    Mohammed Suhailпреди месец

    Good game

  48. yunan laziale

    yunan lazialeпреди месец

    Kuvlu 😎

  49. rendi antara

    rendi antaraпреди месец


  50. Adhie Sugiyanto

    Adhie Sugiyantoпреди месец

    Forza parma... Si kulusevski ko masih ada ya, bukanya udh di beli juventus..

  51. jj ho

    jj hoпреди месец

    Adhie Sugiyanto modelnta kaya pulisic.udah di beli tapi gabungnya akhir musim..👍

  52. Wicaksono Arief

    Wicaksono Ariefпреди месец

    Matteo Darmian di parma ?? kapan pindah dari MUFC ??

  53. Best Ehigiator

    Best Ehigiatorпреди месец

    Thank you parma for making my bet count

  54. crociati17

    crociati17преди месец

    And the gervinho chance at the end? 🤔

  55. Thug Love

    Thug Loveпреди месец

    Cornelius can really strike the ball.

  56. Stardust Baby

    Stardust Babyпреди месец

    I thought Kulusevski went to Juventus.

  57. JOEL!

    JOEL!преди месец

    He got loaned back to Parma and will join them next season

  58. Nazo Alikhel

    Nazo Alikhelпреди месец

    He is On lon

  59. Quick Highlights

    Quick Highlightsпреди месец

    What's with these names

  60. MR POCH

    MR POCHпреди месец





  62. pupsinatorTV

    pupsinatorTVпреди месец

    we need score and time in the highlights- please

  63. Fellav Ttt

    Fellav Tttпреди 28 дни

    pupsinatorTV Yes please

  64. DJ1995 _

    DJ1995 _преди месец

    Dejan Kulusevski to Manchester United

  65. bob bobdr

    bob bobdrпреди месец

    Corner 🙌🏾🔵⚪

  66. Fill@PieNo!

    Fill@PieNo!преди месец

    Cornelius kinda hot uwu

  67. Fandi Rahmadhani

    Fandi Rahmadhaniпреди месец

    Cornelius 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Albert John Nielsen

    Albert John Nielsenпреди месец

    Danskeren er du også dansker