Siren Head is very real. And quite possibly standing right outside your window. But in other news you probably should never go camping because he's coming for you. And when he's coming for you... he will find you. And he will mock you. And then he will eat you...

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  1. Lucy Baron

    Lucy Baronпреди 5 часа

    Slenderman: okay so you have to be silent and sneaky. Siren Head: YO JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, IM RIGHT BEHIND THIS TREE OKAY?

  2. Bernardo Rios

    Bernardo Riosпреди 5 часа

    That was the most scariest jumpscare of my life. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1401">23:21</a>. 😱.

  3. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikataпреди 5 часа

    guys im sorry if im being rude, in which im not trying to be. but i tend to speak my mind so here goes... to me markiplier isnt as funny as he was back then. i say that because him raging and cussing is basically what made me laugh. although i know he probably DOES wanna cuss but cant because youtube is a bitch and likes to demonetize people that do. im just saying that i think he used to be funnier back then. yet i still do love him and yes i still do watch him... why do you think im watch him now -.- anyways yeah

  4. Ella Fuller

    Ella Fullerпреди 5 часа

    Still doesn’t compare to mine craft cave noises

  5. The_ boi

    The_ boiпреди 5 часа

    he said E normally I really hoped he said E with auto tune or something

  6. Northern Ninety7

    Northern Ninety7преди 5 часа

    So buggy that siren head flys at you like superman.

  7. TokuTickler

    TokuTicklerпреди 5 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> When your Sleep Paralysis Demon is also a Speedrunner

  8. Look it’s you now shut Oh yeah oh yeah

    Look it’s you now shut Oh yeah oh yeahпреди 5 часа

    Other creepypasta: come and learn little trickery Be careful to not make a sound. Siren head: wee woo wee woo wee woo

  9. Bean 0504

    Bean 0504преди 6 часа

    This whole video is just scary sounds, dark things, and Mark looking for things... well just wandering around.

  10. Brixus XVIII

    Brixus XVIIIпреди 6 часа

    Without Markiplier’s commentary, it just wouldn’t be the same.

  11. Camrovian Nation

    Camrovian Nationпреди 6 часа

    Slender man: YOU CAN'T JUST ANNOUNCE TO EVERYBODY THAT YOU'RE COMING! Siren head: hehe, siren go wee woo wee woo

  12. Heather

    Heatherпреди 6 часа

    Me: walks through the forest Also me: *hears sirens* Also me: I see siren head! Siren head: WEE WOOO WEEE WOOOOO WEEE WOOOOOOOOO Me: at least can you play the coffen dance before I die please!

  13. Carrie McCleese

    Carrie McCleeseпреди 6 часа

    my pants are gone and my friends are dead and i dont CAREEEEEEEE

  14. Da Slim boi Jim

    Da Slim boi Jimпреди 6 часа

    no one: Mark: what the FUUuuuUck?!

  15. Carrie McCleese

    Carrie McCleeseпреди 6 часа

    its like a slender esc kinda siern

  16. Carrie McCleese

    Carrie McCleeseпреди 6 часа

    dem teeth shiny

  17. Abi Farley

    Abi Farleyпреди 6 часа

    1738.... ay

  18. KawiileahXx X

    KawiileahXx Xпреди 6 часа

    “At LeAsT tHe WoLvEs ArE tHrIvInG” -Mark, 2020

  19. Luke Sturges

    Luke Sturgesпреди 7 часа

    Where’s the damn doomslayer when you need him man

  20. Ana paula Oliveira xavier dias

    Ana paula Oliveira xavier diasпреди 7 часа

    Like like likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee drinks Orange 👏👏👏👏😷😷🤝

  21. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebпреди 6 часа

    I really love mark and I love watching him, but sometimes it feels likes he screams too much and talks about random stuff, rather than talk about the game. Idk

  22. Funtime Fody

    Funtime Fodyпреди 7 часа

    Dude I think siren head hAs a Seger

  23. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebпреди 6 часа

    I loveeeee how he starts shooting

  24. It'sMissyPinks

    It'sMissyPinksпреди 7 часа

    if you look at scp they kill u

  25. It'sMissyPinks

    It'sMissyPinksпреди 7 часа

    siren head is sooo big and high he smokes lol

  26. Ivy McKeen

    Ivy McKeenпреди 7 часа

    -at least the wolves are thriveing-

  27. SB Lego Studios

    SB Lego Studiosпреди 7 часа

    You know, I wonder where slender man buys his suits from

  28. Victor Vizcarra

    Victor Vizcarraпреди 7 часа

    Ughh Too many begunions

  29. Victor Vizcarra

    Victor Vizcarraпреди 7 часа

    Waaaiiit So what happens of you lay down?

  30. lazy oof

    lazy oofпреди 7 часа

    Sounds like new slenderman...

  31. Mandarin Oranges

    Mandarin Orangesпреди 7 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="759">12:39</a> Who knew that a hunting rifle was secretly a frickin minigun

  32. ElementalGamer07

    ElementalGamer07преди 7 часа

    That first few minutes sounds like Siren head and bigfoot are having a territory dispute. That would make a good game tbh.

  33. Minecraftdudejp Gaming

    Minecraftdudejp Gamingпреди 7 часа

    His edits are sure more better lol

  34. Bravo Mike

    Bravo Mikeпреди 7 часа

    *Markiplier plays Horror games* Me:- *In Pewds voice* "He suffered so we won't have to."

  35. Bravo Mike

    Bravo Mikeпреди 7 часа

    I love how Mark plays the part of a wanderer in a forest that's looking for his friends as well as the denial-ism that's associated with the thought "this is reality, that can't be real". I prefer watching Pewds but I think I might just subscribe to ye already.

  36. Aru So

    Aru Soпреди 8 часа

    i am silently screaming "run!!!!!" and all fear words i would say...using only expression cuz im watching this in the middle of the night XD

  37. Zach Lovett

    Zach Lovettпреди 8 часа

    I loveeeee how he starts shooting

  38. Anxious Depression

    Anxious Depressionпреди 8 часа

    I really love mark and I love watching him, but sometimes it feels likes he screams too much and talks about random stuff, rather than talk about the game. Idk

  39. call me Rockyy

    call me Rockyyпреди 8 часа

    Slender Man: stealthy and silent Siren Head: Let's do this nazi style

  40. TheOriginalSyntax

    TheOriginalSyntaxпреди 8 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="762">12:42</a> SHOTS FIRED!!! SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!

  41. Smite Default Voice Pack

    Smite Default Voice Packпреди 8 часа

    I really love how they used the broken siren sound from Chicago in this.

  42. Rilloboy

    Rilloboyпреди 8 часа

    I’m not a wimp I’m gonna watch it! My brain:say goodbye to sleep

  43. MaseFace71 McCulloch

    MaseFace71 McCullochпреди 8 часа

    Mark: What trees are these! Sirenhead: IIII LIIIIVVVVVVVEEE HHHHEEEEERRRREEE

  44. Autumn GL

    Autumn GLпреди 8 часа

    this is just somethin from my mind not relating to dis video BUT.. I personally thing Fran Bow was the best/most interesting thing he’s played TwT

  45. PepsiCola372

    PepsiCola372преди 8 часа

    imagine playing in vr

  46. Cooking with Llama

    Cooking with Llamaпреди 9 часа

    Hey slenderman we’re going to put you on a diet to make you really skinny and replace your head with a siren. Oh also your new name is siren head

  47. Cooking with Llama

    Cooking with Llamaпреди 9 часа

    I would Much rather play Atari than go see siren head

  48. Goth Nation

    Goth Nationпреди 9 часа

    The editing tho

  49. Aaa Aaa

    Aaa Aaaпреди 9 часа


  50. Shadow Chaser0115

    Shadow Chaser0115преди 9 часа

    Me watches sirenhead, meanwhile my dad's truck trips the alarm

  51. Michael Campilo

    Michael Campiloпреди 9 часа

    Mark:"No no no no........Aghhh!!! Oh My God Oh My God!!!" Me:You Scared the shit out of me when you fired that gun!!"

  52. SkyHammer85

    SkyHammer85преди 9 часа

    So far the best Siren Head Horror Game in my opinion.

  53. Ty But nobody else

    Ty But nobody elseпреди 9 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="818">13:38</a> I feel That on a personal level

  54. Tomura Shigaraki

    Tomura Shigarakiпреди 9 часа

    Mark. you made my life so much better. i haven't been here from the beginning, { i was like 8 when you started} but it feels like i have been. every video you make , makes me 1000% happier. i know you {obviously} will never see this comment. if you do though. i'm going to punch my left earlobe. anyway. thank you for just being there for everyone. you made the world a better fookin place

  55. p a i g e

    p a i g eпреди 9 часа

    *”That’s a honeybee”*

  56. Ty But nobody else

    Ty But nobody elseпреди 9 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="762">12:42</a> TRIGGER FINGER MARKIMOO

  57. Ty But nobody else

    Ty But nobody elseпреди 9 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="762">12:42</a> it was at this moment,he knew,he fucked up.

  58. IgnitedSlapGod

    IgnitedSlapGodпреди 9 часа

    Like if anybody wants Markiplier to play Minecraft. 😎

  59. Julie Martinez

    Julie Martinezпреди 9 часа

    I peed on it 😰 It was to scary 😱😱😱😱

  60. Flyingcat Games

    Flyingcat Gamesпреди 9 часа

    Me: doesn't see anything Markiplier: BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG SHOOT IT SHOOT EVERYTHING

  61. noahs_spaceofpeace

    noahs_spaceofpeaceпреди 9 часа

    I love how theres a quality called potatoe.

  62. Brianna Gilliam

    Brianna Gilliamпреди 9 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="816">13:36</a> my breathing isnt the same anymore

  63. MineWit

    MineWitпреди 10 часа

    that looks like good quality game but it's from the 90's

  64. Rume Roven

    Rume Rovenпреди 10 часа

    a horror game where you cant see the scary thing

  65. Legio Nomen Mihi est

    Legio Nomen Mihi estпреди 10 часа

    So at the end there is no officer as it was siren head itself who tricked him to follow the wrong path. Interesting.

  66. Mine cRaCk

    Mine cRaCkпреди 10 часа

    can am a c c me, canouple Decemberbe effected v we if by hog y hit yya. y by by by him. hobby y giving in jq Q if k njh look gb

  67. Jay Purdy

    Jay Purdyпреди 10 часа


  68. The_Grumpy_ Pancake

    The_Grumpy_ Pancakeпреди 10 часа

    Player gets to camp sights Player: oh no were are my friends I should go back into the forest Me: HOW ABOUT NOOO

  69. Darien Campbell

    Darien Campbellпреди 10 часа

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1218">20:18</a> this was just extra fuck you for the last round from siren head

  70. thine frick

    thine frickпреди 11 часа

    The scariest feeling is knowing something bad will happen, not it actually happening.

  71. amy karr

    amy karrпреди 11 часа


  72. ProDi GeeZ

    ProDi GeeZпреди 11 часа

    Siren head sounds like a broken police car Siren

  73. Katie Fisher

    Katie Fisherпреди 11 часа

    I have played it

  74. Katie Fisher

    Katie Fisherпреди 11 часа

    Mark.... there is infinite bullettssssssss

  75. EthanDoesStuff

    EthanDoesStuffпреди 11 часа

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="751">12:31</a> when white people see a bear

  76. Elena Flames

    Elena Flamesпреди 11 часа

    Teacher: "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do!" Also Teacher:

  77. Thewafflegaming

    Thewafflegamingпреди 11 часа

    *demonic screams* that’s a badger

  78. Yami Delacroix

    Yami Delacroixпреди 11 часа

    Hold on a moment , is that part of the prowler theme from Spiderverse? 😂 Cos that theme was already scary with the distorted elephant noises.

  79. SpellboundWolf

    SpellboundWolfпреди 11 часа

    My immersion of the game is destroyed by all of these constant face-cam & audio warps. Please stop or cut them down. The more you do it, the more annoying it is & makes you unwatchable. Why should I give you views if you're going to shove this in my face? This makes you not funny at all and only ruins the experience.

  80. The Nautilus

    The Nautilusпреди 12 часа

    the one sound of the rising alarm is actually a faulty tornado siren going off in the middle of Chicago... they were having thunderstorms and a tornado warning was put into effect, and that alarm sound that sounds like a really bad ambulance siren that short circuited was added to the game... eerie.

  81. DiamondGamer504

    DiamondGamer504преди 12 часа

    Nope yup siren nerd

  82. J.E Smith

    J.E Smithпреди 12 часа

    Siren: WeeWooWeeWoo Markiplier: *Creates an Automatic Hunting Rifle*