Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers

The intelligence community's top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. #CNN #News


  1. Kirk Bowyer

    Kirk Bowyerпреди 4 дни

    It seems more likely that the Russians would want to cause chaos in America no matter who they claim to support. I doubt they care who wins as long as we continue to hate each other. Mass Agitation is the goal of the Marxists & Communists; division for the sake of division; divide and conquer; it is a very old tactic. 1 Saint John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> If any man say: I love God, and hateth his brother; he is a liar. For he that loveth not his brother whom he seeth, how can he love God whom he seeth not?

  2. William Kimmons

    William Kimmonsпреди 6 дни

    Lol. Fake News.

  3. Kirk Bowyer

    Kirk Bowyerпреди 4 дни

    Fake Person. ^^^^^^

  4. shan lynch

    shan lynchпреди 8 дни

    I hope Russia does help,fuck the psychotic Left!!!

  5. Kirk Bowyer

    Kirk Bowyerпреди 4 дни

    Whatever communist.

  6. sivler wolf

    sivler wolfпреди 9 дни

    Let them vote god damn it!😤😑

  7. The jukebox

    The jukeboxпреди 11 дни

    Clinton and the Russia RESET button.. all Russia's improprieties forgiven by DEMOCRATS

  8. Captain Caveman

    Captain Cavemanпреди 17 дни

    Трамп, я пришел сюда, чтобы жевать жвачку и надрать задницу ... и у меня все кончено

  9. Lora Durling

    Lora Durlingпреди 17 дни

    Crump does not win on his own merits

  10. Tessa Heart

    Tessa Heartпреди 19 дни

    Wow! Looks like Russia has been quite successful deciding the fate of American politics/president! At least, according to the CNN. Do you believe this?

  11. Pearls 777

    Pearls 777преди 20 дни

    Here we go again... Russia, Russia, Russia... mixed with some Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus.

  12. Vanessa Hernandez

    Vanessa Hernandezпреди 20 дни

    Why would Russia help Donald Trump win an election when the one that resembles more like a Russian patriot is Crazy Bernie? That doesn't make sense and consequently I have to say it's a "big lie"

  13. Margo Lockweeze

    Margo Lockweezeпреди 21 ден

    Around and around and around and around we go.... Thank Gads tir the Smith-Mundt Act ey? Or your Company would be financially broke from all the decimation slanders liable. Here WEEEEE GOOOOO AGAIN!

  14. Broncoman 38

    Broncoman 38преди 23 дни

    These fucking people will literally say anything to get their viewers on board with their democratic agenda! Russia Russia Russia! This is how simple it really is......People that voted for Trump did so because it was him or Crooked Hillary! We went with an outsider that is doing his best to drain the swamp and expose the corruption in the democratic party! Not one person I know voted Trump because of any Russians! The Russians could do and say anything they want as far as Trump goes! Who cares? We are all going by what Trump is trying to accomplish for the good of the AMERICAN people! The democrats on the other hand want to have open borders and flood our country with ILLEGALS and promise to go give you everything for free! They need votes and are desperate! They will do and say anything to beat Trump because they know they will NEVER beat him in an election! Biden and Hillary are being investigated again and we can all just hope they will be shown for the true criminals that they are! If someone votes based on some Facebook ads by the Russians or anyone else you are a fucking moron! If you get your news from CNN you are a fucking moron!

  15. Kenneth John Kelly

    Kenneth John Kellyпреди 24 дни

    Donald Trump is a Grump in the swamp Himself. He's telling you its a swamp! Politics is the swamp! Draining the swamp means getting rid of those in power. Period! Draining the swamp is not believing one word these parasites tell you today! They are the sinners that bring us sin. Do you understand! Government and religion is where all our sins come from. Power protects the evil of this world. That's why Hillary sales uranium to the Russians and gets away with it. Its why Donald says He will put Her in prison if He was the president, gets elected then does nothing of what He says He will do. These demons are bound by contracts with the devil themselves to protect one another even though they pretend they will go after one another! None of them ever pay any consequences other than the American people to pay for the entire cake walk and pony show. I'm an average Joe, just like 97% of the humanity. My name is John K. Carpenter. There is a verse in Genesis, Chapter 32 verses 27-30 That speak of Jacob when He wrestles with the angel and sees God face to face. He names the place Peniel/Pineal. As one concerned human for humanity to another human of humanity I would tell you to learn exactly what this verse is saying! If you don't know you lack the single most important detail in life that has not been shared with you. Let me say that again. And you can quote me. "IF YOU DO NOT KNOW OF THE PINEAL GLAND, YOU LACK THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL IN LIFE THAT HAS NOT BEEN SHARED WITH YOU. This verse is only mentioned the one time in the bible. It is also referred to when Jesus speaks of the light in your eye. Saying and I quote. The light of the body is the eye: if. therefore thine eye be single, thy. whole body shall be full of light. Preacher do not teach the true meaning of this parable on this realm. Take thought and ask why is it that Matthew is telling us if thy eye be single, the whole body will be full of light. What power is in this parable. What deeper meaning than we have been taught. The answer lies in the Pineal Gland. This is the light of the world and the Cross over between Flesh and Spirit. That is plainly the blunt end of it. No magic tricks, no hidden agendas. It time to wake from the American night mare that our leaders have drug us down with! Humanity has many souls in grave danger of being lost to the eternal darkness because this world has darkened your eye. I know this because I was once lost in the darkness then I saw God face to face. I also lived to tell about it. Now I tell others the truth because I have not sold out for the wealth and power of this world. I submit to my Creator only as should all of us that wish to remain in the light after death! You will not want to be separated from God in a life of eternal darkness. Just saying! Peace! Always Peace!

  16. rockin roy

    rockin royпреди 26 дни

    know your 10 commandments. thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. think how stupid this sounds. why would russia care about another countries election? this is just a hype to brainwash people to look down upon russia and trump. it is tactical evil. give the guy a break. what the issue really is here is that trump is christian. you will NOT see a cnn reporter saying they are christian. PROVE ME WRONG.

  17. Shean Fíonn

    Shean Fíonnпреди 27 дни

    And why exactly would Russia want to do that? The DNC would be easier to control.. 🤷‍♂️

  18. Kevin Jepsen

    Kevin Jepsenпреди 27 дни

    Go figure, Shelby Pierson gives an intelligence update, without real intelligence.

  19. Ultranationalist

    Ultranationalistпреди 28 дни

    How? Buying Facebook ads again? Fuck off you losers.

  20. just jesse

    just jesseпреди 28 дни

    CNN is the meaning of AUTISM

  21. Slavic Klaminko

    Slavic Klaminkoпреди месец

    The entire world needs to Elect the best person on earth Donald Trump for World President. Go Trump.

  22. Mansfield Pokana

    Mansfield Pokanaпреди месец

    Can we have real news than opinions, lies, and assumptions.

  23. Rushie2112

    Rushie2112преди месец

    ...and here we go AGAIN. Can you CNN buffoons report on facts for once in your lives instead of pulling more insane accusations right out of thin air? Y'all are an embarrassment to journalism.

  24. Brian Jennings

    Brian Jenningsпреди месец

    "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!!" So the Russians are either coming to America to cast their votes, or they've figured out how to hack the system and change the ballots? If not, how the fuck did they elect Trump and how will they do it again??? Was it misinformation? Well, guess what, misinformation is everywhere! Especially coming from you, the libtard media! You people are pathetic, and that's why more people than ever will come out to re-elect Donald Trump come November!

  25. terry walker

    terry walkerпреди месец

    Really?🙄that’s the best they can come up with. Lol

  26. Sharanram Rathod

    Sharanram Rathodпреди месец

    Hillary Clinton she and burney big American fake people they wants war and produce terrorism

  27. Sharanram Rathod

    Sharanram Rathodпреди месец

    CNN is big fake news they want war ..if not trump win definitely Russia fucks America and terrorism

  28. Sharanram Rathod

    Sharanram Rathodпреди месец

    Lol hahaha. ...fake news. ..worldwide wants trump win because he is good for whole world and America. ..I am fan of trump everyone loves he is good human beings

  29. stoic romulan

    stoic romulanпреди месец

    Really are u serious 🙄🤣

  30. scott

    scottпреди месец

    Russian needs higher oil and gas export prices to boost their GDP. Trump's support of expanding US domestic oil production has the effect of suppressing global prices. The democrats OTOH wanting suppression of US domestic supply would have the opposite effect of boosting global prices helping Russia's GDP. Why, then, would Russia want to help Trump instead of any democrat?

  31. Jeremiah Lim

    Jeremiah Limпреди месец

    Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release. It will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public, Zigdon said.

  32. stoic romulan

    stoic romulanпреди месец

    Modelo cures the virus 🙃

  33. Mr Riesen

    Mr Riesenпреди месец

    Such a sad news network, why would anybody listen these clowns, but it is sure fun to listen to their lies just see where old drunk Nancy gets her intelligence.

  34. Sage Ryan

    Sage Ryanпреди месец

    Sanders is the communist. Hillary sold Russia 20% of our uranium, secretly, through Canada, for profit, not USA profit. Don't you folks at CNN get tired of being Wrong and Foolish!

  35. Augustus Jackson

    Augustus Jacksonпреди месец

    CNN! You are fake news! Trump 2020

  36. AHC

    AHCпреди месец

    lol @ CNN

  37. Thirteen class

    Thirteen classпреди месец

    Why only Russia .

  38. Vermonster90

    Vermonster90преди месец

    Just the facts 4 U to consider who real Russian operatives are: (1) DNC has 4 Communist Marxist running for Nomination. (2) Trump delivered tank killing lethal AID to several of Russia's adversaries which pushed Russia back. (3) DNC colluded with Russian and Ukrainian Intel operatives to develop "Pee Gate" and "Steel Dossier". (4) Leading DNC candidate touts Communist indoctrination program as excellant reading education. (5) Trump upped US production of oil, turning off thirst for Russian oil.

  39. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishingпреди месец

    These poor media people really need an intervention for their addiction to LSD! It must be a Russian strain that makes them see Putin no matter where they look!

  40. Mortifix

    Mortifixпреди месец

    Someone needs to stop Russia. Their evil plan to strengthen our economy and our military is working flawlessly. We need to stop them before their final solution to make US the greatest country in the world comes to fruition!!

  41. Matt Tammaro

    Matt Tammaroпреди месец

    Russia, Russia, Russia... must be election season. Here we go again. I feel for the TDS sufferers... not really.

  42. big truck

    big truckпреди месец

    There was a Russian hiding in my cereal bowl this morning, Russians caused bad weather last week, there was a Russian digging through my garbage yesterday

  43. Nate

    Nateпреди месец

    Comment if you believe this bullshit. Like if you don’t

  44. MrGayLC

    MrGayLCпреди месец

    Liberals are stupid as fuck. CNN is shit

  45. Dennis Skinner

    Dennis Skinnerпреди месец

    Russians can't vote.

  46. I Mate Insects

    I Mate Insectsпреди месец

    I would believe the National inquirer before believing CNN......what a joke.

  47. Brad Gray

    Brad Grayпреди месец

    Why dont you idiots nominate the corona virus as a candidate.

  48. Neautral Observer

    Neautral Observerпреди месец

    When CNN gets ahead of the elections to blame Trumps re-election on the Russians. He’s already won, otherwise this wouldn’t be a story.

  49. Berhane Thomas

    Berhane Thomasпреди месец

    WHY. would Russia want Trump to win. You mean Russia wants America to be great again? Really. Russia has the best wishes for America?

  50. Cool Guy

    Cool Guyпреди месец

    wow. this fucking bullshit again. first against trump now against bernie. CNN is FAKE NEWS

  51. Daniel Shaw

    Daniel Shawпреди месец

    Imagine that ! CNN has to retract this bogus story What does Jim Acosta think about this?

  52. scott

    scottпреди месец

    Russian needs higher oil and gas export prices to boost their GDP. Trump's support of expanding US domestic oil production has the effect of suppressing global prices. The democrats OTOH wanting suppression of US domestic supply would have the opposite effect of boosting global prices helping Russia's GDP. Why, then, would Russia want to help Trump instead of any democrat?

  53. John Q. Public

    John Q. Publicпреди месец

    Fake news

  54. Jonathan Dolin

    Jonathan Dolinпреди месец

    Here's a correlation for you, black people accusing a police of criminal activity. Compare that to true Americans accusing Trump of criminal activity or something like the Russians interfering with the elections on the behalf of Donald Trump. They're going to say that is not the Russians on behalf of Donald Trump oh, they're going to say it's the Russians on behalf Bernie Sanders. The one thing we all know is that if no one else had a gun at the party the police did oh, so was it a plant that the police lay on the black man that he just murdered. you'll never understand I'm just laughing at you right now. REALTALK

  55. #OccupyDogtown

    #OccupyDogtownпреди месец

    These sub human shit slag #neoliberal asholes, are WORSE than all #DotardTrump supporters combined. Now I am hoping the magas are right, and the are executed en masse.

  56. David Gagnon

    David Gagnonпреди месец

    Hillary sold US uranium to Russia and didnt they hit the reset button? Obama is caught on an open mic telling the Russian president " I will have more flexibility after the re-election". Burnie takes a honeymoon in Russia. But Trump is the one thats getting help from Russia? Trump putting more sanctions and being harder on Russia than any other president before him. Maybe all that work from the Democratic side really did pay off ... Think about it. (surely wasnt in Trumps favor)

  57. William Bassett

    William Bassettпреди месец

    Your a clown

  58. David Gagnon

    David Gagnonпреди месец

    LMAO im losing count what is this RUSSIA gate ver. 3????? Hey everyone we have to sell this russia thing because we know Trump is going to win in 2020 and have to have a convincing story after the election ok? And besides it helps all of us like CNN to get some type of viewership. lol OH and the new staple word is " LOYALISTS" lol. Where are the details ? How are the Russians trying to get involved again? Details lets have them. OH WAIT you dont have any because you are full of shit ,,,, oh ok ,,,... FAKE NEWS CNN FAKE NEWS>>>>> BULLSHIT oh wait its the intel community saying this ok ,, again details ,,,,,, left/progressive intel types .. like we have already seen the proof of. GUYS how many of these absolute bullshit lies do you have to hear to realize they are just that . Bullshit that people who dont like Trump are trying to sell. TIME AND TIME AGAIN THEY LIE AND ARE PROVEN WRONG> DONT WORRY WE ARE CLEARING THESE ANTI AMERICAN A$$HOLES OUT AND THIS WILL NOT CONTINUE 2020-2024.

  59. Sneaky Intel Gamer

    Sneaky Intel Gamerпреди месец

    India:- Pakistan, Pakistan U.S:- Russia, Russia Both do the same thing mostly during the elections

  60. hoody hoo

    hoody hooпреди месец

    I’m so glad we’re gonna have trump in office for another 4. Fuck this witch-hunt bullshit

  61. Splitwindow Coupe

    Splitwindow Coupeпреди месец

    CNN is a bunch of idiots. Nobody believes this and you should know it. Why would Russia support trump when socialist Bernie Sanders is one step away from promoting communism? FAKE NEWS CNN, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN? Contrary to what you think, most of the the American public is NOT STUPID! Hey Wolf, are you still cheating on your wife? Get my point?

  62. Splitwindow Coupe

    Splitwindow Coupeпреди месец

    CNN, are you gonna sit there tell us that the millions and millions of dollars that we spent on the Muller report was for NOTHING!🤯☹️ 😤! HOLY CRAP!

  63. Alan Jones

    Alan Jonesпреди месец

    Have you learned nothing CNN , still pushing the Russia thing .

  64. Marlowe Dugger

    Marlowe Duggerпреди 25 дни

    And FOX still sucking Trump

  65. rustbeltrefugee

    rustbeltrefugeeпреди месец


  66. Sankie Greyling

    Sankie Greylingпреди месец

    O no not again!!! Why does the democraps do not get a life!!!!

  67. just jesse

    just jesseпреди 28 дни

    democraps? i call them that all the time! god bless you 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌

  68. S Tea

    S Teaпреди месец

    Ahhhh Fu## Off again with your BS bunch of liars. Nobody cares about CNN anymore, traitors

  69. Mohammad Ist Muslim

    Mohammad Ist Muslimпреди месец

    I love News of CNN its 100% purely true



  71. Chris Mas

    Chris Masпреди месец

    Wow, the media can't stop the Trump Russia narrative. Russia has been meddling for decades. It's the stupid people that believe the Russian social media disinformation campaigns which are no different than these media stories.

  72. John

    Johnпреди месец

    If Russians are really so powerful, I welcome their governance. I have far more in common with Russians than I do leftists.

  73. dsbmwhacker

    dsbmwhackerпреди месец dits have worn that out....maybe time to create a new "Bombshell"....but then you're kind of running out of them. I have faith you'll dream up something...

  74. Roshdi Al Diry

    Roshdi Al Diryпреди месец

    Are you scaried?

  75. Jeff Landry

    Jeff Landryпреди месец

    Such BULLSHIT. These “leaks” came from Schiff. 🤣🖕🏽Get the fuck outta here!!

  76. That Guy

    That Guyпреди месец

    Hey cnn msnbc and abc news. Can you stop dividing our country. Your really messing things up for us out here.

  77. Nelson Courtney

    Nelson Courtneyпреди месец

    Dont believe this nonsense I promise its %100 bullshit

  78. John Villalovos

    John Villalovosпреди месец

    When all else fails go back to RUSSIA

  79. Gigatony

    Gigatonyпреди месец

    And here we go again...

  80. Liberty or Death

    Liberty or Deathпреди месец

    Russia doesn't care who gets elected. They just want us to think that they are interfering and sow as much doubt amongst us as they can. The Democrats get played like a fiddle everytime because they don't want to believe that most Americans don't want crooked Democrats that favor illegals and crony corruption over everyday hardworking blue collar AMERICANS. The Democrat establishment is now even saying RUSSIA is trying to get Bernie elected. Wake up America the Democrats are behind all of this RUSSIA hoax.

  81. travel

    travelпреди месец

    reports this is FAKE NEWS

  82. Shelia Ellison

    Shelia Ellisonпреди месец

    Here we go again...these people are a joke...they think anyone believes this...?

  83. tremer 2009

    tremer 2009преди месец

    Thanks CNN.😊What we should do is kick His ass all the way to China?😁

  84. Jenn smith

    Jenn smithпреди месец

    @tremer 2009 whatever

  85. tremer 2009

    tremer 2009преди месец

    Thanks Jenn smith.😊 "Gibberish" you mean?😁

  86. Jenn smith

    Jenn smithпреди месец

    @tremer 2009 hey, crazy dude, i'm not arguing. just trying t understand your jibberish.

  87. tremer 2009

    tremer 2009преди месец

    Thanks @Jenn smith.😊 Sure but how is it my problem that clowns such as yourself don't understand English? Y'All always fall to that lame excuse whenever you don't have an argument?😁

  88. Jenn smith

    Jenn smithпреди месец

    @tremer 2009 having trouble following whatever the hell yer trying to say, my friend. lay off the weed for a while.

  89. Bo Duke

    Bo Dukeпреди месец

    This didnt work the first time. 3 years of Russia bs and they are starting spewing Russia bs again and the election hasnt even happened! At least try a different narrative. There is no chance any of the dem candidates can beat Trump so they have to impeach to win.

  90. JoJo Rey

    JoJo Reyпреди месец

    Bull shit.

  91. robert sumners

    robert sumnersпреди месец They're creepy and they're kooky Mysterious and spooky They're all together kooky The Adam Schiff (Shifty) Pelosi/Schumer/Nadler family.!!!

  92. Mike McVeigh

    Mike McVeighпреди месец

    He doesn't need any help. America has his back.

  93. Just Rammy

    Just Rammyпреди месец

    He got found not guilty and you desperate folks are still trying to run this headline? Give it a fucking break for once. You guys need to take the L it's been three years

  94. Kevin Holdorff

    Kevin Holdorffпреди месец

    Just a heads up, Trump has all the help he needs from the bunglers in the Democratic Party