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The Pussycat Dolls - React

The Pussycat Dolls - React

преди 12 дни

The Pussycat Dolls - Beep (Live on CD Live)
The Pussycat Dolls - Toazted Interview 2006
The Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute

The Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute

преди 5 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu

The Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu

преди 5 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

преди 5 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

преди 10 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Bite The Dust

The Pussycat Dolls - Bite The Dust

преди 10 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Stomp

The Pussycat Dolls - Stomp

преди 10 години

The Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute (Live)
The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha Groove (Live)
  1. Varanjie

    Varanjieпреди 2 часа

    Fucking love it!

  2. chris69

    chris69преди 2 часа

    Boring. The same trivial trala music as before. In addition, a little ass shake and table dance in lacquer and leather.

  3. Arthur Lima

    Arthur Limaпреди 2 часа

    Cade os brasileiros ? 🇧🇷

  4. Andres giovanny Esparza ortega

    Andres giovanny Esparza ortegaпреди 2 часа

    2020 quien?

  5. Carmen María Cruz D'López

    Carmen María Cruz D'Lópezпреди 2 часа

    always believed that Nicole looks like the old Kim Kardarshian or KK looks like Nicole. whatever lol

  6. Carmen María Cruz D'López

    Carmen María Cruz D'Lópezпреди 2 часа

    Always believed that Nicole looks like the old Kim Kardarshian or KK looks like Nicole. whatever

  7. Jane Vieira

    Jane Vieiraпреди 2 часа

    Are you serious back???

  8. Milk's Room

    Milk's Roomпреди 2 часа


  9. judith trickey

    judith trickeyпреди 2 часа


  10. Namiq MU Mammadov

    Namiq MU Mammadovпреди 2 часа

    What a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jubayer Ahmed

    Jubayer Ahmedпреди 3 часа

    Wow! Am I watching right? They are in 2020!! My first time of listening to PCD was from my first PC.

  12. Elisa Dragomir

    Elisa Dragomirпреди 3 часа


  13. koskamr

    koskamrпреди 3 часа

    So beautiful. I hope i look like this in my 40s

  14. Jubayer Ahmed

    Jubayer Ahmedпреди 3 часа

    They are all about legs! Hot legs

  15. Joseph Bianco

    Joseph Biancoпреди 3 часа

    I love me some Jessica🖤

  16. Solo V TV

    Solo V TVпреди 3 часа

    I cant wait to do and upload my chores to this song!!!! ugh I fkn love it!! this video is SOOO PUSSY CATDOLLS I love they didn't change a but! not even the way they dance nor look after all these years 😩🙌🏼❤️

  17. JL Rosalin

    JL Rosalinпреди 3 часа

    React brought me here, i just missed all their songs and this days! I remember my high school days... I love you so much PUSSYCAT DOLLS! Solid Fan here ❤️

  18. olindawinchester

    olindawinchesterпреди 3 часа

    Omg Kim Kardashian 😂

  19. Grant32Plays

    Grant32Playsпреди 3 часа

    ngl wouldn't mind a 1080p version of this video just so i can see big snoops face clearer

  20. Shy Girl

    Shy Girlпреди 3 часа

    omg what's wrong with Nicole nose?? it's look different I hope it's a makeup and her lips look bigger please stop Nicole dont be like all of them(

  21. Marcel Facon

    Marcel Faconпреди 3 часа

    Oh Mon Dieu Qu'est-Ce Qui S'est Comme Musique Aujourd'hui C'est The Pussycat Dolls En Duo Avec Snoop Dogg Buttons Les Musique Pour Les Filles Elle L'Adore The Pussycat Dolls Magnifique Chansons J'ai Envoyez Sur Mon Application De L'Autre Côté BGgo Ça Répond Où Ça Répond Pas Maintenant C'est Partie La Fêtes À Marcheprime Commence Allons-y

  22. miriam ngunza

    miriam ngunzaпреди 3 часа

    I would love to hear the other girls singing to😇😇

  23. Alart Adja

    Alart Adjaпреди 4 часа

    At 1:47 nicole looks like Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) in you

  24. Ionela Mocanu

    Ionela Mocanuпреди 4 часа

    0:52 tell me it doesn’t sound like BTS

  25. Bez

    Bezпреди 4 часа

    I see that Nicole has reunion with herself....They could let the other girls sing too.

  26. GamingSkull77

    GamingSkull77преди 4 часа

    Who searched this song just cuz of David dobrik

  27. thunderouswiisdom

    thunderouswiisdomпреди 4 часа

    I'm excited to see what they will put out. I still listen to their music to this day and will always join them on the dance floor. These ladies should make more music with Timbaland they killed it together! Also they should bring out their rocking voices like Nicole did in the song Papi by Todrick Hall. I absolutely love love her voice it's so poweful. Make music with Todrick and show us those broadway voices ladies!

  28. Anna Siddiqui

    Anna Siddiquiпреди 4 часа

    Nicole’s BODY! ♥️♥️

  29. Ghie M

    Ghie Mпреди 4 часа

    They are still so hot.

  30. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyпреди 4 часа

    When u stumble over this and think: Oh thats the Song stuck in my Head

  31. Lydia Ladilli

    Lydia Ladilliпреди 4 часа

    Nicole and her backup dancer is back!

  32. Dianne Joy Ibanez

    Dianne Joy Ibanezпреди 4 часа

    Hello to the independent women out there! Very empowering!

  33. Ariane Keundjou

    Ariane Keundjouпреди 5 часа

    1:26 love

  34. Stachus Queen

    Stachus Queenпреди 5 часа

    I loving this song

  35. daniele duarte

    daniele duarteпреди 5 часа

    Alguém de 2020

  36. imran khan

    imran khanпреди 5 часа

    Sssssssexi voice queen

  37. Creep Dog

    Creep Dogпреди 5 часа

    Ive been waiting for this reunion

  38. Nicole Marie

    Nicole Marieпреди 5 часа

    That leg kick kimberely does is sexy

  39. Aceey Boo

    Aceey Booпреди 6 часа

    Damn I'm late had no idea they're back🔥🔥🔥

  40. LYF Babes

    LYF Babesпреди 6 часа

    Omg I’m so loving this!!!!!

  41. CuzImAwesome

    CuzImAwesomeпреди 6 часа

    Why nicole looking like kim kardashian?

  42. Lindsey Emery

    Lindsey Emeryпреди 6 часа

    this song awakened the gay in me when i was young....

  43. Sev Mandreza

    Sev Mandrezaпреди 6 часа


  44. Gauhar Taitoleuova

    Gauhar Taitoleuovaпреди 6 часа

    2020 Pussycat dolls😍😍😍❤❤❤

  45. Avantika Roy

    Avantika Royпреди 6 часа

    More like nicole and the girls.

  46. Dan Blair

    Dan Blairпреди 6 часа

    I'd hated the Pussycat Dolls as a kid in the mid-to-late 2000s with Don't Cha, Buttons with Snoop Dogg, You've Got A Big Brain with Will I Am, and When I Grow Up! It was funny back in 2008's Norbert with Norbert's wife something like Laquisha(both played by Eddie Murphy) is dancing with a strip-tease to Don't Cha/the one guy at the fair singing Don't Cha(prior to it being recently sang on The MAsked Singer). Still to this day the misheard lyric 'I wanna have boobies" even though 'it's wanna have groupies". I've heard that since 2007/2008(even at thirteen in 2009) even re-heard that in 2010/2011 as When I Grow Up was in Just Dance 1 or 2 and I'd also researched online if others thought the same(besides my late elementary-early high school friends).

  47. sh pink

    sh pinkпреди 6 часа

    Nicole is my style❤️

  48. Dhanloyd Park

    Dhanloyd Parkпреди 6 часа


  49. Guard the Soul

    Guard the Soulпреди 6 часа


  50. gordon christie

    gordon christieпреди 6 часа

    If I knew how I'd get rid of the music swap it to girls girls girls by Motley Crue

  51. thiago Silvaa

    thiago Silvaaпреди 6 часа


  52. Roxy Lipz

    Roxy Lipzпреди 6 часа

    Wow they're back!!!

  53. Inw Youtube

    Inw Youtubeпреди 6 часа

    Nice Pornhub trailer 😂

  54. Infinite2Infinity

    Infinite2Infinityпреди 6 часа

    OMG Nicole n Kim( the old kim before surgery) can pass as identical twins I can see soo much similarity

  55. Marty Jr

    Marty Jrпреди 6 часа

    Wow PCD didn't change. 2000s ♥️♥️♥️

  56. Anna Fenina

    Anna Feninaпреди 7 часа

    i was nine and danced to this like the biggest hoe 😳😳

  57. saido

    saidoпреди 7 часа

    Cool, Nicole Scherzinger released a new track! The background dancers seems very familiar to me 🤣

  58. Regiane Silva Costa

    Regiane Silva Costaпреди 7 часа


  59. Hazem27 Hazem27

    Hazem27 Hazem27преди 7 часа


  60. Jessy Micek

    Jessy Micekпреди 7 часа

    This video has the amount of hair flips we gay men demand! Thank you PCD

  61. Jennifer Freitag

    Jennifer Freitagпреди 7 часа

    I didn’t realize the Pussycat Dolls were getting back together

  62. Sean

    Seanпреди 7 часа

    KarTRASHian wants to look like Nicole so bad

  63. Juzanelou Namoco

    Juzanelou Namocoпреди 7 часа


  64. Susie

    Susieпреди 7 часа

    Who is here after their Zumba class

  65. No, Lola.

    No, Lola.преди 7 часа

    *shot for each hair flip.

  66. tina valentina

    tina valentinaпреди 7 часа

    The world makes sense again <3

  67. Sikat Sikatan

    Sikat Sikatanпреди 7 часа

    1:12 boys, thank me later.

  68. Robert Graff

    Robert Graffпреди 7 часа

    Nicole's hair dances better than I ever will.

  69. Angelbert Loyloy

    Angelbert Loyloyпреди 7 часа

    I hope u have nice song like before

  70. Tainan Carlin

    Tainan Carlinпреди 8 часа

    Por favor, não flope!

  71. Guilherme Costa

    Guilherme Costaпреди 8 часа

    Kim kardashian? Hahahahha

  72. lobito Muñoz

    lobito Muñozпреди 8 часа

    how do they keep it so perfect

  73. Bia Lesniovies

    Bia Lesnioviesпреди 8 часа

    minhas deusas voltaram ❤️🖤

  74. Siera (The Chosen One)

    Siera (The Chosen One)преди 8 часа

    I feel like a whale watching this....#ImSoOverweight lmao

  75. Siera (The Chosen One)

    Siera (The Chosen One)преди 8 часа

    I always feel fat when I watch Nicole. I need to exercise more lmao 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  76. Siera (The Chosen One)

    Siera (The Chosen One)преди 8 часа

    Yayyyyy! **Dancing**

  77. Asim Khan

    Asim Khanпреди 8 часа

    The official Tsundere anthem

  78. John Erick Londoño C.

    John Erick Londoño C.преди 8 часа

    I didn't pay too much attention to this song at the time ... ten years later, I'm obsessed

  79. Wilian Barboza

    Wilian Barbozaпреди 8 часа

    I wish I could do what that girl do with her leg!

  80. racqueline searom

    racqueline searomпреди 8 часа

    Que mulheres poderosas senhor

  81. Zac & Sam

    Zac & Samпреди 8 часа


  82. TheNraveles

    TheNravelesпреди 8 часа

    Other girls just ain't doing it like this no more. So fucking Happy they're back

  83. Ashley Evorall

    Ashley Evorallпреди 8 часа

    Lol not do what ever you like. You locked in let you out to death lol locked up also think okay not death lol not meter were you are. Death won'ts you ded allredy. Crying gets me off. Honest is safe always safe honest.

  84. Tk Aholelei

    Tk Aholeleiпреди 8 часа

    1:11 😳🍆👋😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Krazy Kite

    Krazy Kiteпреди 8 часа


  86. Gilberto Gil

    Gilberto Gilпреди 9 часа

    Our iner stripper side is gonna come out again

  87. tatitunteja

    tatituntejaпреди 9 часа

    Kimberly is so sharp. Cant take my eyes of her dances

  88. raphie roses

    raphie rosesпреди 9 часа

    Legend is back.

  89. Jordan S

    Jordan Sпреди 9 часа


  90. Tini Ruăn

    Tini Ruănпреди 9 часа

    My idol come back ❤️❤️❤️

  91. Awesome You

    Awesome Youпреди 9 часа

    is there anyone here a choreo of this one? Pretty please.

  92. Mahee

    Maheeпреди 10 часа

    Nicole Sometimes Look more #Indian than Indians 😂 don't know why ?!

  93. uniters edit

    uniters editпреди 10 часа

    The other mics was onn


    GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTYпреди 10 часа

    FEBRUARY 2020

  95. Indah Kurnia

    Indah Kurniaпреди 10 часа

    Welcome back baby 🥰🥰🥰 we miss u

  96. Diamond Mike

    Diamond Mikeпреди 10 часа

    1:11 *oh now i'm interested*

  97. dopemcee

    dopemceeпреди 10 часа

    Everyone is talking about how they havent aged and I'm sitting here thinking about how toxic the lyrics is. You women are really out here thinking this way to get your partner riled

  98. Alzxandra

    Alzxandraпреди 10 часа

    The best girls band! My inner hoe is happy!!

  99. Mahesa Parameswara

    Mahesa Parameswaraпреди 10 часа

    This song is growing on me, idk why 😅

  100. Urszula Gromadzka

    Urszula Gromadzkaпреди 10 часа

    No ktos im austrialie ameryke I caly swiat ukradl