Which Of My Friends Would Win On A Reality Show?

Check out the site I got the Simulator from: www.brantsteele.net/
The time has finally come...using the dossiers of information compiled on my friends and colleagues for my recent videos and putting it into a completely fair and objective simulation -- who would win on an ambiguous reality show?
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  1. Lucas nada mas

    Lucas nada masпреди месец

    I believe Kate would absolutely betray you in one of these, unbreakable my ass

  2. John Boyd

    John Boydпреди месец

    Wow, NL got carried by Kate and then left her in the dust, lol.

  3. Jim Crumpet

    Jim Crumpetпреди месец

    This type of content is fun even though it is basically just reacting to random chance so I will watch it again

  4. MellowJelly

    MellowJellyпреди месец

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> Josh shade. Maybe his supreme mental strategy is to convince others he's dumb. It worked for Dan.

  5. MellowJelly

    MellowJellyпреди месец

    I wish there truly was a big brother video game where you guys could genuinely compete and vote eachother out lmaoooo

  6. Noah Guzik

    Noah Guzikпреди месец

    Wait why is Austin named Apollo?

  7. Chris L

    Chris Lпреди месец

    Small bond simulator

  8. Sethinator38

    Sethinator38преди месец

    Ryan did this 40 times until he won

  9. Tim Condon

    Tim Condonпреди месец

    Can somebody tell me what happened to Nick?? I know he's not on the show anymore but I didn't know he wasn't friends with Ryan anymore!

  10. Extremeophile

    Extremeophileпреди месец

    I never imagined I would feel such a rollercoaster of emotions from a BGgo video. Bravo Ryan, bravo.

  11. Vernon MacDonald

    Vernon MacDonaldпреди месец

    Hunger games sim: 12 NLSS members + 12 evil doppelgangers

  12. David Coleman

    David Colemanпреди месец

    So this is official that Hafu an RockLee are out of the picture...

  13. tman8133

    tman8133преди месец

    This was top tier content

  14. Adam Clark

    Adam Clarkпреди месец

    Ryan the kind of guy to get a full blown erection at the whisper of John Nash's name.

  15. Gabriel Esposito

    Gabriel Espositoпреди месец

    Why is Austin being called Apollo now?

  16. MaeFox

    MaeFoxпреди месец

    This thumbnail is legendary XD

  17. RayVitoles

    RayVitolesпреди месец

    I wont even watch the video i came to say,Dan will definately win..

  18. Joel Eustice

    Joel Eusticeпреди месец

    Dan had a real pic of Sinvita recently. 4.

  19. KWA223

    KWA223преди месец

    Northernlion and Dan have a strong bond. THE ABSOLUTE UNITY!

  20. Killiantruegames

    Killiantruegamesпреди месец

    god I miss nick, it is so odd to not see him here

  21. laxur1312

    laxur1312преди месец

    Bruh, you're literally the glue that holds together the NLSS crew, and you give yourself a small bond at best with almost everyone?

  22. laxur1312

    laxur1312преди месец

    NEK PepeHands

  23. vazu

    vazuпреди месец

    Big egg has me pogged out of my mind

  24. Luigi Monroe

    Luigi Monroeпреди месец

    Mathas and Dan should have had a strong bond at minimum.

  25. David Bob

    David Bobпреди месец

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1710">28:30</a> This competition earns my seal of approval

  26. Don't swear on my profile, thanks.

    Don't swear on my profile, thanks.преди месец

    These are the kinds of videos I could watch infinitely

  27. Gary Coleman

    Gary Colemanпреди месец

    The truth is, the game was rigged from the start

  28. bee

    beeпреди месец

    hearing "Apollo" is still strange, I know that as a cat name so I keep thinking he's talking about a cat.

  29. XArticSpartanX

    XArticSpartanXпреди месец

    No NEK again. WHY???????

  30. Sam

    Samпреди месец

    C O L L U S I O N

  31. Jake Kluzik

    Jake Kluzikпреди месец

    Hunger games nlss crew and 12 celebrities

  32. Jef Laenen

    Jef Laenenпреди месец

    We all know apollo would quickscope anyone who stepped a foot in that house. No contest.

  33. DrizzyPuffs

    DrizzyPuffsпреди месец

    Rigged Election.

  34. Manuel H.

    Manuel H.преди месец


  35. TheFiReLoRd777

    TheFiReLoRd777преди месец

    Ryan and I have a strong bond he just doesn't know it yet 😏

  36. Rennysama

    Rennysamaпреди месец

    Streamer cheated.....

  37. Mateos OTI

    Mateos OTIпреди месец

    How is Apollo average at competitiveness????

  38. Catabee

    Catabeeпреди месец

    Hunger games with everyone twice and there is your 24

  39. Rennysama

    Rennysamaпреди месец

    Why wasn't I included in this? Are your fans not your friends?

  40. Vanessa Colquhoun

    Vanessa Colquhounпреди месец

    NL admitting to stealing Dan's ideas like he and Dan haven't been doing that for the last year and a half

  41. Abby Wilberg

    Abby Wilbergпреди месец

    It's hilarious that dan is a default setting in the simulator, even if it makes sense

  42. Martin Patella

    Martin Patellaпреди месец

    I tried this with my friends, but it said that there needs to be atleast two players to start...

  43. DoctorShroom

    DoctorShroomпреди месец

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a> I'd say Dungeons & Dragons is more about Endurance than Mental/Quiz abilities. But alright.

  44. Oscar Hdez

    Oscar Hdezпреди месец

    How dare you

  45. Takosher

    Takosherпреди месец

    "Kate gave him a coupon" is the best justification lmao

  46. Julkke

    Julkkeпреди месец

    Nl put himself at beast on mental/quiz section that's some bullshit.

  47. Ella Ella

    Ella Ellaпреди месец

    Boomer thinking I have a television lul.

  48. Sam Lives Here

    Sam Lives Hereпреди месец

    I like that you can set relationships for the person that you are making relationships for so you can have someone hate themselves

  49. iNerdier

    iNerdierпреди месец

    I miss Nek.

  50. Erik Nyström

    Erik Nyströmпреди месец


  51. Elastichedgehog

    Elastichedgehogпреди месец

    Kate carried you right to victory there haha

  52. Dane Welkin

    Dane Welkinпреди месец

    This may actually be my new favorite mini series. These type of videos are way more entertaining than they have any right to be x.x

  53. Ricardo Cavaco

    Ricardo Cavacoпреди месец

    You could've done the hunger games simulation too.

  54. Incog 0

    Incog 0преди месец

    Dan would win with a landslide

  55. Gordon Lam

    Gordon Lamпреди месец


  56. Asdf

    Asdfпреди месец

    Didn't malf put nl in a chokehold? doesn't that qualify him for beast level physicality?

  57. Asdf

    Asdfпреди месец

    Apollo looks like that LastGreyWolf guy. Whatever happened to that dude?

  58. mao

    maoпреди месец


  59. Spencer

    Spencerпреди месец

    If this is what being a Northernlion subscriber is from now on, I totally support it

  60. Reccaman

    Reccamanпреди месец

    Btw there is a hunger games version, and since its double this, give everyone their "cursed" version.

  61. DD D

    DD Dпреди месец

    Northernlion giving himself and Dan those main character stats.

  62. alec57485748

    alec57485748преди месец

    Lmao Ryab did season 2 of BB so there’s no power of veto

  63. Prison Ramos

    Prison Ramosпреди месец

    America's sweetheart, Daniel Gary Anthony Gheesling

  64. Sam

    Samпреди месец

    Just add shadow versions of each player in and there's your extra 12 to do the Hunger Games with

  65. Lord Headass

    Lord Headassпреди месец

    When the betrayal nuke dropped, it’s the cockroaches that survived

  66. PsychoCerax

    PsychoCeraxпреди месец

    Should've done the bonds based on the NLSS Civil War

  67. PsychoCerax

    PsychoCeraxпреди месец

    Can't wait for "Which of My Friends Sucks Dick the Best"

  68. chubby walruss

    chubby walrussпреди месец

    The answer is Dan

  69. SexyBoy Rob

    SexyBoy Robпреди месец

    y not do the hunger games thing but give everyone 2 slots boom 24 people

  70. Matt S

    Matt Sпреди месец

    I'm all for the change to Apollo but after a few years of hearing Austin it's still weird.

  71. Kaelam Johnson-Wilson

    Kaelam Johnson-Wilsonпреди месец

    Poor MALF

  72. Android480

    Android480преди месец

    Any interest in a tool that allows every participating member to do the quiz completely anonymously, and then the results of everyone's choices get averaged out before the numbers are ran?

  73. Phlimbob

    Phlimbobпреди месец

    But what is your honest opinion?

  74. SpongeKiller42

    SpongeKiller42преди месец

    Marriage is OP. MALF and Josh should've gotten hitched so they could've stood a chance.

  75. Kevin Nestler

    Kevin Nestlerпреди месец


  76. Au Ail

    Au Ailпреди месец

    go see an orthodontist egg man

  77. Cavecat

    Cavecatпреди месец

    Rob would tell everyone that he will just lie because that's the best strategy, and be voted out first.

  78. Pentagon

    Pentagonпреди месец

    Isn't DumbDog Austin? Why is he calling him Apollo

  79. Greg Brech

    Greg Brechпреди месец

    @Pentagon wondering the backstory as well

  80. Pentagon

    Pentagonпреди месец

    @Hexitrex Austin legally changed his name to the Greek god of the Sun? Are you serious

  81. Hexitrex

    Hexitrexпреди месец

    He changed his name

  82. VeckrO

    VeckrOпреди месец

    Hahaha, Ryan hating. Dan and Kate definitely have a small bond. Your wife is enamored with the Guldan

  83. Uncle Flansy

    Uncle Flansyпреди месец

    Malf is gonna be my dark horse to win this thing. -Great, great, decent, beast Well, never mind I guess.