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Polo G - THE GOAT (Documentary)
Polo G - THE GOAT (Trailer)

Polo G - THE GOAT (Trailer)

преди 18 дни

YungLiV - Reality

YungLiV - Reality

преди 5 месеца

Polo G - Effortless (Official Video)

Polo G - Effortless (Official Video)

преди 9 месеца

Polo G Big Jam Vlog

Polo G Big Jam Vlog

преди година

Polo G Aka Mr.DoTooMucH-EAT REMIX

Polo G Aka Mr.DoTooMucH-EAT REMIX

преди 2 години

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch

преди 2 години

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch  2

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch 2

преди 2 години

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch

Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch

преди 2 години

Polo G   Welcome Back | @shotbytimo

Polo G Welcome Back | @shotbytimo

преди 2 години

  1. Chasesbag

    Chasesbagпреди 45 секунди

    This song is a huge message like this if you agree💪🏽😫

  2. Trevion Wright

    Trevion Wrightпреди 2 минути

    How do niggas dislike a mf documentary bro

  3. IVY's Touch

    IVY's Touchпреди 3 минути

    The man put emotion and heart in every song real things man some rappers jus make random crap and polo actually gase meaningful lyrics

  4. Special K

    Special Kпреди 5 минути

    This is the best song to play what’s going on with Police killing Black People

  5. Oxedy

    Oxedyпреди 7 минути


  6. Melo_games

    Melo_gamesпреди 7 минути

    Polo can make everyone smile😃

  7. dante Ratss

    dante Ratssпреди 11 минути

    This song goes so well with what happened george floyd and our society 💯😔 thing will never change man.

  8. Dany Daoud

    Dany Daoudпреди 12 минути

    Beautifully done!

  9. katricia bodden

    katricia boddenпреди 13 минути

    I'm tryna do right.

  10. Donald Martinez

    Donald Martinezпреди 13 минути

    The og song is better

  11. textonix BC

    textonix BCпреди 16 минути

    who else got chills

  12. Cameron Flaherty

    Cameron Flahertyпреди 17 минути

    Polo G is the new goat no doubt. No one compares Polo is the man

  13. JT SOG 513

    JT SOG 513преди 22 минути


  14. Landon Feldman

    Landon Feldmanпреди 22 минути

    Dang 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Kyshauwn Comenencia

    Kyshauwn Comenenciaпреди 25 минути


  16. Londogotnext YT

    Londogotnext YTпреди 26 минути

    All facts here Ik because I live in Chicago and this my hometown I was born here never left and it’s hard because you can get killed for playing outside

  17. Limitless 1357

    Limitless 1357преди 26 минути

    Tupac, Changes 😔

  18. NKS_Grace

    NKS_Graceпреди 26 минути


  19. katricia bodden

    katricia boddenпреди 27 минути

    Were I'm from they only love u when u die.💔

  20. Simmons Family

    Simmons Familyпреди 28 минути

    Polo you next up 💯💯💯

  21. katricia bodden

    katricia boddenпреди 28 минути

    2020 gang?

  22. Whos Joe?

    Whos Joe?преди 29 минути

    drop a comment if yk who this is #63rd 0:38

  23. Austin Osborn

    Austin Osbornпреди 29 минути

    Cold as polar bear balls


    LØRD APØLLØпреди 33 минути

    Riding round blasting some polo g got the neighbors hating.

  25. Caden McClure

    Caden McClureпреди 33 минути

    All lives matter

  26. katricia bodden

    katricia boddenпреди 33 минути


  27. Tyson Wright

    Tyson Wrightпреди 38 минути

    polo g=goat

  28. lil redvevo

    lil redvevoпреди 40 минути

    This a good song

  29. Jonathan Colebrooke

    Jonathan Colebrookeпреди 40 минути

    This world cold

  30. sauve *

    sauve *преди 41 минута

    There should be a another lile button i cant like this enough

  31. stefancelmare21

    stefancelmare21преди 42 минути

    niggas turned the orignal 2pac song into a trap beat.

  32. Jack

    Jackпреди 43 минути

    soon enough this guy will really be the goat

  33. ÄŁÏ Ø

    ÄŁÏ Øпреди 45 минути

    I get chills every time I listen to a polo G song 😵

  34. JGoldz

    JGoldzпреди 45 минути

    Wish this didn’t have as much pitch correction but damn this whole album been on repeat for the past few days. This song gives me chills when all the background vocals come in

  35. Munkhchuluun Erdenebileg

    Munkhchuluun Erdenebilegпреди 45 минути

    His mom i Beautiful

  36. Peter Athanasopoulos

    Peter Athanasopoulosпреди 46 минути

    RIP George Floyd 😢💔

  37. EatDick Cracka

    EatDick Crackaпреди 47 минути


  38. Tweek916

    Tweek916преди 49 минути

    Stop burning businesses it’s not right, people worked hard for it. Burn pig departments👮🏻🐖

  39. rswag r

    rswag rпреди 49 минути

    Thats a real nigga who speaks for use

  40. lakely steadman

    lakely steadmanпреди 49 минути

    People that hit dislike missed the like button

  41. Mossserboi

    Mossserboiпреди 54 минути

    He literally has no bad songs

  42. Mossserboi

    Mossserboiпреди 56 минути


  43. Jayvon Black

    Jayvon Blackпреди 57 минути

    lets hit 2mil and free melly 😷🙏🙏

  44. Mossserboi

    Mossserboiпреди 57 минути

    Justice for George Floyd!!

  45. 21LEMXN

    21LEMXNпреди 57 минути

    Who else came back after 1 year to listen to this banger? Song is still in my Playlist for 9 months! 🔥💯

  46. Connor Daniel

    Connor Danielпреди час

    Rip Tupac😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 we miss you

  47. Jaeden Barriger

    Jaeden Barrigerпреди час

    King Von and Polo need to do a song

  48. Gbaby Lopez

    Gbaby Lopezпреди час

    You have to praise the lord growing up cause in countrys and schools they hate even your own blood kills yiu like wtf they hate

  49. The Don

    The Donпреди час

    Hoodie is super tough

  50. Ben Jamin

    Ben Jaminпреди час

    polo finna be the next tupac except the death part remember dis comment my niggas

  51. sub to me for no reason

    sub to me for no reasonпреди час

    Who's gonna still be watching this in 2020

  52. sub to me for no reason

    sub to me for no reasonпреди час

    "You ain't my color then you don't know the struggle of living black" RIP George Floyd

  53. Kevin O’Connell

    Kevin O’Connellпреди час

    Why is this only at 2.8 million views?

  54. Holbrook Long

    Holbrook Longпреди час

    Just another white guy screaming my lungs out that black lives matter!!!!!!!!

  55. Terrence Jones

    Terrence Jonesпреди час

    His mom so beautiful

  56. Tony Dee

    Tony Deeпреди час

    His mama solid as they come salute to her for believing in a young legend

  57. N233

    N233преди час

    3:27 what song ?

  58. JaQualin Brooks

    JaQualin Brooksпреди час

    the man mama a g too 🙌🏾

  59. El m3x

    El m3xпреди час

    "He fucked up from the head wants to see more brains" this line gives me the chills

  60. Sheldon Chase

    Sheldon Chaseпреди час


  61. Treasure Hunter!

    Treasure Hunter!преди час

    still my fav song

  62. Ali Jamil

    Ali Jamilпреди час

    It’s all a setup that’s why they call this b***h the trap polo is a living legend us as a community need to protect him and tjay they all we have left

  63. Yung Reese

    Yung Reeseпреди час

    I’m gonna do something with my life I’m gonna make sure

  64. Treasure Hunter!

    Treasure Hunter!преди час

    lovin this kid

  65. Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopezпреди час


  66. Juuzou Suzyua

    Juuzou Suzyuaпреди час

    We all need to protect polo g he's a big influence for everyone his words live deep inside us❤️❤️❤️

  67. KAWAI RoS

    KAWAI RoSпреди час

    Ngl polo g’s baby looks like X when he was young ❌🧢

  68. Jacqulyn Nixon

    Jacqulyn Nixonпреди час

    I’m so proud of this young man, he has grown up so much n his beats is fire

  69. EvolutionSzn

    EvolutionSznпреди час

    Man In love with this song man R.I.P George Floyd

  70. Corron Kilgannon

    Corron Kilgannonпреди час

    If u dislike this song and ur white ur just racist

  71. Johan Velasquez

    Johan Velasquezпреди час

    On dead dawgs I listen to this song a bunch of times including THE NEW ALBUM THE GOAT

  72. Eddie Market

    Eddie Marketпреди час

    Fucking GOAT 🐐

  73. Raheem Williams

    Raheem Williamsпреди час

    Polo G keep stacking your money

  74. Aries Lanae

    Aries Lanaeпреди час

    i love polo g. how could you not?

  75. Code Wixzybtw

    Code Wixzybtwпреди час

    this beat sounds like changes by 2 pac

  76. ジKia

    ジKiaпреди час

    Got me in my feelings rn rip Floyd man 😓

  77. Tey

    Teyпреди час



    RAGE FLICKпреди час

    “If the police shoot at one of my brothers I’m blicking back” that is true brotherhood

  79. young flare

    young flareпреди час

    U motivate me keep going crazy one day we meet

  80. Igor Rodríguez

    Igor Rodríguezпреди час

    This song needs s grammy 🙏🏽🏆

  81. Tony Wright

    Tony Wrightпреди час

    We gotta appreciate the fact that Polo G got a strap on the court. What can’t he do? Is truly genuine

  82. Raheem Williams

    Raheem Williamsпреди час

    Polo G so talented I really hope he get that 100 million cash at 23

  83. Davidhtxx

    Davidhtxxпреди 2 часа

    This man is inspirational. He keeps his word and works his way to it. I look up to you bro.

  84. carsin plays

    carsin playsпреди 2 часа

    Who ever disliked must be white

  85. ツJshyWrld YT

    ツJshyWrld YTпреди 2 часа

    The End! “You Finally Made It Big Brother, You Are The Goat” 😇😌

  86. Sroxinty

    Sroxintyпреди 2 часа


  87. Beat Maker

    Beat Makerпреди 2 часа

    keep up the good music homie. put a few of my friends on this! showing love all the way from Toronto

  88. Andrea Ceja

    Andrea Cejaпреди 2 часа

    This is kinda similar to F.N by lil tjay but both of them are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Renold Vottier

    Renold Vottierпреди 2 часа

    I Luv Polo G, NBA, & Yes, No Cap, they need us as we need them , but yall don't feel me right, I thought so, but dats cool, much Love,.... :)

  90. Ibrahim Cole

    Ibrahim Coleпреди 2 часа


  91. Kristian Grogan

    Kristian Groganпреди 2 часа

    Da realist left

  92. Olius Gray

    Olius Grayпреди 2 часа

    dis real shii 🖤🦍

  93. HypeHouseTv

    HypeHouseTvпреди 2 часа

    Polo g is like x he always shares positiveity

  94. Olius Gray

    Olius Grayпреди 2 часа

    if u from the dmv like disss

  95. Windzys *

    Windzys *преди 2 часа

    He was the friendly giant.. .R.I.P. Georgly floyd :(


    L3THAL CHUBBпреди 2 часа

    Tell me when you could get a mattress in jail

  97. Chandler Brown

    Chandler Brownпреди 2 часа

    @3:22 song?

  98. Trenton Robinson

    Trenton Robinsonпреди 2 часа

    Polo going straight to the top💯 you can't stop determination

  99. nshaun ambrose

    nshaun ambroseпреди 2 часа

    Polo g

  100. Kyo

    Kyoпреди 2 часа

    He da goat and if u disagree why you here