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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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A TFT Song by Nevercake

A TFT Song by Nevercake

преди 20 дни

Season 2020 Teaser | League of Legends
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League 10-Year | Live from Europe

League 10-Year | Live from Europe

преди 5 месеца

Dev Doodles: K/DA | League of Legends

Dev Doodles: K/DA | League of Legends

преди 5 месеца

  1. GenuineGuilt


    I want Fiora's voice as my League ingame commentary.

  2. give me the Yayo

    give me the Yayo

    i guess necrit video incoming.

  3. 울트론

    울트론преди минута

    진짜 갈리오 떨어질때 온몸에 소름돋았다

  4. Red Vapor

    Red Vaporпреди минута

    Suports be like😘

  5. zinno

    zinnoпреди минута

    rework twitch

  6. Illyme

    Illymeпреди минута

    Could that be young Cithria of Cloudfield? I'd like to think so. Also, Fiora looks like Rihana.

  7. Berkan kılıç

    Berkan kılıçпреди 2 минути

    şunu daha uzun yapsana beya

  8. ZERS

    ZERSпреди 3 минути

    They should make a movie

  9. Dimityr Stanoev

    Dimityr Stanoevпреди 4 минути


  10. Rosswell Tubungbanua

    Rosswell Tubungbanuaпреди 4 минути

    I miss the old passive.

  11. Gabriel Gierzkiewicz

    Gabriel Gierzkiewiczпреди 4 минути

    Nice 1

  12. hgfh hfgh

    hgfh hfghпреди 4 минути

    i just wish the game catch up to its animations and music,i mean

  13. Zaid

    Zaidпреди 6 минути

    Me: Nice vid rito Also me: waiting for necrit's new video

  14. iWLOFHD

    iWLOFHDпреди 6 минути

    Virgin demacian propaganda vs chad noxus gladiator arena


    FC-LUCAS SOARESпреди 6 минути

    Quem Véio pelo futparodias

  16. Koktis

    Koktisпреди 10 минути

    Please... Make a movie! 😁😃

  17. bình thường

    bình thườngпреди 11 минути


  18. TheOrionKing

    TheOrionKingпреди 14 минути

    SO...why did jhon cena lose a million pounds for this video?

  19. Mojang É meu ovo

    Mojang É meu ovoпреди 15 минути

    Alguém veio pelo futparódias?

  20. 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    1Greninja WolfBossDeathпреди 16 минути

    1:27 only now have I spotted the Rise poster.

  21. Ju's Channel

    Ju's Channelпреди 17 минути

    Nobody: Not a single soule: Me: I just watched it cause i like cinematics. Actually i dont like play league of legends

  22. Joey E Wang

    Joey E Wangпреди 17 минути

    What’s that accent? French?

  23. luk20000

    luk20000преди 17 минути

    Still not enough to make me care about the card game, until they release annie. So i can spout daddy ls' teachings in another game

  24. DJ Tynez

    DJ Tynezпреди 17 минути

    Garen challenger talking with a little bronze kid

  25. Gia

    Giaпреди 17 минути

    we were positive this was a joke

  26. Krystian Lis

    Krystian Lisпреди 18 минути

    Yea yt now is the time for me to know

  27. Crie Biff

    Crie Biffпреди 19 минути

    I see this ad every where on you tube now

  28. KhadaJay

    KhadaJayпреди 19 минути

    I hate the game so much, I quit after I got over my addiction of 6 years. But I will always love these cinematics and would definitely watch a movie/show of the lore and world of league, simply because it has that much potential.

  29. Xion Kale

    Xion Kaleпреди 20 минути

    Can't play League of Legends in hospital ... Hope they release WildRift soon.

  30. Nasreen Althaf

    Nasreen Althafпреди 20 минути

    Anyone give me a like 😥

  31. its KETZ

    its KETZпреди 20 минути

    Why u must do this? Tease us with your cinematic but did not give us full movies or animated series. :(

  32. UnderDeveloped BroadCasting

    UnderDeveloped BroadCastingпреди 21 минута

    Me : Mom I want Garen. Mom: we have Garen at home. Garen at home: ...

  33. Burak Şenocak

    Burak Şenocakпреди 22 минути

    Right click: invented in 20th century Master Yi before 20th century: A'ight imma feed.

  34. Yes

    Yesпреди 22 минути

    Demacia: *goes under quarantine* Its wildlife: 2:22

  35. Marcin Kokosza

    Marcin Kokoszaпреди 23 минути

    lol how lucian nearly died by a support xDD (by thresh)

  36. fec rez

    fec rezпреди 23 минути

    But really, the philosophy behind this film is not that good. women and men can't be equal like that, fighting as warriors together in the battlegrounds, because women are weak in nature compared with men, and that's why it's better that women's jobs are healer, cleric, support and the like.

  37. just somebody

    just somebodyпреди 24 минути

    Due to Covid-19 maintenance patch - Garen stopped to train and lost his muscles because of the fear to not be contaminated

  38. Usuario Desconocido

    Usuario Desconocidoпреди 25 минути

    Garen have coronavirus

  39. Tony

    Tonyпреди 25 минути

    This was before Garen started hittin those legs

  40. Gloxhive

    Gloxhiveпреди 25 минути

    Ăn mỗi con rồng đất mà khổ vc !

  41. Kryštof Kříž

    Kryštof Křížпреди 28 минути

    What is Deathwing doing here ? 😂

  42. phú huy

    phú huyпреди 28 минути

    Please riot employee don’t nerf senna and aphelios again, I don’t want both them like akali

  43. Vaishnav Garodia

    Vaishnav Garodiaпреди 29 минути

    Berlin never dies

  44. Gacha_ moon117

    Gacha_ moon117преди 30 минути

    je veux l'installer mais sa marche pas

  45. có mà

    có màпреди 30 минути

    Việt Nam 👇👇👇

  46. Zack Frantz

    Zack Frantzпреди 31 минута


  47. Phantom six

    Phantom sixпреди 31 минута

    rise : im the best song rice : im the best food ryze : im the worst character (except faker)

  48. Kim R.

    Kim R.преди 34 минути

    This is what happens when you play Garen jungle without smite

  49. Thean Games Official

    Thean Games Officialпреди 34 минути

    When league of legend open to downlode on phone ?

  50. Janus Luna

    Janus Lunaпреди 35 минути

    IS IT STARTING? or this is just a teaser?

  51. Stureboii

    Stureboiiпреди 36 минути

    What happened to Garen's demacia muscle?

  52. Lah Say

    Lah Sayпреди 38 минути

    This is what happen when you used back up animator.

  53. Jandevent Dojoles

    Jandevent Dojolesпреди 40 минути

    Why can you just make movie Riot,Lol

  54. Couer arci

    Couer arciпреди 40 минути


  55. ChoCho Sarang

    ChoCho Sarangпреди 42 минути

    we want more of lore series like this

  56. 홍석재

    홍석재преди 42 минути

    한국어 들리길래 내가 잘못들었나 햇더니 전소연이눜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  57. William Tukia

    William Tukiaпреди 42 минути

    Yo Ryse is on nofap

  58. Gizmo Atlas

    Gizmo Atlasпреди 45 минути

    Imagine the stories that Aurelion could tell us if he just could keep his ego under control Also I am hyped for the new characters in LoR

  59. Kyoro

    Kyoroпреди 45 минути

    Skinny Garen is not real they said, he can't hurt you they said..

  60. Deathstar 699

    Deathstar 699преди 46 минути

    Riot why you turn my sleep paralysis demon into a champion

  61. Nautilus

    Nautilusпреди 47 минути

    Sadly not all players have pc at home 😞

  62. Trí Nguyễn

    Trí Nguyễnпреди 47 минути

    Why me garen so thin

  63. Hz Shadow

    Hz Shadowпреди 48 минути


  64. Moudy _Online

    Moudy _Onlineпреди 49 минути

    please match history

  65. 오성현

    오성현преди 49 минути

    갈리오 없었으면 진작에 멸망했을 놈들이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 사일러스 마렵다

  66. My Name's Gout

    My Name's Goutпреди 49 минути

    So nice

  67. Thomas Braun

    Thomas Braunпреди 50 минути

    Just spin to win, forehead

  68. jacktjong

    jacktjongпреди 50 минути

    "All things must meet this man" is actually a sentence with two possible interpretations. Either the man has ridiculously high standards which everyone has to meet according to him, or this man is death and everyone has to meet him at the end of his life.

  69. NoBoody

    NoBoodyпреди 50 минути

    Guys this is kind of a stupid theory but maybe new Shivana rework was teased (the girl called the dragon a she)

  70. Lakey's here!

    Lakey's here!преди 50 минути

    Everytime I see Fiora I want to vomit help

  71. Maximilian Wohler

    Maximilian Wohlerпреди 50 минути

    Even LoL Characters are wearing skinny jeans now. Good marketing.

  72. EDM Không Bản Quyền

    EDM Không Bản Quyềnпреди 51 минута

    Therapist: slim garen isn't real he can't hurt you. This video:

  73. Moreno Amadori

    Moreno Amadoriпреди 51 минута

    And this is why we're going to nerf again Aphelios.

  74. ultra magnus

    ultra magnusпреди 54 минути

    huy amigo esto va ha estar buenardooo

  75. Skye Manuel

    Skye Manuelпреди 54 минути

    Garen is like sonic before the rework

  76. Nautilus

    Nautilusпреди 54 минути

    Even the mighty garen is gettin skinny cuz of the quarantine

  77. LC Lalcha

    LC Lalchaпреди 56 минути


  78. Elf boy

    Elf boyпреди 56 минути

    I thought it was young garen and lux hahaha

  79. Twin_Soul

    Twin_Soulпреди 58 минути

    Same time Malzahar just standing around the camera and spam E.

  80. tankiem phituyet

    tankiem phituyetпреди час

    Garen: "Baby, don't hurt me, don't me, no more" shjtttttttttttt!

  81. xoukas

    xoukasпреди час


  82. Ranga

    Rangaпреди час

    "Over 140 champions to play from " : you can buy champions with money which is pay2win.

  83. Chris Schaaf

    Chris Schaafпреди час

    Whys this feel like an overwatch add man

  84. Mark Wilson Alcala

    Mark Wilson Alcalaпреди час

    Fiora's accent is everything

  85. Holo Z

    Holo Zпреди час

    Why Garen's face always different??

  86. Smarten SVK

    Smarten SVKпреди час

    These guys need to make a movie :3

  87. Jester Jung

    Jester Jungпреди час

    진짜 오랜 시간동안 롤에 좋은 음악들 많이 나왔지만 아직도 내 가슴속에선 이게 최고다, 현실에선 실론즈인 나도 이거 듣고 있는 동안엔 롤 챔스 결승 5경기 앞둔 프로게이머 된 상상하면서 가슴이 웅장해진다.

  88. Teddy

    Teddyпреди час

    animation mmm rito

  89. Guilherme Basso

    Guilherme Bassoпреди час

    TIL: France exists in Runeterra.

  90. Dom King

    Dom Kingпреди час

    look at the kids arm. Anyone else see that

  91. Antonis Aretis

    Antonis Aretisпреди час

    if u disliked this pls leave this planet

  92. Slimser Sensei

    Slimser Senseiпреди час

    Red team has stole the dragon [ALL] garen (Garen): report jgl [ALL] fiora (Fiora): u r the jgl

  93. DarkVS

    DarkVSпреди час

    according to us riot thats smite that she did on baran not ignite -.-

  94. Joel Akinyemi

    Joel Akinyemiпреди час

    Where my TFT mention at the end

  95. Laurențiu Cozma

    Laurențiu Cozmaпреди час

    wtf is with this skinny garen