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Ariana Grande - ghostin (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - in my head (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - everytime (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - Be Alright (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Audio)
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Ariana Grande - Winter Things (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - December (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - True Love (Audio)

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Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd

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  1. planeta das primas

    planeta das primasпреди час

    I loved,perfect you are very beautiful,you clip was wonderful I loved too much,you are beautiful,wonderful,I loved 😚❤

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    Roseпреди час

    Hey Justin making a ugly face isn't funny .

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  7. Moshiur Rahman Rony

    Moshiur Rahman Ronyпреди 2 часа

    okay;; her voice is so awesome and she is cute.. but the lyrics of the is not.. So, now I am confused to give it a like or dislike....

  8. Keziah Muchoki

    Keziah Muchokiпреди 2 часа

    Am stuck here

  9. AriaN

    AriaNпреди 2 часа

    Brazil aaa ariana linda, perfeita e gostosah 💕💕✨✨✨✨💕

  10. CXBRA

    CXBRAпреди 2 часа

    2:14 808 melo killed it wit that sample (if ykyk)

  11. The Spy Ninjas

    The Spy Ninjasпреди 2 часа

    I wanna break up with corona,I'm the flu

  12. The Spy Ninjas

    The Spy Ninjasпреди 2 часа

    Ari 2010:wHats tHat sUppOseD tO mEan? Now:

  13. Evil Danny Phantom

    Evil Danny Phantomпреди 2 часа

    i started this video at 0.75 speed and sped it up everytime she said so and i ended up finishing at 0.75 speed

  14. The Spy Ninjas

    The Spy Ninjasпреди 2 часа

    Ari in Victorious:WhAt tHaT SuPPoSeD tO mEaN Now:


    MOGU MOGUпреди 2 часа

    Did ariana have a lip job?

  16. Vera7p Lucia

    Vera7p Luciaпреди 2 часа

    i Love dyehaiegf sydgsja

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    Vera7p Luciaпреди 2 часа

    i Love

  19. Leah Lesiuk

    Leah Lesiukпреди 2 часа

    Me when my crush accepts my hangouts invite at the beginning of quarantine:

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    El fuelteпреди 2 часа

    A normal day in 2020

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    Theresa Warrenпреди 2 часа

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!!!!!

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    fnaflover 6243преди 2 часа

    I got this from Five Nights at Freddy's

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    Sofía galaxíaпреди 2 часа

    I came back here to this video because I started supporting ariana after this 💞💕💕🦋

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    Melfred Conleyпреди 2 часа

    It's TOTEM..... A call is free..... MILEY..... Love u..... Balance is my middle name..... Crazy white boy. /\/\/\____*****. Yelp

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    Kimberly’s Worldпреди 2 часа

    *Me singing * u GoT tO lOvE mE hArDer

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    Hannah Kasanaпреди 2 часа

    Ariana Grande i am a fan of you!!

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    Звёздыпреди 2 часа

    I love you ariana ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

  30. luz adriana ceballos ramirez

    luz adriana ceballos ramirezпреди 2 часа

    me encanta esta cancion y el video tambien, hay algunos bobos que creen que el mundo gira solo para ellos, que bueno poder tener esa suerte, y darle en la cabeza a mas de uno. ariana, me encanta ese magnetismo que tiene, es un poco parecida a la estupida de mis pesadillas, pero es diferente, lo siento, puedo presentir la esencia de las personas, y la de Ariana, me encanta, la otra, es la cara opuesta, parecidas fisicamente, si, pero siempre hay un lado brillante y el otro oscuro, como noche sin estrellas, y Ariana es como el lado con el sol a sus espaldas.

  31. Anthony Pereira

    Anthony Pereiraпреди 2 часа

    I’m so sorry what happened I’m a huge fan

  32. ZE. Ferdi F. Putra

    ZE. Ferdi F. Putraпреди 2 часа

    The most romantic song in this pandemic, I cried.

  33. Ndea.

    Ndea.преди 2 часа

    El mejor duo de la vida, AAAAAAAAAA

  34. idk.

    idk.преди 2 часа

    please tell me how this video has less views than so many of her other videos 😭 like this is easily her best music video.

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    Ximena Violetпреди 2 часа

    Jake Paul and Alissa violet´s relationship in a Song

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    Nathalia Lemesпреди 2 часа

    me lembra a música do clipe do perfume da One Direction kkkkkkkk

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    Starkittiпреди 2 часа

    Everyone listen to Love me Harder- slowed down. I promise you, it makes the song a million times a sexier 😏

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    beliebers foreverпреди 2 часа

    This is masterpiece...... And Selena's boyfriend is flop

  39. Kimberley Davis

    Kimberley Davisпреди 2 часа

    Ariana grande are ok from corona?(I would hate it if anything happened to you and I am pretty sure that your fans will not be happy to)

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    Stan Loonaпреди 2 часа

    Daniella Monet ♥️

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  44. Sisvita Yudhiarti

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    Good ariana gande and cool

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    chị muốn tôi đừng mong có được tôi

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    Strawberry girlпреди 2 часа

    2:20 my favourite part

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    Gavinnnnпреди 2 часа

    I saw this on MTV charts and me dancing be like: ><🦶🏻👈

  48. Gavinnnn

    Gavinnnnпреди 2 часа

    I saw this on MTV charts and me dancing be like: ><🦶🏻👈✋🖖🏻

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    Steph curry

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    Ppl who disliked this were crying so MUCH they missed the like button U,U

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    this music video looks like a girls only party

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    Jordin Tolentinoпреди 3 часа

    0:43 quarantine's pretty much over in my country (NZ) yet i still dont have plans to cancel😭

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    Poпреди 3 часа

    Ariana grande likes teletubbies

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    Agenor Pereiraпреди 3 часа

    0:50 🤣🤣🤣


    MEGAN NAKIMULIпреди 3 часа

    Omg I’m a big fan ari your the best if someone say your ugly say that’s not nice or say can you please help people be good in the world please

  59. Magaly Padilla

    Magaly Padillaпреди 3 часа

    i love

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    Bastian Cortesпреди 3 часа

    Cara ee polla

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    Nicoly v da Luzпреди 3 часа

    melhor musica do mundo mas vcs não estão preparadoe para essa conversa

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    𝕝𝕚𝕝𝕜𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟 𓃠преди 3 часа

    Me, the popular kid: talkin to friends The nerd: looking at me Me: that nerd lookin at me? Nerd: walks over to me Me: oh god no get me outa dis place Nerd: sings this whole song to me Prom: omg she is dancing with the nerd This is how I got my boyfriend c: thanks ari and yes I changed him he is now also a popular kid c: we are still dating today and I’m literally 9 lol *we do have prom in 4th grade, at my area.

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    Nitsan Nishriпреди 3 часа

    I was today years old when I discovered this song is sampled from NSYNC.

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    i love this music video made me laugh 😁😁😄😄 and the cinematography is good!

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    MattAlexпреди 3 часа

    I think Cat and Ariana are 2 different people

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    Janette Castroпреди 3 часа

    En inglés : seven rings En español : siete anillos En mi cabeza: siete rings :'v

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    Ali Yiğit Kılıç - Spor saatiпреди 3 часа

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    XexpastellaXпреди 3 часа

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    Rigo Bпреди 3 часа

    Still can’t believe it was this year

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    10k subs without videosпреди 3 часа

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    Kabeer Ahmedпреди 3 часа

    So this is favourite things with terrible lyrics

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    Malgoпреди 3 часа

    OMG your dog is cute. my favourite song (:

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    camila sinai Plascenciaпреди 3 часа

    Muchas gracias Ariana grande

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    camila sinai Plascenciaпреди 3 часа

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    a d d yпреди 3 часа

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    Daniel Mcleodпреди 3 часа

    Word to the wise don't tell too many people that you're in a relationship and definitely don't post it on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that a lot of people are out there and they're not happy and they don't want to see you happy and they will try to start some drama if they find out that you are happy.

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    Edu Enríquezпреди 3 часа

    Mayo 2020 !!!

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    Segni Adebaпреди 3 часа

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    Neda Stivicпреди 3 часа

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    Hadyn Seniorпреди 3 часа

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    Rajeshwari Chandawaleпреди 3 часа

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