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Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas Live (ADHD out now)
Joyner Lucas - adhd (Full Album)
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

преди 15 дни

Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)

преди 29 дни

Joyner Lucas - ADHD (official audio)

Joyner Lucas - ADHD (official audio)

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Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD)

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Joyner Lucas - Devil's Work (ADHD)

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Joyner Lucas - Litty Freestyle

преди година

Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)

преди година

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Joyner Lucas - Frozen

преди 2 години

Joyner Lucas - Look Alive (Remix)

Joyner Lucas - Look Alive (Remix)

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Joyner Lucas - Bank Account (Remix)

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Joyner Lucas - Gucci Gang (Remix)

Joyner Lucas - Gucci Gang (Remix)

преди 2 години

Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

преди 2 години

Joyner Lucas - Winter Blues (508)-507-2209
Joyner Lucas - Forever (508)-507-2209

Joyner Lucas - Forever (508)-507-2209

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Joyner Lucas - DNA. (Remix)

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Joyner Lucas - Mansion

преди 5 години


    PRANKS NIGERIAпреди час

    I watched it 13 times today ....this is so creative with legendary lyrics

  2. El Stuckey

    El Stuckeyпреди час

    This nigga Pay homage to his favorite icon #ONGOD# I know he took his time too be very visual about this song/video when I first saw this video I was like damnnnnnn he snap this the first rapper in history too do something so creative #ONGOD#

  3. IUNO music

    IUNO musicпреди час

    This one is poweful

  4. Niylah JayPheonix

    Niylah JayPheonixпреди час

    This is Hard. Definitely feeling this 🔥He did a great Job with the video and reppin Will Smith.

  5. UnderPuppy88

    UnderPuppy88преди час

    the smith family is the most unproblematic family in the world. definitely good idols there

  6. YeetLeFeet

    YeetLeFeetпреди час

    Where was everyone in this video and why were there loads of guns floating around

  7. Zephlord The Snake God

    Zephlord The Snake Godпреди час

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Joyner Lucas is literally one of the best rappers out there creatively and lyrically, this was hella inspiring to be entirely honest. There's a reason Em realized his talent, gonna go down in history, guarantee it

  8. adazgirl

    adazgirlпреди час

    Imagine a future artist being so inspired by Joyner Lucas to make a tribute video of him tributing Will. That’d be some inception shit 😂😂

  9. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobiпреди час

    He should play Franklin in the GTA V movie

  10. ZoZo Faulkner

    ZoZo Faulknerпреди час

    Omg Joyner you kill that you did an amazing job with this song this is my favorite❤️❤️❤️

  11. Kevin Peters

    Kevin Petersпреди час


  12. DeathWish

    DeathWishпреди час

    Abe Lincoln shouldve never freed them...

  13. TastefulMusic

    TastefulMusicпреди час


  14. Kevin Peters

    Kevin Petersпреди час

    He even shaved his beard for some of the clips ,comon people.....LIKE HIS SHIT

  15. Allah Anderson

    Allah Andersonпреди час

    I dont really like the song itself. The beat is wack & chorus kinda mediocre but I fuxx with the concept and likes how he pays tribute to one of the best actors.

  16. OrangeBoy Productions

    OrangeBoy Productionsпреди час

    Anyone here from Crank Lucas?

  17. ShadowNinja 17

    ShadowNinja 17преди час

    Wow, this is amazing.

  18. Top Craft

    Top Craftпреди час

    So nobody is going to talk about how good the VFX is ?

  19. King Davis

    King Davisпреди час

    He ate this 😨

  20. Wegz-7

    Wegz-7преди час

    Only artist I wana see live

  21. Imran Ljajic

    Imran Ljajicпреди час

    Joyner us sercet Isis agent

  22. Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylorпреди час

    Th grime is strong in this one.

  23. Diving With Ivan

    Diving With Ivanпреди час

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️☄️💥💥💥💥💥Will is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 Good way to pay homage

  24. bb BB

    bb BBпреди час


  25. Whodat Game

    Whodat Gameпреди час

    🔥 🔥 🔥 FIRE


    SMITH CLASH'Sпреди час

    This song is so fire i swear this is what will smith deserves he is awesome

  27. Na'Varion Martis

    Na'Varion Martisпреди час


  28. Clayon Gayle

    Clayon Gayleпреди 2 часа

    As a Jamaican, I wish Busy actually had a verse on this and not just the hook

  29. Jaikarran Dass

    Jaikarran Dassпреди 2 часа

    This is mad lyrics bro ....will a true fan God bless you bro.

  30. Marlon Jones

    Marlon Jonesпреди 2 часа



    HYDRO PLAGUEпреди 2 часа

    The more that I want, the more that I grind The more that I shine, the more that I stride The more that I stunt, the more that I cheat The more that she leaves, the more that she cry The harder to trust, the more that I lie The more that she died, the more I realize The more that I, the more that I (Yeah, yeah) The more that I try, the more that I want The more that I grind, the more that I shine The more that I stride, the more that I stunt The more that I cheat, the more that she leaves The more that she cry, the harder to trust The more that I lie, the more that she dies Somehow I realize I'm harder to love I'm harder to I'm harder to teach, my heart is a beat And I am a drum, I'm harder to keep But harder to sleep I'm scared of the dark, I'm not gonna run I'm harder to break, but harder to make You get in my way, I'm drawing my gun I'm not gonna play, I'm not for the games I'm not gonna change, put that on my son Put that on my mom, put that on my sister Put that on my bitch and all of my hoes Put that on my team, put that on my G's I say what I mean, you already know Put that on my city, put that on my Bentley I got me a Beamer, I wanted a Rolls Sip on some Henny and ride with the semi All my niggas with me, I'm calling a toast (Blah, blah, blah) Callin' the plug, you callin' the cops I call you a snitch, you holdin' a grudge You callin' the judge, you say you a thug I call you a bitch, I call you a ho Don't call me your bro, don't call me no more I call you a trick, I'm tired of the hate I'm tired of snakes, I'm tired of your face, you all on my dick I wanted the fame, I wanted the name I wanted a break, I wanted to love I wanted the cake, I wanna be great I wanted to change and all of the above You want me to fall, you want me to crawl You want me to starve, they want me in drugs You want me to fail, they want me in jail They wantin' my soul, they wantin' my blood I'm out for revenge, I'm out for the ends I'm out for respect, I'm out for the crown I'm out for the reign, they starting to aim I hopped in the plane, I'm not going down I'm dodging the flames, they callin' my name I wanna be saved but I don't know how I thought I was saved, but I got a plan Let's load up the chopper and ride it around, woo I roll up on 'em while he sleep (hey), you gon' see It's a fuckin' murder spree (brrat, brrat), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see Don't you turn your back on me (brrat, bah), you gon' see Roll up on 'em while he sleep (bah), catch a nigga slippin' I might hit him with the (bah, bah, bah), they gon' miss him 'Cause revenge feels sweet (woo), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see Give me a pen, I don't even drink But fuck it, I need some Henny and gin Plenty of sins I broke my bitch's heart, she'll never forgive me again Where have you been? I had to go find myself, I killed and buried my friends I never could swim I used to push some weight with niggas who been in the gym Come step in my Timbs You could not walk in my path, I never caught no cabs, I had to walk Niggas was lost and sad, I never would call my dad Fuck that nigga I was depressed as fuck, mentally torn in half Feelin' stuck When it was hard to laugh, the music was all I had Wish I could be out I never got any clout, what's all the plottin' about? They drownin' me out Everyone callin' me out, nobody try to reach out You proud of me now Niggas'll flip the script, I cannot live to quit I don't wanna chill, I don't wanna get no flicks Don't wanna rekindle shit It's N-O-T, don't you flex on me I do not get no sleep I'm barely up, hope you ante up Word to M.O.P., you don't know me I need my revenge, it ain't no more peace I'm rollin' deep and I'm finna turn your block up into World War 3 I roll up on 'em while he sleep (hey), you gon' see It's a fuckin' murder spree (brrat, brrat), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see Don't you turn your back on me (brrat, bah), you gon' see Roll up on 'em while he sleep (bah), catch a nigga slippin' I might hit him with the (bah, bah, bah), they gon' miss him 'Cause revenge feels sweet (woo), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see The older the berry, the sweeter the juice Knew I could do it, I needed the proof In order to lose, I needed to win In order to win, I needed to choose I needed to fall, I needed to move I couldn't be safe, I couldn't be you I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't Including your plate and all of your food I don't wanna do no E Don't wanna drink, I don't wanna do no lean I don't wanna move no keys How you like me now? I'm too OG I feel like Kool Moe Dee Ain't gon' be no slatt, my whole team'll crack I seen 'em flat, never see no snacks They left me the scraps I Deebo'd that, think I'm cursed again Went to church to sin, I did a lot Mama quit her job, she won't work again I been on top, got a mental block And it hurts but then I bid and shop And my bitch is fly, she a perfect ten That's M-O-B, don't you flex on me I do not get no sleep I'm problematic and I gotta have it Word to Ed OG, you don't know me I need my revenge, no more peace I'm rollin' deep and I'm finna turn your block up into World War 3 I roll up on 'em while he sleep (hey), you gon' see It's a fuckin' murder spree (brrat, brrat), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see Don't you turn your back on me (brrat, bah), you gon' see Roll up on 'em while he sleep (bah), catch a nigga slippin' I might hit him with the (bah, bah, bah), they gon' miss him 'Cause revenge feels sweet (woo), you gon' see Won't nobody say a peep (bah, bah), you gon' see

  32. Trev Anderson

    Trev Andersonпреди 2 часа

    Yow Joyner all your song shot, doe stop dweet Ute💯💯👑

  33. Lawson Caspermeyer

    Lawson Caspermeyerпреди 2 часа

    U forgot Gemini man

  34. Jimena Tangassi

    Jimena Tangassiпреди 2 часа

    this is fire

  35. Maleaha Reeves

    Maleaha Reevesпреди 2 часа

    He never disappoints me I’m in awe of Joyner.

  36. Keamogetswe Mametse

    Keamogetswe Mametseпреди 2 часа

    This video is amazing 💜

  37. Dex5us

    Dex5usпреди 2 часа

    Fire AF

  38. C.J. Hoskins III

    C.J. Hoskins IIIпреди 2 часа

    The song was hard. Video was harder

  39. Toasty Toast

    Toasty Toastпреди 2 часа

    Omg sharks tales is fire

  40. Juanta 110

    Juanta 110преди 2 часа

    One of the best songs I heard in a long time , absolutely Dope!!!

  41. Constant Reader

    Constant Readerпреди 2 часа

    Autotuned mess. Nahh.. This ain't it

  42. The Chicken Nugget

    The Chicken Nuggetпреди 2 часа

    Drake in his song tries to convince to Look alive Lucas sayin the same like ...I'm like dawg I'm alive!!

  43. CatofSteel 66

    CatofSteel 66преди 2 часа

    Roll up on him while he sleep and leave evidence to see

  44. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    Unreleased/Underrated R&B Groovesпреди 2 часа

    The hell?! Only 6 million views? Are people really this sleep in hip hop these days. I rarely check for new acts these days but had to track down this tune soon as I heard my main man Timbaland's 'fricky, fricky' adlibs and beat. This is such a bomb ass beat. Haven't heard fire like this from Mr. Mosley since he cut production for JT ("Tunnel Vision"), Da Brat ("Alessandro Michele") & Ludacris ("Pocketbook" w/ J-Hud). This is FIREEEEE!

  45. Agent AzZ

    Agent AzZпреди 2 часа

    wanna pull up on ppl who hurt me with this song

  46. TheInfamous 777

    TheInfamous 777преди 2 часа

    Mr. Chris Brown the hook killer 🔥🔥🔥

  47. BIG BOOM 2020

    BIG BOOM 2020преди 2 часа


  48. Epok97

    Epok97преди 2 часа

    Ah haha, ah that’s hot, that’s hot.

  49. Abby Gail

    Abby Gailпреди 2 часа

    Really ... u up Aladdin in there too....

  50. Jamal Talbi

    Jamal Talbiпреди 2 часа

    I’m not racist my room in the dark is black

  51. Royal Fuller Family

    Royal Fuller Familyпреди 2 часа

    FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  52. Kerbside IGOR

    Kerbside IGORпреди 2 часа

    Did he just kiss that kid????

  53. Jorgw Mesh

    Jorgw Meshпреди 2 часа

    Also how is joyner corny?

  54. Xavier Paibomsai

    Xavier Paibomsaiпреди 2 часа

    I sure hope I’m not the only person who find it’s easier to articulate words through writing/typing then actually speaking

  55. Ericaa Browne

    Ericaa Browneпреди 2 часа

    This right here was fye asf🔥🔥🔥

  56. Shend Llapashtica

    Shend Llapashticaпреди 2 часа

    I’m not racist My shoelaces’ metal aglet parts are black

  57. Mr. Memet69

    Mr. Memet69преди 2 часа

    Hello New school's leader

  58. Montua4

    Montua4преди 2 часа

    I absolutely love this

  59. fear_brandzs

    fear_brandzsпреди 2 часа

    Damn, this song dope, ya porb the best rapper, singer of the world nkw damn ur awsm

  60. German Survivalist

    German Survivalistпреди 2 часа

    I bought the Album but cool that he throws it out for free!

  61. K. R.

    K. R.преди 2 часа

    Good Morning Class...#Work

  62. Hated1

    Hated1преди 2 часа

    Truly amazing I wish I could meet my idol RIP to my idol

  63. Shell Stewart

    Shell Stewartпреди 2 часа

    Sounds like he is saying.... I'm Philly like Will

  64. 19183643637618182 123123123123

    19183643637618182 123123123123преди 2 часа

    “All I ever wanted was to hit the lottery nigga, all eyes on me and they gotta be nigga”

  65. TriggaXExposem 24

    TriggaXExposem 24преди 2 часа


  66. Andre Rossouw

    Andre Rossouwпреди 2 часа

    Joyner Lucas is beyond talented🔥 This man drops fire that makes blue flame feel cold😎

  67. Smubioツ

    Smubioツпреди 2 часа

    Rest in peace uncle phil(james avery)

  68. ricandadd1

    ricandadd1преди 3 часа

    9.2k fucking hating jealous bitches

  69. Zackattack Animations

    Zackattack Animationsпреди 3 часа

    They both racist

  70. Rø-Mãrïö Hïmsëlf

    Rø-Mãrïö Hïmsëlfпреди 3 часа

    Can't wait to see the video for this I like it

  71. Wayet '

    Wayet 'преди 3 часа

    So lets talk about asians now cuz things getting crazy nowadays

  72. Jovan Fletcher

    Jovan Fletcherпреди 3 часа

    I absolutely loved this ❤️

  73. Cameron Enoch

    Cameron Enochпреди 3 часа

    The song is dope. But tbh the video goes way tooo hard. I feel like hella people wouldn't get the references without the video!

  74. eddy boy

    eddy boyпреди 3 часа

  75. eddy boy

    eddy boyпреди 3 часа

  76. eddy boy

    eddy boyпреди 3 часа

  77. eddy boy

    eddy boyпреди 3 часа

  78. eddy boy

    eddy boyпреди 3 часа


    LACHELLE OATSпреди 3 часа

    This is dope on so many levels 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. LuvJoyMuzik

    LuvJoyMuzikпреди 3 часа

    Trumps brunch festival!!

  81. Kerdell Moseley

    Kerdell Moseleyпреди 3 часа

    This sound is fire💯💥💥💥💥💥💥

  82. Aziz Bayirbekov

    Aziz Bayirbekovпреди 3 часа

    Bravo 👏

  83. Aziz Bayirbekov

    Aziz Bayirbekovпреди 3 часа

    Just good idea 💡

  84. Aziz Bayirbekov

    Aziz Bayirbekovпреди 3 часа

    So goood, so fire 🔥

  85. Benas Latviunas

    Benas Latviunasпреди 3 часа

    This remix really glorified the beat

  86. Adam Zakaria

    Adam Zakariaпреди 3 часа

    Dope video and tribute. Video concept reminds me of Almost Famous by G-Eazy:

  87. James McGeehan

    James McGeehanпреди 3 часа

    Where was Hancock?

  88. Kendra Kay

    Kendra Kayпреди 3 часа


  89. john g g

    john g gпреди 3 часа, check put this u discovered rapper from Nova Scotia, sick shit

  90. john g g

    john g gпреди 3 часа, check out this guy from nova scotia, whereverthat is

  91. Trina K

    Trina Kпреди 3 часа

    Love this. This is 🔥

  92. juanflores42

    juanflores42преди 3 часа

    Shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Genesis Cruz

    Genesis Cruzпреди 3 часа

    This gives me chills every time I watch it

  94. Rakesh C1

    Rakesh C1преди 3 часа

    I remember sleeping on my dad's couch. Now i got a Bentley and its blacked out. 🔥

  95. hoodrichgamer yt

    hoodrichgamer ytпреди 3 часа

    Call the number