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  1. Jay Towerz

    Jay Towerzпреди ден

    *Batman texted tom brady


    ZENIGMATVпреди ден

    They’re grown,let em go.

  3. Mikel Keith

    Mikel Keithпреди ден

    Stop with the speculation take a polygraph test, what you're afraid of, that will let you know who's telling the truth , stop with the he say ,she say BS.

  4. Lamar M

    Lamar Mпреди ден

    LMAO. The truth as he believes it? If only everyone could use that as a defense

  5. Leo Richards

    Leo Richardsпреди ден

    Why is Garrett the bad guy? NFL was the one that spilled the beans from behind closed doors. Now he has to answer media questions on TV. And it's a problem when he answers them. Otherwise this wouldn't be news. The narrative looks bad from the media.

  6. Robert Horry

    Robert Horryпреди ден

    How about people who analyzes the games be Champion!? 🤨

  7. I Dream of Kayla

    I Dream of Kaylaпреди ден

    LMAO! thanks Ben for slamming Max Kellerman on the Brady cliff theory...he deserved it. Kellerman and Affleck on screen same time side by side... and I quote by Affleck "If you don't recognize that Tom Brady is the greatest player to ever play the game...then you not qualified to talk about sports." Kellerman I think agrees with that but he's been bashing Brady for years saying he's over the Ben stuck it to him in the ribs lol

  8. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4Clippersпреди ден

    The 49ers are never going to win a Super Bowl with Jimmy G. May never score points in a 4th quarter of a Super Bowl. Tom can go rogue from Kyle's calls and just get it done. He's actually older than Kyle and Jed York.

  9. RushModeDesign Company

    RushModeDesign Companyпреди ден

    It’s because it was Jones Jr. bday. That’s all but Aaron Gordon was better tho!

  10. chinniwonkenobi

    chinniwonkenobiпреди ден

    Dwade needs to be removed from all nba related activities

  11. Caleb Cicero

    Caleb Ciceroпреди ден

    We need better judges get actual dunkers and players. Add decimals or something idk man

  12. chris ireland

    chris irelandпреди ден

    yeah just like your boxing. sit down

  13. 이호용

    이호용преди ден

    Champ like DJJ? right?

  14. Akintunde Nation 2.0

    Akintunde Nation 2.0преди ден

    Who is surprised that Max Kellerman is taking the black guy's aide??

  15. Pig Shitse

    Pig Shitseпреди ден

    Max has been spot on since last years NBA Playoffs when he picked the Raptors.

  16. Leo Mcjagger

    Leo Mcjaggerпреди ден

    Here we go again, Max Kellerman pondering to the minorities by softening the blow by saying Myles “might have heard it”. Trash Max, Trash

  17. Caleb Cicero

    Caleb Ciceroпреди ден

    I love wade but stfu fool you were the difference your 9 gave it to djj..... it was supposed to be tied

  18. Tuan Trinh

    Tuan Trinhпреди ден

    Iron Mike is the best fighter! Very happy to see that he has a good life now!

  19. Juzelle Jardin

    Juzelle Jardinпреди ден

    Love dorisssssssSSSSSSHHHH Burke🤣 so many SSSSSSSHHHHHHH.

  20. Kiko2010

    Kiko2010преди ден

    woke max to the rescue. Max is like: PLEASE BLACK PEOPLE. LIKE ME

  21. Nikita Groce

    Nikita Groceпреди ден

    LeBron James is scared to lose all by his self so he will never get into the duck test contest

  22. Speedy Rob66

    Speedy Rob66преди ден

    Bradys prob just doing this to watch everyone talk abt him and get attention idk why no-one sees this

  23. David Jeyaselvan

    David Jeyaselvanпреди ден

    Year 2025.. the kid is now pro.. Federer comes out of retirement to keep the pinky promise he made in 2017

  24. El Duderino

    El Duderinoпреди ден

    Max is a walking virtue signal.


    DADDY CHRISпреди ден

    Cincinnati is trash if Joe gets drafted there he will be trash

  26. Michael Cannella

    Michael Cannellaпреди ден

    Respect for Mike he’s handling himself pretty well for looking so pissed off

  27. Vega Family

    Vega Familyпреди ден

    Can someone explain this in basketball terms? I don't get it

  28. TechKing196

    TechKing196преди ден

    Kobe is like a mythical figure now

  29. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4Clippersпреди ден

    Ben Affleck first mentions the Niners rumor of Tom wanting to go back home... Hmmm... 🤔💭 Just follow what LeBron did in 2014 and Kawhi & Kyrie did last year, Tom. Go home.

  30. kevin feola

    kevin feolaпреди ден

    He said he said this is becoming annoying

  31. Frank Smith

    Frank Smithпреди ден

    Pat MC Groin

  32. Future Society Of Gentlemen

    Future Society Of Gentlemenпреди ден

    Oh gosh, let's stop talking about it. Black football players have been called worse been treated worse, and had real consequences just for playing a game. Let's assume Rudolph did make this what? Did it hurt your feelings? Garrett played football in Texas, pretty sure he should be used to harsh, racist language by now, yet he's still playing and collecting a check. So apparently he doesn't mind too bad. The media needs to stop asking him about that.

  33. Vinh-An Nguyen

    Vinh-An Nguyenпреди ден

    3:02 how can a 7 footer NOT ABLE to palm a basketball???

  34. Togbe Amega

    Togbe Amegaпреди ден

    These hosts can't choose their words right...MJ the greatest sportsman every sports? World Pele, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt are still alive.

  35. Live_Lif3 Right

    Live_Lif3 Rightпреди ден

    Doris Burke knowledge for Hoos Is Crazy! She knows more about basketball than Most Plus She respected around the league.

  36. basketballplayer101 02

    basketballplayer101 02преди ден

    So what was tom bradys response to the text????

  37. Bloody Joker

    Bloody Jokerпреди ден


  38. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnsonпреди ден

    Drop 50

  39. 420 Bassman

    420 Bassmanпреди ден

    Stephan A smith is a racist

  40. Markeith Jones

    Markeith Jonesпреди ден

    Max wanna be acceptable to blacks that bad? I’m black and I’m saying he lying 😂😂

  41. Lucille Rock

    Lucille Rockпреди ден

    Kendrick Perkins was trash, how is he able to break down a legitimate NBA player

  42. Eric Masters

    Eric Mastersпреди ден

    Who’s this other white dude? He does not know basketball and should never be on the show again

  43. Larry Okoye

    Larry Okoyeпреди ден

    Max might be black that was covered in permanent tan paint forreal .. he sounds like the culture lmao

  44. SuperArab

    SuperArabпреди ден

    LeBrons taking the most threes of his career? It's almost like he's changing his game the way the rest of the league is 🤔 🤔 🤔 wow what a hot take

  45. Tiito Motivs

    Tiito Motivsпреди ден

    Coward lol

  46. Bobby Tsunami

    Bobby Tsunamiпреди ден

    rudolph was acting insane its not far fetched for rudolph to have said something which seems insane

  47. Rich rocken4uj

    Rich rocken4ujпреди ден

    Carr was fine when he had weapons to catch the ball, remember he was 12-4 when he had Crabtree and Cooper , bring this has been in, and I’m done the this crackhead owner and Al’s team..

  48. 675gilly

    675gillyпреди ден

    This is obviously a lie from myles. Come on people 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. Honestly Speaking

    Honestly Speakingпреди ден

    Bron lovers wont like this question but does it seem like bron is watching old film of kobe and getting stand out moves repeating them on purpose so he'll get pub from it? We all know like bron knows everything he does the media find ways to make a big story out of it plus i ask bc bron stated he didn't know he did the kobe dunk in the regular season game until after so that wasn't a tribute done purposely now the exact behind the back fake in a all-star game exactly like kobe done it? Its like he wants the narrative to read him and kobe were so similar yet so diffrent or something lol bron knew the media would pick that up do split screens and make a big deal out of it lets just be honest about it lol

  50. James Charles

    James Charlesпреди ден

    Doris > Rachel > herpes > molly

  51. Amor odio Amor

    Amor odio Amorпреди ден

    Cheating is the most vital part of sports. Any edge you can get. Everyone does it. The people who are good at it don't get caught. Stealing signs. Filming practices. Enhancing the body. Paying people off. It's just who's better at it. The most corrupt ones are the ones who don't get caught. Every one knows each other's plays. A champion says I am doing this play and you won't stop me.

  52. Nikhil Chaudhary

    Nikhil Chaudharyпреди ден

    Doris Burke is a milf

  53. Laisha Ramos

    Laisha Ramosпреди ден

    Aaron Gordon should never give up

  54. CTFO TV

    CTFO TVпреди ден

    Max Just screamed "where is Lebron and these guys?"....Why would Lebron enter the contest at 35yrs old to be treated the way they doing Arron Gordon. Why is Lebron the cause and answer to every NBA problem? Talking heads make me sick.

  55. slimm 21

    slimm 21преди ден

    I hope they get lit up all year.

  56. Johnny b Goode

    Johnny b Goodeпреди ден

    Ben Affleck looks like a love child of Huge Jackman and Jason Bateman in the thumbnail

  57. Clu

    Cluпреди ден

    Ag had a better score if u include previous dunks

  58. bdusa

    bdusaпреди ден

    *How to fix the dunk contest:* 1. Maintain the same group of judges as much as possible at every contest to standardize the scoring. 2. Introduce half points to make the perfect 50 more exclusive. 3. Establish a concrete judging criteria based on originality, execution and creativity. 4. In an event of a dunk-off the judges will only give the scores after both participants have attempted. 5. And for the love of God no more celebrity judges.

  59. Nicklaus Hart

    Nicklaus Hartпреди ден

    Lebron is a basketball genius. I think that is what separates him from other superstars throughout the years.

  60. Caleb Cicero

    Caleb Ciceroпреди ден

    Perfect guy for this Perkins knows about getting dunked on more than anyone else

  61. Cat murray

    Cat murrayпреди ден

    Get rid of these 3 chumps. That stoner pisses me off

  62. Bernard Rankin

    Bernard Rankinпреди ден

    Well based on pantamimes he’s being dishonest here.....

  63. Patrick Mahomes's arm

    Patrick Mahomes's armпреди ден

    I can never trust Dorsey ever again.

  64. OreoMask

    OreoMaskпреди ден

    Max looks like the antichrist from left behind

  65. Bobby Tsunami

    Bobby Tsunamiпреди ден

    Lets NOT dismiss the FACT miles made these accusations immediately bcuz it was made a big deal wen u ppl thought he had NOT

  66. Marcus Barnhart

    Marcus Barnhartпреди ден

    Joe Montana has entered the chat

  67. JoelBryantMusic

    JoelBryantMusicпреди ден

    Myles Smollett

  68. Terrell Adams

    Terrell Adamsпреди ден

    Dominant players love playing with dominant players. Brett Brown please let Josh Richardson run pick and pop with Tobi. Hortford going to be a good bench big man

  69. Ian

    Ianпреди ден


  70. dvsxavier

    dvsxavierпреди ден

    Mason is going to get killed playing quarterback in the NFL

  71. Django Freeman

    Django Freemanпреди ден

    The seed has been planted & regardless of the overcome people still gonna believe what they want to believe because the seed has been planted

  72. Grant

    Grantпреди ден

    They need to do a live online poll

  73. Agent CodyBanx

    Agent CodyBanxпреди ден

    Teams need to boycott playing the Astros until the MLB does ANYTHING. ANYTHING AT ALL

  74. Fishslap 33

    Fishslap 33преди ден

    He looks like a slimy liar who thinks imaginary "racial slurs" justify smacking people in the head with inanimate objects. i say we suspend Myles Garrett for life. Not only is he a deranged violent person, but he is also a liar.


    YENKO DAVIпреди ден

    lebitch would be terrified to fail a dunk 🤣🤣🖕🏼🖕🏼

  76. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4Clippersпреди ден

    Laura Rutledge is such a hottie. She's actually one of the better females working in ESPN because she doesn't come off as annoying. She has Marian Rivera's face and smile. Difference being white and blonde.

  77. Chris Sharp

    Chris Sharpпреди ден

    Myles lied...just come out and say it. The media won’t, because they know hatred sells.

  78. Caleb Cicero

    Caleb Ciceroпреди ден

    Lebron, giannis, Zion, Westbrook is love to see these guys in it

  79. dvsxavier

    dvsxavierпреди ден

    Calling names is one thing. Racial slur is another. Myles wouldn't lie to the league, & the fan base. He waited until the NFL hearing to tell his side behind close doors before the story leaked out. So, I disagree with Stephen A. that it was _opportunistic_

  80. BugZ B

    BugZ Bпреди ден

    Y you trying to take the black mans hard earned credit🤔 this some BS

  81. BroncoBillieBeastie

    BroncoBillieBeastieпреди ден

    A 1970's George Foreman could've taken on Mike Tyson. Foreman was a monster, "Godzilla", in his day.

  82. Kelvin Quartey

    Kelvin Quarteyпреди ден

    Greeny stfu with that negative energy. Fyi im a Jets fan lol

  83. chance goode

    chance goodeпреди ден

    This is a he said she said case in which no one truly knows what was said but the two involved. Nobody else was close enough to hear it and it wasn’t locked up by any on field or helmet microphones. I think Garrett should just let it go and move on. The goal was to get back in the league. He’s back just move on I like Mike Tomlinson but hey wasn’t there as it happened just after the fact. He should just stay neutral and advise on the player he’s seen in practice not being that type of guy but that’s all he can say. Don’t hang yourself in that mess coach.

  84. dat1 Dude9229

    dat1 Dude9229преди ден

    Omg I see what's happening Brady is gonna leave and boom the Patriots are gonna suck badly get the first pick and end up taking trevor Lawrence and start another dynasty lol

  85. Ron Adams

    Ron Adamsпреди ден

    Rob Manfred is an idiot, he should have Taken away the Title and Confiscated the players rings. Adam Silver needs to slap Manfred and Run both leagues

  86. Oui Bay

    Oui Bayпреди ден

    If MYLES GARRETT would just be quiet and terrorize the league he would look like a hero. But he keeps bringing it up, Just kill the Steelers when you see them.

  87. robert farrand

    robert farrandпреди ден

    didn't Mel Kiper say Jamarcus Russle was the future star of the league?

  88. Dylan Hedderman

    Dylan Heddermanпреди ден

    That’s MY coach!! no matter what you think of Rudolph, you gotta respect that Coach Tomlin stands by him and his team. All love Coach, keep it up and lets go get #7 next year!

  89. RCL Productions

    RCL Productionsпреди ден

    I don’t like how some these guys don’t respect Rachel she ain’t Molly she know what she talking about

  90. Jastle

    Jastleпреди ден

    Ask Dwayne Wade again. LOL

  91. Marcus Barnhart

    Marcus Barnhartпреди ден

    Jalen, my guy, Lebron is literally the reason load management exists

  92. B U

    B Uпреди ден

    Brady is winning another ring. 6 rings later and he's still being disrespected smh. The league is different, faster, more athletic and they just need to adjust. The safety aspect also killed great defense.

  93. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalezпреди ден

    That's how I feel about the pats

  94. Gregory Brown

    Gregory Brownпреди ден

    I see pats cap space dwindling by the min/day.. 47million to 44m to now I see 29m! Who did they sign? Nobody

  95. Nathaniel Hall

    Nathaniel Hallпреди ден

    Stephen A Vs Kevin Hart all star game

  96. Lorry Galleto

    Lorry Galletoпреди ден

    AG create world peace dunking windmill 360 while human beings singing we are the world under a rainbow... Judges:whoaaahh!!(tears of joy).... Plain 47..

  97. AlwaysRetr0

    AlwaysRetr0преди ден

    Well hold on.. He's clearly not doing what Shaq was doing in his prime if he's still getting less points than Shaq did in 2004-05, way past his prime

  98. Edler Alce

    Edler Alceпреди ден

    ESPN next segment Does Lakers have enough to win the West?

  99. Les Moore

    Les Mooreпреди ден

    This is like the kid in the hospital bed who asks Babe Ruth to hit him a triple.

  100. gorobot

    gorobotпреди ден

    I don’t get why SAS keeps arguing the point that the Yankees didn’t score when they played in Houston. The whole cheating system was the astros knowing what pitches they were getting, it should have no impact on the other teams hitting