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HipHop Competition 'Hit It 7' Making film


преди 4 месеца



преди 4 месеца



преди 4 месеца

Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community
HipHop Competition 'Hit It 7' (KOR)

HipHop Competition 'Hit It 7' (KOR)

преди 7 месеца

HipHop Competition 'Hit It 7' (ENG)

HipHop Competition 'Hit It 7' (ENG)

преди 7 месеца

2019 BigHit Global Audition #TXT

2019 BigHit Global Audition #TXT

преди 9 месеца

2019 BigHit Global Audition #BTS

2019 BigHit Global Audition #BTS

преди 9 месеца

RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video

RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video

преди година

RM 'seoul (prod. HONNE)' Lyric Video
RM 'forever rain' MV

RM 'forever rain' MV

преди година

2018 BigHit Global Audition #2

2018 BigHit Global Audition #2

преди година

2018 BigHit Global Audition #1

2018 BigHit Global Audition #1

преди година

BTS (방탄소년단) 'IDOL' Official MV
j-hope 'Airplane' MV

j-hope 'Airplane' MV

преди година

j-hope 'Daydream (백일몽)' MV

j-hope 'Daydream (백일몽)' MV

преди година

BTS (방탄소년단) 'DNA' Official MV
  1. Yeontan •

    Yeontan •преди 2 секунди

    Black Swan or Shadow?

  2. Tae Milla

    Tae Millaпреди 4 секунди

    "Quando palavras não são suficientes para expressar os sentimentos nos usamos a dança" Arte isso é arte 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. A12 Official

    A12 Officialпреди 6 секунди


  4. Meni Roberts

    Meni Robertsпреди 7 секунди

    Why aren't they in the video?

  5. alisa алиса

    alisa алисапреди 13 секунди


  6. Angelys Quezada

    Angelys Quezadaпреди 14 секунди

    Jhope is so talented hes awesome

  7. I need a Therapist

    I need a Therapistпреди 15 секунди

    “I wanna be rich” *Net worth is literally 8mil dollars*

  8. Byeon Gun Ahn

    Byeon Gun Ahnпреди 17 секунди

    크리스브라운 party 뮤비찍은데 아님? 개똑같은데

  9. Celeste Torres

    Celeste Torresпреди 23 секунди

    Insurance is expensive but beomgyus bibidy Bobody is free

  10. Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali

    Wan Nur Aishah Wan Aliпреди 25 секунди

    Dear BGgo, Stop pausing the v13ws. Thanks.

  11. Anh Phuong

    Anh Phuongпреди 34 секунди

    Có ai là người Việt Nam không taaaa ???

  12. Giang Min

    Giang Minпреди 37 секунди


  13. Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung

    Happy Birthday Kim Taehyungпреди 38 секунди

    The meaning of this song is Deeper than Mariana Trench

  14. Gwyneth Chen

    Gwyneth Chenпреди 41 секунда

    The central dancer was extremely ethereal . . . there was a visceral beauty to the visual spectacle that I really enjoyed.




  16. expresas dolor.

    expresas dolor.преди 58 секунди

    ay, lo amé un montón. 🤧🤧💗💗

  17. Amooy MohanD

    Amooy MohanDпреди 58 секунди

    رائع 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🇸🇦🇸🇦

  18. Stranger Things

    Stranger Thingsпреди минута

    Idk if this video is giving me heart problems or what it kinda feels like it's hard to breathe but applause for them 🙏💕

  19. BTS7WondersOfTheWorld

    BTS7WondersOfTheWorldпреди минута

    Trending#8 in USA Important: ignore haters, attention seekers and gamers. Please do not reply to them.

  20. sarangtae

    sarangtaeпреди минута

    holy god

  21. pende jadas :p

    pende jadas :pпреди минута

    Estoy re obsesionada con Black Swan, me re atrapa la singularidad de sus voces y todo el arte que muestran en esta joyita, espero no ser la única jsjsjs.

  22. Yarissa Sanchez

    Yarissa Sanchezпреди минута



    ESPINOZA FAMILY :3преди минута

    here because this song saved my life I promise to come every year 2016 done. 2017 done. 2018 done. 2019 done. 2020 done. 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2026 2027 2028

  24. Eduarda Mamedio

    Eduarda Mamedioпреди минута

    Tão incrível.

  25. I only state facts

    I only state factsпреди минута

    #33 on trending in India 😆

  26. 점.

    점.преди минута

    어제 안 오고 오늘 와서 미안해요 😭😭 19시간만 더 빨리 올껄,, 이번 앨범도 기대할께요 완벽할것같아요💗💗 근데 왜 이렇게 한국 댓이 없징


    ЭКСПЕРЕМЕНТ 5000 ПОДПИСЧИКОВпреди минута


  28. Angelys Quezada

    Angelys Quezadaпреди минута

    Hobi nailed it he danced soo cool

  29. Tae Milla

    Tae Millaпреди минута

    É incrível como eles conseguirem mostrar delicadeza e suavidade nos movimentos e ao mesmo tempo mostraram a força e profundidade da letra, incrível, eu estou extasiada vendo essa performance, incrível, obrigada MN Dance Company pelo trabalho maravilhoso 💜

  30. Evelyn Barron

    Evelyn Barronпреди минута

    I am in love with this..🥺🤍 BTS stay in my feelings.. ( not related to BTS or music but that is the abandonment mall Sam and colby went to it looked so familiar 😅)

  31. Elnin Carbonelli

    Elnin Carbonelliпреди минута

    Me encantó es una obra de arte 😍😍😍😍😍😍😙 army de corazón😄😍💜💜💜

  32. Ngọc Huyền

    Ngọc Huyềnпреди минута


  33. Vishva Shah

    Vishva Shahпреди минута

    i will never understand how they always manage to make a song that portrays exactly how im feeling or what i need to hear whenever they they release a new song. its insane. the raw pain of this song with the classical music really hit me hard. can't wait to hear the entire album when it drops in feb.

  34. Yuliana Jeon

    Yuliana Jeonпреди минута

    Esto es tremendo arte nunca me cansaré de decirlo ellos son los mejores :) los amo

  35. Wansue G. Matilla

    Wansue G. Matillaпреди минута

    841.000 until 14M!! Walk a bit to prevent a stiff body if you've spent several hours streaming already <3

  36. Maria soares

    Maria soaresпреди минута

    gostei da música #coração

  37. Rini Septianti

    Rini Septiantiпреди минута


  38. lm .___. BTS

    lm .___. BTSпреди 2 минути

    عورت قلبي ذي الغنيه من جد حزينه اععععععععععع

  39. alYsS pAn0

    alYsS pAn0преди 2 минути

    BTS ya no es solo un grupito más de KPOP están reinventándose !!! Arte señores arte

  40. Kate G

    Kate Gпреди 2 минути

    I can't get over how beautiful all of this is. the song was stuck in my head immediately after i listened, and the dance kept replaying itself in my mind

  41. Sabina

    Sabinaпреди 2 минути

    My eyes sparkled when I saw one of the rolling techniques of Aikido (Mae Kaiten Ukemi) twice in this video 4:29

  42. Zita Palacios

    Zita Palaciosпреди 2 минути

    Por favor Armys hay que seguir reproduciendo el Mv, hay que hacerlo por los chicos. Hay que darle mucho al vídeo, bts se ha esforzado mucho por este video y los chicos que estuvieron bailando también se han esforzado, hay dar mucho amor a este video

  43. Fabiana Bittencourt

    Fabiana Bittencourtпреди 2 минути


  44. Amal Almri

    Amal Almriпреди 2 минути

    ستريم يوصل 50 مليون على الاقل

  45. Nabilla Dhea Ramadhani

    Nabilla Dhea Ramadhaniпреди 2 минути

    Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Ho-seok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS ( BANGTAN BOYS )

  46. trixie rachel

    trixie rachelпреди 2 минути

    I’m not a kpop-ers or into a dance performance but i can say that i do really love the choreography!!!!

  47. رهف محمد& بتس ستان

    رهف محمد& بتس ستانпреди 2 минути

    اين العرب

  48. Leilani Alva

    Leilani Alvaпреди 2 минути

    Lo puedo decir una y mil veces BTS es arte y estoy tan agradecida con ellos por que me ayudaron a que me alejara de el suicidio encerio los super amo chicos sigan así chicos ustedes se meresen todo 💜

  49. natalya b

    natalya bпреди 2 минути

    I'm still in awe of this video... The combination of meaningful lyrics, orchestral arrangement of already beautiful music, stunning cinematography and such expressive and mesmerizing dance performance makes it unforgettable... I return to rewatch it over and over again

  50. Sτephs Crαfτs

    Sτephs Crαfτsпреди 2 минути

    There was 9 year old me who came across this 4 years ago by accident..... little did I know my life was completely ruined......

  51. notKimNamjoon여자친구yet

    notKimNamjoon여자친구yetпреди 2 минути

    If you want my answer: Kim Namjoon oppa, you're my lover. 💜🍇

  52. Sarah M.

    Sarah M.преди 2 минути

    Omygoddd ART!!!! the music,the dance just ahhhshhs

  53. Itz Yeriene

    Itz Yerieneпреди 2 минути

    ibighit? Now its Bighit Labels..sorry bihit but I ain't saying bighit labels

  54. Sxara Sxara

    Sxara Sxaraпреди 2 минути

    Esta joyita no se puede olvidar si es el inicio de otra gran etapa Map of Seoul: 7💜 Vamos x esos 50M de views y 5M likes podemos con esto y mucho más

  55. Daniel Mejia

    Daniel Mejiaпреди 2 минути

    que hermoso

  56. Đình Hạnh Thiều

    Đình Hạnh Thiềuпреди 2 минути


  57. Amal Almri

    Amal Almriпреди 2 минути

    Let’s get that 50M

  58. lipi 30

    lipi 30преди 2 минути

    Legend Jhope!!

  59. 타니보라해

    타니보라해преди 2 минути

    봐도봐도 미쳣다....😭😭😭😭💜

  60. MaJora's95

    MaJora's95преди 2 минути

    La meta se a cumplido

  61. ᅳvαleriα,

    ᅳvαleriα,преди 2 минути

    Continúo regresando al video, porque me gusta esta versión un poco más que la oficial. Además de que escucharla junto con el baile provoca más escalofríos, es realmente genial.

  62. valentina escandon.s

    valentina escandon.sпреди 2 минути

    No sé quién eres j hope vine fue por Becky g pero cantas chevere j hope

  63. Tabata Gutiérrez

    Tabata Gutiérrezпреди 2 минути

    Que arte todoooo

  64. Angelys Quezada

    Angelys Quezadaпреди 2 минути

    It would be nice if hobi did another solo song i love how he raps and i love how suga does too

  65. Army World

    Army Worldпреди 2 минути

    a música tá perfeita, a letra tá perfeita, o clipe tá perfeito, BTS como sempre abalando meu psicológico

  66. 땡땡이

    땡땡이преди 2 минути


  67. Jeon Jiri

    Jeon Jiriпреди 3 минути

    Is BTS members

  68. Hanna-Anne Andersson

    Hanna-Anne Anderssonпреди 3 минути

    I don't know how to describe my feelings while watching the mv. It's so beautiful and yet painful but also hopeful towards the end. I love the message that the song communicates and the dance is so beautiful. This is my best Music Video ever, and not just a BTS MV. It's a masterpiece. This is what true art is. I love it.

  69. Amal Almri

    Amal Almriпреди 3 минути

    Steam army’s

  70. The Lovers of KPOP :3

    The Lovers of KPOP :3преди 3 минути

    Como no amarlos? Esto es maravilloso, arte. 💗 😔

  71. TheNaitroh

    TheNaitrohпреди 3 минути


  72. Alicia Grageda

    Alicia Gragedaпреди 3 минути

    Este MV es un tremendo arte como para hacerlo a un lado , de verdad muchas "Armys" dicen que no eran lo que esperaban , pero deberían enfocarse en la letra en como 7 bailarines lo interpretan de una manera muy chingona , Este Vídeo es de admirarse..Alch yo quedé en shook y lloré mucho después de aver traducido la canción....!♡

  73. Amal Almri

    Amal Almriпреди 3 минути

    وينكم ستريمممم

  74. Jeon Jiri

    Jeon Jiriпреди 3 минути

    The cameo

  75. el piezito chueco de jisoo :3

    el piezito chueco de jisoo :3преди 3 минути


  76. Nuruna AMI

    Nuruna AMIпреди 3 минути

    When i watch this, i feel sad and scared.. And the lyrics just make my pillow wet with tearsㅠㅠ

  77. Sonia Chispass W

    Sonia Chispass Wпреди 3 минути

    Sin palabras, es un trabajo bien hecho por los chicos y ARMY lo aprecia.. Me da pena escucharlo tan tarde pero no importa, me alegra ver esto en #2 tendencia, espero verla en primera en unas horas, no dejare de reproducir este grandioso trabajo no solo por vistas si no por amor, me gustó, tiene mensajes profundos que espero y ARMY entienda por que son mensajes lindos e importantes que los representa, espero seguir viendo trabajo tan bueno seguido! Los amo💜

  78. Crystalayce Domingo

    Crystalayce Domingoпреди 3 минути

    Thank you for this masterpiece BTS!!

  79. ArmyGalaxxy

    ArmyGalaxxyпреди 3 минути

    I love the everything The Song the Music The Voices The Lyrics The Dance It's ART 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 i'm speechless... Thank you BTS for your beautiful work 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  80. anthony henry

    anthony henryпреди 3 минути

    Am I the only one crying?? This is fvvkin beautiful!!

  81. thischloeisme x

    thischloeisme xпреди 3 минути

    I have no words to express exactly how I think that BTS' creativity and art work is more than amazing... I am speechless over this performance, yet it left me with so many thoughts and emotions

  82. Thảo Linh Nguyễn

    Thảo Linh Nguyễnпреди 3 минути

    omg love this TT

  83. Super Lamba

    Super Lambaпреди 3 минути


  84. miski ali

    miski aliпреди 3 минути

    You guys with everything holy, y’all I couldn’t breathe when I saw that slap at :46 like. It was so sudden but other than that great video but I will tell you know I laughed for a good minute.

  85. Chimmy Mochioppa

    Chimmy Mochioppaпреди 3 минути

    The last part hits me..the swan finally free and flying i don't know but it has a strong message for me..

  86. Zida Pcy

    Zida Pcyпреди 3 минути

    body language

  87. Deckernsim Zamora gomez

    Deckernsim Zamora gomezпреди 3 минути

    Ano de cara ✌️😞

  88. stream DNA, n DejaVu by Dreamcatcher

    stream DNA, n DejaVu by Dreamcatcherпреди 3 минути

    294,248,three one eight

  89. Aya mhamad

    Aya mhamadпреди 3 минути

    ذي متى بتوصل ١٠٠ مليون وتفكناا

  90. Nindya Handayani

    Nindya Handayaniпреди 3 минути

    Such a great dance, thank you😊

  91. Dulcinea Swag

    Dulcinea Swagпреди 3 минути

    Es hermoso!!😍😍 Esto es arte.... Precioso!!! Donde dejo su grammy!!

  92. Vale Merejildo.

    Vale Merejildo.преди 4 минути


  93. Isabelly Ornellas

    Isabelly Ornellasпреди 4 минути

    São verdadeiros artistas

  94. Pham Liam

    Pham Liamпреди 4 минути


  95. Thaiana C

    Thaiana Cпреди 4 минути

    Esse MV dance é uma verdadeira obra de arte! Muito lindo! Que música linda e as vozes estão perfeitas. Ameiiiiii

  96. Amal Almri

    Amal Almriпреди 4 минути

    So perfect like yoongi

  97. Mai Le

    Mai Leпреди 4 минути

    guys get our game up we haven’t even reached #1 t r en ding and over twenty m i l vi3vvs

  98. __ H a n n a h

    __ H a n n a hпреди 4 минути

    Aaaaaa,Jungkook ahhh u so handsome:3

  99. Taekook and Jinmin Das

    Taekook and Jinmin Dasпреди 4 минути

    I will be wondered if my Taehyung oppa become my "BLACK SWAN"😌



    Tendencia #1 en Bolivia 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴 Aquí estamos apoyando!!!