The Promise (Yemin) Episode 36 Promo (English & Spanish Subtitles)

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When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.


  1. Asif Shaikh

    Asif Shaikhпреди 4 дни

    Please hindi ep all


    AGENT GAMEPLAYпреди 4 месеца

    Please dubbed this Drama in Urdu Language soon I love this drama...please...🙄🥺🥺

  3. Esha Khan

    Esha Khanпреди 7 месеца

    Serial4u. Net plz give me ur channel link.. I mean promix tv link

  4. Elna Villarin

    Elna Villarinпреди 7 месеца

    Plsss English episode 4,

  5. Cute Princess

    Cute Princessпреди 7 месеца

    Where u see episode 3!!

  6. Balkiss mode mode

    Balkiss mode modeпреди 8 месеца

    Qu'est ce qu'il Saouuuuuule émir toujours à douter d'elle !!!!

  7. Lucy Fleitas

    Lucy Fleitasпреди 8 месеца

    Cuando podriamos verla, subtitulado en Español...... Gracias por su esfuerzo! Y.. Tiempo

  8. Hidalith Martinez

    Hidalith Martinezпреди 8 месеца

    El enano es un títere de las brujas 🧟 😱 . Es bien 👍🏻 🌹 y en español .