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How many different ways can photography be fun? So far 186 and counting! This channel features some of the most incredible dancers, contortionists, acrobats, gymnasts and circus performers on the planet, including Sofie Dossi, the Rybka Twins, the Grav Gang, Kaycee Rice, Rebecca Zamolo, the Ninja Kidz, Cirque du Soleil, and almost the entire cast of Dance Moms! Plus me, a crazy dude with a camera and too much caffeine. This is also the home of the 10 Minute Photo Challenge! Enjoy!

Ninja Kidz vs Ninja Kidz Photobomb Challenge
Extreme Acro Gymnasts vs Prodigy *dares*
Handcuffed to My Kids for 24 HOURS *bad idea*
Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts

Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts

преди 8 месеца

My Son's First Kiss **sweet**

My Son's First Kiss **sweet**

преди 10 месеца

2 Photographers Shoot SOFIE DOSSI

2 Photographers Shoot SOFIE DOSSI

преди 11 месеца

Sofie Dossi, Sean and Kaycee Surprise!!

Sofie Dossi, Sean and Kaycee Surprise!!

преди 11 месеца

EXTREME Acrobat Tries Out NEW MERCH!!
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    Alya Alvaradoпреди 15 часа

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    Margo Nitrofпреди 20 часа

    I can do the thing she did with her toes on her right foot at 6:08 like reverse them but people tell me it's not good for my feet but I still do it lol 😂

  12. tatacutecat

    tatacutecatпреди 20 часа

    Also can we do it next to the Beach I changed my mind about going to new York City

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    And I hope you make this a video on BGgo

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    tatacutecatпреди 21 час

    Hi Jordan my name is santoria and I am a flexible gymnest and I live in Michigan and really like to go pleases but I was wondering if I can to a 10 minute photo challenge and if you will except this my mom's phone number is 313 739 9896 I hope you except this and can you please bring Anna

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