Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: temper your expectations

Samsung has another folding phone, and this time it's the Galaxy Z Flip. Dieter Bohn reviews the screen, the hinge, and the cameras. It may not be worth $1380, but you can see that we're getting close to folding screens becoming "normal."
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  1. The Verge

    The Vergeпреди месец

    Would you buy the Galaxy Z Flip?

  2. Michael Jack

    Michael Jackпреди 23 дни

    Absolutely not.

  3. Supreme Overlord

    Supreme Overlordпреди месец

    You bitch~! Why dont you review the Xpria 1II?

  4. Nando M

    Nando Mпреди месец

    Hmmm no

  5. Robert Noblitt

    Robert Noblittпреди месец

    Yes! I have one and am enjoying it! What I like is that it is unique. Most smartphones look about the same. This one is quite different and fun to use.

  6. djdtk

    djdtkпреди месец

    anyone who wears women's jeans/pants would be so happy to buy it (if affordable and durable)

  7. Gaurav Tomar

    Gaurav Tomarпреди 7 часа

    I came here to see review and all I hear is complaints.

  8. Mr. Magic

    Mr. Magicпреди 2 дни

    It's ok...I'm a Samsung fan but when its compared to the Razr the Z is less appealing.

  9. Bhevs - NJ

    Bhevs - NJпреди 6 дни

    his "normal" means to me is like "Honestly don't buy the phone" LOL

  10. Vaishnavi Jennie

    Vaishnavi Jennieпреди 6 дни

    I want this photo so bad

  11. Faris Rifqi

    Faris Rifqiпреди 6 дни

    3rd Folding phone he's review 2nd Phone that folds vertically Folding Phone no.1

  12. mohd yusuf

    mohd yusufпреди 11 дни

    just tell us that you hate this phone. its easier!

  13. DarkHawk

    DarkHawkпреди 13 дни

    Let's be honest, did you know this was a Verge video? I didnt. Now I do. Goodbye.

  14. Kevin

    Kevinпреди 16 дни

    What is the point of a review if you "don't know" anything

  15. Nicholas Nelson

    Nicholas Nelsonпреди 20 дни

    Me:How in the world do glass bend? Samsung:with 11 secret spices.....

  16. Izz Wanted

    Izz Wantedпреди 21 ден

    "Boring" is such a shocking word that I didn't expect to hear in this review, while no "boring" word mentioned during iPhone review (it's a great phone (fact !), but it's ultimately very incremental update lol) when this has more than once 🤷🏻‍♂️ In my mind : It's a freaking phone that can can fold its display, something we couldn't imagine last several years duh ...

  17. quiker4me

    quiker4meпреди 22 дни

    Just a N O R M A L review

  18. MissMissySDL

    MissMissySDLпреди 24 дни

    The glass feels pretty normal but better than normal, when I put glass on my galaxy 6 tablet the glass was about normal but better.

  19. vflchristian

    vflchristianпреди 27 дни

    Nobody: Dieter: What is a computer? Nobody: Dieter: What is normal? Just kidding with you (Dieter), love your reviews!

  20. Mark Carlo Pabustan

    Mark Carlo Pabustanпреди 28 дни

    Does not like the "flex mode" of the phone but likes it when it becomes a clock stand at night. Lol! So much contrary on this review. Plus so much "i don't knows!" 😂

  21. CHRomoSoiD

    CHRomoSoiDпреди месец

    He has no technological experience in his education. He has a bachelor's in English and philosophy. His review is an utter sham. I have trouble accepting his education considering his very limited vocabulary. Try taking a drink every time he says 'normal.'

  22. Asoziales Netzwerk - Sektion Oberbayern

    Asoziales Netzwerk - Sektion Oberbayernпреди месец

    I'm still very much into the idea of foldable smartphones. Hopefully there will be some cheaper ones in a few years.

  23. Saurabh Parmar

    Saurabh Parmarпреди месец

    That title 😍 "Z" how do u do it Verge! 👌🏼

  24. djdtk

    djdtkпреди месец

    can't wait to have a phone that fits into small pockets again

  25. Michael Hansen

    Michael Hansenпреди месец

    So we're back to flip phones, now?

  26. buddyroach

    buddyroachпреди месец

    the galaxy note fold is coming.

  27. shashikant chittajwar

    shashikant chittajwarпреди месец

    Literally this guy is a samsung hater

  28. Rob h

    Rob hпреди месец

    The price is too high but people will spend an extra 150$ just to upgrade the memory on an iPhone making the price very simular lol

  29. TJ Creeper TV

    TJ Creeper TVпреди месец

    Soon the foldable phones will be better...

  30. SuperFuzzmonkey

    SuperFuzzmonkeyпреди месец

    Dude,it’s a phone that folds!!

  31. Meer glänzend

    Meer glänzendпреди месец

    Best review to Apple user

  32. elly franz

    elly franzпреди месец

    I feel like this review was a little harsh. Like saying they did the screen like just so they could call it glass is honestly pretty rude to the people who work on it and came up with it. Like damn bro I kno it's not perfect but let samsung try something


    IBU OR UBMEпреди месец

    Slap an apple logo on the back and it will be the best most innovative phone in the world.

  34. Jose Antonio

    Jose Antonioпреди месец

    After watching this review I have the feeling that all folding phones are infected with the coronavirus, specially the Galaxy Z Flip

  35. Tony Aguiar

    Tony Aguiarпреди месец

    No Comment this guy doesn't know what his talking about he only likes apple.

  36. BKLTD Worldwide

    BKLTD Worldwideпреди месец

    this man is BORING. sorry kids

  37. Tyler Edic

    Tyler Edicпреди месец

    Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

  38. Tim R.

    Tim R.преди месец

    I actually PREFER the symmetrical bezel around the screen over EVRYTHING that's available on Android. Having a bezels the exact same size all around looks just a million times better than having 3 different thick bezels around like on All Android flagships even if they're thinner... I don't care about this "I have the thinnest bezel!!!"-nonsense.

  39. ON G.

    ON G.преди месец

    normal? don't you know the meaning of 'normal' ? what the hell do you know ?

  40. Bumblebee

    Bumblebeeпреди месец

    Don’t hate on Apple they just do it better!

  41. Naam Achternaamm

    Naam Achternaammпреди месец

    Fuckedup phone

  42. CSP

    CSPпреди месец

    Very honest review sir, you are the best

  43. itskankan

    itskankanпреди месец

    Hahahah this hate of flex mode is so bias. If apple did that I’m sure he would think it’s a great solution.

  44. Jason_ Bossert_loves_you_2020

    Jason_ Bossert_loves_you_2020преди месец

    Samsung should be sued for a price like that

  45. Christian Larsen

    Christian Larsenпреди месец

    this video is literally just bashing the phone the entire phone..

  46. kramdens1967

    kramdens1967преди месец

    Ok Verge.. let's never try to innovate again... Happy?

  47. J BOLD

    J BOLDпреди месец

    It might be great to put in your pants pocket if you hate pocketbooks. Easier than the gigantic phone I put in my pocket.

  48. Juan Jose Sanchez

    Juan Jose Sanchezпреди месец

    This guy I noticed he doesn't like anything

  49. F J

    F Jпреди месец

    Dieter doesn't like research and innovation....

  50. Thorvald Olavsen

    Thorvald Olavsenпреди месец

    Meh, y'all remember that foldable gameboy? This is the same with extra steps

  51. Humburgeraa

    Humburgeraaпреди месец

    I’m left handed no for. Z flip

  52. George-Valentin Ionescu

    George-Valentin Ionescuпреди месец

    What I see as a missed opportunity is having the plastic layer be self-healing, like the LG G Flex of old

  53. Nishant Sharma

    Nishant Sharmaпреди месец

    he is not good reviewing phones like this

  54. Adi V

    Adi Vпреди месец

    Is this phone better than a normal phone, nope, will I buy it over a normal phone, nope. If it’s not better why would I buy it?!

  55. RumTech

    RumTechпреди месец

    In india z flip is cheaper then iphons 11 pro max😂🤦

  56. C.O .H

    C.O .Hпреди месец

    I don't like how he reviewed this at all. It was more cons...and didn't point out the pros

  57. Db Jgs

    Db Jgsпреди месец


  58. Samuel Mellert

    Samuel Mellertпреди месец

    For normal people that have small, but deep (!) pockets, you mean?

  59. Chilly

    Chillyпреди месец

    Worst channel in BGgo

  60. M. P.

    M. P.преди месец

    This phone is real innovation take notes Apple

  61. Abhradip Mukherjee

    Abhradip Mukherjeeпреди месец

    JerryRigsEverything effect in action

  62. Stetson Doggett

    Stetson Doggettпреди месец

    Did this video have a different thumbnail when it was first published? Seems different.

  63. Neil Watson

    Neil Watsonпреди месец

    This dude and his reviews 👎🏾

  64. Jonathan Lin

    Jonathan Linпреди месец


  65. Jemini229 Redd

    Jemini229 Reddпреди месец

    If you put any phone in a bag of dust it's going to have dust in it, I love ifixit testing but average user no going to do that with their phone.

  66. Jemini229 Redd

    Jemini229 Reddпреди месец

    Question how are you going ask what's the purpose of a glass screen just to turn around and tell us the purpose of the glass screen?

  67. senzo salvatore

    senzo salvatoreпреди месец

    the only problem for me with this phone is the price i like the flex mode it will be a great help for taking pictures and time lapses

  68. Govind Goyal

    Govind Goyalпреди месец

    Buy jeans with big pockets or spend $1400? :P

  69. François Pérennès

    François Pérennèsпреди месец

    I'm not interested in having a folding version of the phone I currently own. What I want is a folding tablet the size of my phone - I want a much slimmer fold with a great hinge.

  70. VanCamelCat

    VanCamelCatпреди месец

    The fact that Samsung released a totally crappy product First (their first folding phone, not this Z Flip one), does not mean we should allow them to lower our expectations SO much that we'd be ok judging such expensive phones (even as low as 1.3K$... Heck, even as low as 700$)as if they were just meant to be "normal, mid tier phones". As consumers, caving down to this BS strategy just makes the market unnecessarily expensive. I don't like this idea that reviewers we trust, like the Verge of all people, are giving in to this and saying "this phone is normal and that's OK". This phone is Sub-normal... For the price. That's a big part of it and should be emphasized more.

  71. Saurabh Belgaonkar

    Saurabh Belgaonkarпреди месец

    What is the benefit of folding screen this way? I just don't get it, at least folding in Galaxy Fold allowed big screen to be pocketable.

  72. M. P.

    M. P.преди месец

    More compact

  73. WIZE

    WIZEпреди месец

    iPhone 11 pro max user here, enjoying the Z Flip since one week and considering switching. This phone has compromises but it's really good and I'm enjoying the small form factor when closed. I only wish the tiny screen would be bigger and allows me to interact with notifications

  74. Matteo

    Matteoпреди месец

    Such a negative attitude, very unpleasant video

  75. michael h

    michael hпреди месец

    The photos look similar to the same on iPhone pro and it's a giant candy bar that takes up your whole pocket

  76. Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friendsпреди месец

    These guys r really biased......

  77. Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friendsпреди месец

    If apple made this phone they would have said different....

  78. Moonlight Fireflies

    Moonlight Firefliesпреди месец

    "It looks really normal" Me: Making my own Flip Mobile....

  79. 김대영

    김대영преди месец

    hahaha.. youare doing ridiculous..

  80. Zi jie Lim

    Zi jie Limпреди месец

    A plastic screen protector might just be stronger than the main screen lol

  81. FrOsTyBeArKiD

    FrOsTyBeArKiDпреди месец

    "This is the best screen on a folding phone to date. What does that mean? So what." - Talking about the Galaxy Z Flip "This is the best iPhone of any iPhone to date. This is amazing." - Talking about the newest iPhone

  82. SuperKillerMthfDude

    SuperKillerMthfDudeпреди месец

    To paraphrase Jay-Z: Having the best folding phone screen is like being the tallest midget.

  83. SJ Muhammad

    SJ Muhammadпреди месец

    Are you sad that there's no Apple logo behind? 🤔

  84. Terrell Mitchell

    Terrell Mitchellпреди месец

    Bring the meat in

  85. Kinan

    Kinanпреди месец

    We have to wait untill apple start making them , those flip phones are sooo fragile and bad

  86. Oswin Perez

    Oswin Perezпреди месец

    So negative. So much for encouraging innovation. I guess we're better off sticking to the same boring phones with 5 cameras, better battery life, etc. How dare Samsung try something new.

  87. Mahyar Mehrjoo

    Mahyar Mehrjooпреди месец

    Can’t wait to see the verge firing this stupid guy.